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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M5: Claiming Jurisdiction

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Breach Software #5
Ruzicka Station Security Keycard
eBook: The Sleepwalking World

It’s now time to get back to work and return to the Ruzicka Station. No special preparations should be required, you shouldn’t even need Remote Hacking. However, if you have both the “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation and both the “Icarus Dash” augmentations, this mission will be incredibly easy.

Head to any metro station and travel to the Ruzicka Station, and upon arrival you’ll be pestered by Smiley, who will tell you of a cop-lication he encountered (get it?) before asking you to recover a DSD he needs.

Objective Reward
For traveling to the Ruzicka Station XP 500

Fair enough, first the fastest, least-collectible-friendly, most augmentation-demanding route will be covered. Head to the western end of the train platform and jump up onto the rafters, then go through a duct to the west to reach a small maintenance room. There’s electricity up here, but it’s intermittent, so just keep moving. You’ll regenerate, after all. Once you’re in the maintenance room turn south and flip a breaker to prevent any nasty electricity.

Grab a Pocket Secretary lying on a cardboard box near a Samizdat newspaper, then climb up onto a ledge to the west and go through a vent to the north. This place is flooded with gas, so you’ll need to use a few HypoStim Injectors, or have the “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation to make it through the gas. If you lack said augmentation and are unwilling to burn through HypoStim Injectors, you’ll need to turn back now.

When you reach the Ruzicka Station, Smiley will ask you to recover the DSD (left). If you have the Implanted Rebreather augmentation, you’ll be able to sneak through a duct and maintenance tunnel and turn a valve to cut the gas (right).

On the other hand, if you do, head north, then east through the vent to reach a maintenance area, then head north to find a pipe with a valve on it. Shut the valve and loot a Civilian to score a Pocket Secretary, then look up to the north to spot a pipe. It’s out of reach by jumping, and there’s nothing in here to use to gain height - the only way up is by using a charged Icarus Dash to grab the ledge. Enter a vent to the east and follow it until it turns south. Move a Heavy Plastic Crate out of the way to find an evidence table, on which is the “DSD” you’re looking for. Just pick it up and return to the Ruzicka Station train platform, then ride back to the Palisade Station.

If you went this route, you can now skip to “M6: Taking Care of Business” .

Objective Reward
For recovering the DSD XP 3150

Use Icraus Dash to reach an otherwise out-of-reach ledge (left) then crawl through another vent to reach the DSD (right). Easy as pie with those two augmentations.

If you don’t have the requisite augmentations to go the quick route, you still want to climb up onto the rafters above the train platform. Sneak up to the south-eastern corner of the room and you’ll find a duct you can enter. Smash a destructible vent and exit the duct in a security room, where you’ll naturally find a security computer. Hack it (password: “dellarocca” ) (Security Rating: 3) and disable the cameras and the alarms, then loot the room to score a 10mm Pistol and a unit of Nuke Virus Software. In a Weapon Cabinet you can find a Combat Rifle and a Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo, while a number of lockers contain Stun Gun Ammo and a Smoke Grenade. Finally loot a case to score some Crafting Parts.

Sneak into a room with a security computer, hack it, and disable the security (left), then take out a patrolling guard (right).

Sneak over to the door and wait for the guard outside to turn south, then drag his body into the security room. Return to the hallway outside and continue south into a server room, where you’ll need to dispatch a civilian who isn’t smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Once he’s been silenced, search the south-western corner of the room to find “Breach Software #5” between two computer towers. Grab a unit of Reveal Software and a unit of Datascan Software lying about, then search some drawers to find some Pistol EMP Ammo and a Pocket Secretary.

Leave the server room and head north up the hallway, turning east when you must and going through a door to the north. Continue north past the guards, go through a doorway, then turn east to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 1). Hack it and enter the janitorial closet beyond, where you’ll find the “Ruzicka Station Security Keycard” on a vacuum. Grab it, then move a plastic crate off a shelf to the east to reveal a vent. Walk through the vent and when you find the way out, wait for two guards to get done talking before you sneak out. Use the cover provided and sneak you way upstairs to the west - using Glass-Shield Cloaking isn’t necessary, but it will help.

Search a server room to find Breach Software #5 (left). In a janitorial closet you can find a Ruzicka Station Security Keycard (right).

Go through some double door and move a vending machine to the north to reveal another vent. Climb into it and head north through the duct beyond, then turn west to reach the “Dazzle” store. Exit the duct and circle around the counter to the west to find a chalk outline, near which is the eBook “The Sleepwalking World” .

Sneak past a variety of cops and move a vending machine to reveal a vent (left). Crawl through the vent to reach a Bookstore to find an eBook off the floor near a chalk outline (right).

Climb back into the vent and return south through the vent, but keep your attention to the west as you go, as there’s a destructible vent near the southern duct opening. Smash it, climb west, jump up a ledge then continue in westerly direction until you exit the duct at a ledge overlooking the Ruzicka Station’s main hall. Sneak west and ignore a breaker - you can use it to electrify the floor below and kill a guard, but this will void Pacifist.

Stand up and continue west along a ledge, jump a gap in the ledge and turn north to find a vent, which you can follow until you find a hole leading down to the evidence area where the “DSD” awaits you, on a table. All you have to do now is sneak back out of the Ruzicka Station, and if you don’t have the Icarus Dash augmentation to get back up into the hole you dropped down, you’re going to have to pick up the larger Heavy Plastic Crate to the north and stand it up length-wise (press (L2) to rotate it) near the hole, then jump on the crate and into the hole. Now all you need to do is backtrack the same way you came in, using Glass-Shield Cloaking to bypass any trouble spots, if necessary.

Objective Reward
For recovering the DSD XP 3150

Creep across a ledge above the Main Hall to bypass the cops below (left) to reach the room where the DSD is stored (right).

Return to the Ruzicka Station platform and travel back to the Palisade Station, where Miller will tell you about your next destination, and give you an even more unpleasant task. Looks like you’ve got plenty of reasons to return to TF29.

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