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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 05-04-2020 / 00:03 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

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Team Aqua/Magma Hideout

Few things are more exciting than infiltrating enemy territory.

Recommended Levels: 40-52

Local Trainers Pokémon

Omega Ruby

Name Money Party
Team Magma Grunt 1,400 Koffing Lv. 35, Numel Lv. 35
Team Magma Grunt 1,400 Numel Lv. 35, Koffing Lv. 35
Team Magma Grunt 1,480 Mightyena Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunt 1,480 Golbat Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunt 1,440 Mightyena Lv. 34, Golbat Lv. 36
Team Magma Grunt 1,480 Numel Lv. 37
Team Magma Grunts (Horde) 720 Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18
Magma Admin Courtney 3,900 Camerupt Lv. 39

Alpha Sapphire

Name Money Party
Team Aqua Grunt 1,400 Grimer Lv. 35, Carvanha Lv. 35
Team Aqua Grunt 1,400 Carvanha Lv. 35, Grimer Lv. 35
Team Aqua Grunt 1,480 Mightyena Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunt 1,480 Golbat Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunt 1,440 Mightyena Lv. 34, Golbat Lv. 36
Team Aqua Grunt 1,480 Carvanha Lv. 37
Team Aqua Grunts (Horde) 720 Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18, Poochyena Lv. 18
Aqua Admin Matt 3,900 Sharpedo Lv. 39

Note : In terms of aesthetics, the two hideouts on each version should be markedly different. However, that’s a superficial visuals theme; obviously, Team Aqua would have more water and Team Magma more lava/earth.

In all functionality, the two should be - as with the original Ruby/Sapphire - the same, thus making it so that the same walkthrough should suffice equally well for both.

There are plenty of teleporters so follow our directions carefully!

When you enter, Surf up to the stairs and enter the doorway beyond. In this area, you’ll find a couple of teleporters. Go up the stairs and enter the teleporter nearby. Beyond, simply grab the Nugget and return. Go west and north into the next teleporter.

There, you can find several Grunts (one of whom is clearly not an admirer of their leader’s speeches). The one next to the monitor can be fought, as can the one to his southeast. Use the teleporter near there next. This teleporter takes you to a bunch of dorms.

Feel free to examine a bed to heal your party . You can also go into the dining hall to the east to grab a Full Restore. After the theft, go back through the teleport and north and downstairs.

If you want, you can buy some drinks from the vending machine nearby as you enter. As usual, Lemonades are the preferable ones. You can also find an Escape Rope next to the machine if soft drinks aren’t your (Pokémon’s) thing. Okay, moving on.

Go east from there and beat up the Grunt. The room to the north has a couple of teleporters, so use the northwest one first. You’ll find a Max Elixir in the east side of the room beyond. Return through the teleporter, then use the lab’s northeast teleporter and the one beyond that one.

In the next room, feel free to use another bed to rest, but the main feature is the TM97 (Dark Pulse) in the corner. Dark Pulse is a good Dark-type Special move, so see if some of your Pokémon can learn it.

Backtrack to the lab proper and then the hall south of it. Go east and through the teleporter there. In the room beyond, go north into the lab to find a Nest Ball . Also defeat the Grunt west of the lab itself.

If you need yet another healing, use the path beyond the southwest teleporter of the lab (it leads to Tabitha’s/Shelly’s room, by the way). Use the southeast teleporter of the lab, then the next one to the east; at the end of the path in the next room, you’ll find a PP Max.

Return to the lab and use the teleporter north-northwest of the Grunt from before. On the other side, beat the Grunt to the west, then use the teleporter south of him. You’ll probably remember this puzzle from R/S. Use the left, middle, right, and right teleporters of the rows you get to.

In the northwest corner of the room beyond, you’ll find a Nugget , two Electrodes to battle (they’re considered wild, so catch 'em if you want, but Light Ball Pikachu is better), and, most importantly, … a Master Ball !

The Master Ball is a Pokéball that - within all non-cheating contexts - will certainly capture the Pokémon it is thrown at. You better save it for something special!

There are a lot of Legendary Pokémon to catch, but some are tougher than others.

Go back to that "L" shaped corridor where the last Grunt was and enter the teleporter west of them. (In the room full of teleporters, just keep using the leftmost one available to you until you return to the start.) There, go west and beat up the Grunt, then, further to the west…

Well, actually, pop some multi-target move user into your party’s lead before going west: you’ll be fighting a Trainer Horde Battle next, which means five Pokémon against your one. Regardless of version, it will be five Lv. 18 Poochyena.

Any multitarget move user - typically your Surf user, Discharge from Pikachu, or someone with Earthquake or Bulldoze - will work adequately. The important thing is multitarget; even if they’re 1/3 your level on average, five attacks per turn adds up quickly if you tackle them one at a time.

And you only get $720 for this? What the heck?

After the fight, go west and get the Max Revive hiding in the corner there. Go north of there to find Courtney/Matt. Of course, you will battle them. Geez, Courtney is a bit of an oddball, huh?

In any case, it will be a simple fight, just one Poké to deal with. As usual, your Surf user can handle Camerupt, and your Pikachu or another Electric or Fighting or Grass Pokémon easily wipes out Sharpedo before too much can be done.

With that done, just go far to the north and east and use the teleport; Maxie/Archie will leave without us it seems. From there, just go south and outside.

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