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First Published: 23-07-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
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Batman Arkham Knight Guide

8 months ago · Guide Information

Batmobile Combat Challenges

Slumdog Billionaire

Unlock Requirement: This will unlock during the ‘Campaign for Disarmament’ Most Wanted side-mission.

**Ranking:** **Requirement:**
3 Stars 24,000 Points
2 Stars 16,000 Points
1 Star 8,000 Points

This fight is almost identical in terms of enemy make-up and difficulty to the ‘Campaign for Disarmament’ Most Wanted mission segment that we undertook at this exact spot. The army of Drone Tanks that you’ll need to eliminate include 48 total units which are made up of 14 standard Rattlers, eight Diamondbacks, 14 Dragons and 12 Mambas.

As with any Drone Tank fight involving Mambas – take them down as soon as you are aware of them to prevent those annoying missile strikes and use the machine guns to knock down the Dragon drones quickly as well so that you can focus on the ground-level enemies without the distraction of longer range homing or explosive attacks. Once the Dragons and Mambas are out of the way, the fight will become much, much easier!

Take out the Mambas (left) and the Dragons (right) as a priority.

Of course dodging to work up your Missile Barrage is also a must and the level 4 ability to take out 10 enemy units at a time is great to help even the odds in this fight. Try to keep the Missile barrages coming as you fight them all off.

Unfortunately, to earn the highest score, you’ll have to get good at dodging, avoid incoming fire to build up your combo. When you have sufficiently charged your combo meter, unleash a Missile Barrage to clear out the enemies. Rinse and repeat! There is no time limit on this Drone Tank battle, the high score is all about keeping the combo alive and not getting hit from the start to the finish.

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