In Outward, a backpack is one of your most valuable assets. You will find it incredibly difficult to wander the world without being overburdened by essential items if you don’t have one. While carry capacity isn’t always going to be a priority, as you explore the world of Aurai for the first time, attempting to find and retrieve as much as you possibly can to build wealth, you will most likely want to maximise the amount that you can carry.

Mefino’s Trade Backpack

Thankfully, there is a way to get a backpack with 110 capacity, known as Mefino’s Trade Backpack, fairly early on in your adventures. All you will need is two Power Coils and the ability to defeat a few bandits.

Acquiring the Power Coils

There is a small chance for Power Coils to be found in any dungeon throughout Aurai, especially within Ornate Chests, Caches and regular Chests. However, a more certain method of acquiring them involves travelling to the city of Levant, in the region of the Abrassar desert. Once there, you can locate a merchant named Engineer Orsten in the south east of the city. Orsten sells four Power Coils, costing 114 silver each.

Where to Find the Backpack - Montcalm Clan Fort

Once you have the Power Coils, you will be able to access the backpack. Mefino’s Trade Backpack can be found in Montcalm Clan Fort. The fort is located in the north of Chersonese and is marked as ‘Bandit Camp’ on the map. Once there, go to the western most point of the camp and enter the small building in the corner. You will find two holes in the wall, into which you can place the Power Coils, opening the door to a storage room where the backpack can be found.

Scaled Satchel

The Scaled Satchel is one of only two backpacks which negates the movement penalties of dodging when equipped. It can be crafted by combining three Scaled Leathers and one Primitive Satchel. You can find a Primitive Satchel in your lighthouse home in Cierzo at the beginning of the game. Otherwise, you can purchase them from various merchants throughout Aurai. The Scaled Leathers can be purchased from Soroborean Caravanners or looted from the following mobs:

  • Royal Manticore

  • Manticore

  • Alpha Tuanosaur

  • Crescent Shark

  • Illuminator Horror

  • Phytoflora

  • Shell Horror

  • Stekosaur

  • Tuanosaur

Once you have all the ingredients, simply open the crafting menu (whether you have the recipe or not) and combine the items to craft the backpack. In addition to negating dodge movement penalties, the backpack has 60 capacity.

Light Mender’s Backpack

This backpack provides 75 capacity. In addition, it acts as a faint light source, and provides +10% Lightning damage when worn. It is given as a reward after completing the quest Strange Apparitions.

Alchemist Backpack

This backpack provides 60 capacity and 75% food preservation, slowing the decay of food significantly. It can be purchased from Shopkeeper Suul in the city of Levant, Abrassar, for 130 Silver.

Adventurer Backpack

If you are unable to acquire the Scaled Satchel early on, but still want a backpack which negates dodge penalties at the expense of low carry capacity, you can opt for the Adventurer Backpack. It can be purchased for 60 Silver from Shopkeeper Pleel in Berg, Shopkeeper Lyda in Monsoon, or Shopkeeper Suul in Levant.

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