Unlock Requirement: Use an environmental takedown on a Brute.

Gaining stars on this challenge requires you to take enemies down in three specific ways:

  • Use the Remote Hacking Device on a generator to KO an enemy.
  • Perform a Fear Multi-Takedown through a weak wooden wall
  • Take out the Minigunner with an environmental takedown.

:::ggtable: \*\*Ranking:\*\* | \*\*Requirement:\*\* :-- | :-- 3 Stars | Complete all three objectives. 2 Stars | Complete two of three objectives. 1 Star | Complete one of the three objectives. :::

This predator scenario is in the same location that we encountered at Grand Avenue station whilst lowering the Mercy Bridge to allow the Batmobile onto Miagani Island. This time around however there is a more advanced group of enemies occupying the space. There are seven armed Soldiers (one with a Detective Mode Scanner), a revolving Sentry Gun and a Minigunner. These guys are very proximity mine happy and as soon as you start taking them out, they will begin mining the floor and vantage points aggressively.

To earn the three star rating in this area, we’ll need to complete the three takedowns that the game tells us to. I recommend doing them in the following order:

Fear Multi-Takedown through a weak wooden wall

Firstly, we want to perform a Fear Takedown through a weak wooden wall (this means a Fear multi-takedown as a single takedown through the wall will not unlock the star!).I found this to be the hardest of the three objectives to earn and found it significantly easier to get it out of the way first. There are two weak wooden walls in the area – one inside the glass-walled restaurant area and another outside by the Sentry Gun.

Enter the grating near the Sentry Turret (left). Use the Voice Synthesizer to lure enemies to the wall (right).

The one by the Sentry Gun is your best bet – use the Remote hacking Device to blind the turret and then open the grating on the wall nearby to find a store room behind the weak wall. Once inside, turn on your Detective Mode so that the Soldier with the Scanner will start noticing your presence, wait until the bar fills to red (but not all the way) before switching it off. Wait for a couple of guards to walk by the weak wall and perform a Fear Multi-Takedown through it before immediately grappling up to the monorail tracks above to avoid Sentry Turret fire.

Remote Hacking Device to KO an enemy

There are a pair of generators on the upper platforms that can be used to take out enemies. Use your Voice Synthesizer to have one of the Soldiers inspect the generator and as he comes close, switch to the Remote Hacking Device and hack it. This will explode and take out the Soldier along with it.

Use the Voice Synthesizer and the Remote Hacking Device to lure an a enemy into an explosive KO!

Take out the Minigunner with an environmental takedown

After completing the first two star objectives, we will want to take out the remanining enemies except for the Minigunner in any way you see fit. The floor grates are particularly effective, as are using the vantage points.

Once only the Minigunner remains, we need to sneak up on him and attack him close to an environmental takedown point so that we can use it for the final star. There are multiple power boxes we can use on the upper levels, but the one I found to be most useful was the power box inside the restaurant area next to the weak wooden wall. This junction box is located right next to the window and right beside a floor exit grate. Simply lure the Minigunner to check out the window next to the power box using the Voice Synthesizer and then emerge from the grate, attack the Minnigunner and perform the environmental takedown.

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