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First Published: 23-07-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 16-10-2019 / 03:01 GMT

Batman Arkham Knight Guide

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Miagani Island Collectible Locations

Breakable Object Locations

There are a total of 15 Destructible Objects located on Miagani Island and they can be found in the following locations:

Breakable Object 01

Map Co-ordinates: 2725, 2793

On a bridge support on the eastern side of Mercy Bridge.

Breakable Object 02

Map Co-ordinates: 2961, 2932

Near the large neon dolphin signs on the side of the building located at the coordinates listed.

Breakable Object 03

Map Co-ordinates: 2993, 2730

High up on the westernmost tower atop the ‘Bank of Gotham’ building.

Breakable Object 04

Map Co-ordinates: 3130, 2797

This shield is located on a wall above the entrance to a tunnel along the main road.

Breakable Object 05

Map Co-ordinates: 3248, 2922

Above the entrance to a tunnel at the co-ordinates listed.

Breakable Object 06

Map Co-ordinates: 3327, 2814

This militia shield is mounted on the south-facing side of the building directly east of Grand Avenue Station.

Breakable Object 07

Map Co-ordinates: 3598, 2673

This one is found on the western side of the Wayne Building area, on the walls near the water. You’ll need to jump the Batmobile across the water to this position via the jump at the northwest corner of the compound.

Breakable Object 08

Map Co-ordinates: 2992, 2574

If you drive to the top of the parking garage, you’ll see this on the building opposite as you reach the rooftop.

Breakable Object 09

Map Co-ordinates: 2844, 2588

On the side of a building above the ‘Koul Brau’ sign and opposite from the ‘Gotham Tailor’ shop.

Breakable Object 10

Map Co-ordinates: 2878, 2368

This one is found on the side of a building, beneath an overhead walkway linking it to another building. It is located just above the top of the stairs with the horse statues at the bottom.

Breakable Object 11

Map Co-ordinates: 3021, 2022

Near the top of the building on the east-facing side at the co-ordinates listed.

Breakable Object 12

Map Co-ordinates: 3203, 1850

This shield can be found on the wall on the eastern side of the Pinkney Orphanage building.

Breakable Object 13

Map Co-ordinates: 3449, 2168

On the western side of the Newton Fairgrounds building (in front of the Ferris Wheel). You can shoot the shield from across the water to the northwest.

Breakable Object 14

Map Co-ordinates: 3339, 2358

This militia shield is on the northern side of the ‘Gotham Tonight’ building.

Breakable Object 15

Map Co-ordinates: 3412, 2430

This one is on a stone pillar directly opposite the entrance to the ‘Gotham Tonight’ building.

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