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Batman Arkham Knight
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First Published: 23-07-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
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Batman Arkham Knight Guide

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Gotham City is broken down into three major islands: Bleake Island, Miagani Island and Founders’ Island with several smaller areas outside of these areas such as the pair of Stagg Airships floating off Founders’ Island, the ACE Chemicals compound and the Lady of Gotham statue which are also available for exploration.

On the world map, areas of interest in terms of gameplay are marked with icons that reflect the type of task associated with them. These include: Mission starting locations, side-missions, major locations, side-tasks and collectibles.

Travelling Efficiently


During missions you’ll receive objective markers that act as waypoints showing you exactly where you need to go to continue. On the world map you can also set your own custom waypoint which will appear on the mini-map when you return to regular gameplay. You can then follow said waypoint to any destination of your choice.

Whilst waypoints are active, during gameplay it will appear in the sky in the form of the famous Bat Signal which you can make out from almost anywhere on the map. As you get closer, a small square will appear to direct you to the more precise location.


In addition to icons showing where you need to go, you can also see the specific co-ordinates of locations in the world map. The co-ordinates are listed just beside the compass on the lower right hand portion of the map for more precise locational information. We’ll be using these co-ordinates extensively in the collectibles near the end of the guide.

Waypoints place Bat Signals on the map to help you find your way (left). Grapnel boosting and gliding (right) is a fast ways to move through the city.


In addition to be a hybrid tank/sports car (which is cool in itself), the Batmobile also happens to be one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get around Gotham City. With waypoints active on the map, the Batmobile will also show you the fastest way to your destination by handily providing a GPS route to follow.

Batclaw, Grapnel Boost and Gliding

Whilst the Batmobile is arguably the faster method of getting around Gotham, my personal favourite way to go is using the Batclaw/Grapnel Boost combination. Using the Batclaw to grapple a section of building and then pumping the action button as you approach the target will have Batman build up speed and launch into the air beyond the grapple point. At this point you can then glide for quite long distances at relatively high speed to observe the city from above…. Plus it makes you feel like Batman for real!

It is possible with this technique to glide, grapple and Grapnel Boost your way around Gotham for as long as you like before touching the ground. This is especially useful for crossing between islands more quickly or when you are scoping the city for secondary points of interest such as collectibles, Most Wanted mission locations and Riddler Informants.

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