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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM05: Samizdat (Prague Sewers and Market Square)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Breach Software #24
Wedding Photograph
eBook: Collapse of an Industry

Picking up the Trail

The first stop on the road to enlightenment is the 33 Hlavni Apartments. All sorts of trouble seems to live here, right under Jim Miller’s nose. Ironic. Anyways, head into the complex and through the courtyard to reach the stairs to the northern apartments, going to the top-most apartment, apartment 302. Hack the Keypad outside (Security Rating: 2) or use the windows, and once inside, head into the southern-most room. Hack a computer (Security Rating: 1) and read the mail if you wish, but be sure to use the messenger app to talk to a character named “K”. Get the pun? Character, in the game… K is a character… alphabet. Oh, you’re no fun. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter what you say - be ham-fisted and you’ll get a rude response, or you can get directions by playing incompetent. Either way, Adam will contact Peter Chang afterwards - your hackers are apparently hiding in the sewers under the Davny district.

Objective Reward
For finding where the hackers hide XP 750

Loot the room for a Stem Processor Chip, an EMP Grenade, a unit of Stop! Worm Software and a unit of Nuke Virus Software, then head over to the south-eastern corner of north-eastern Prague and find the manhole near “The Music Box”. Descend into the depths of the sewers and… well, you know the drill by now; new quest takes you to a new area, provides a new excuse to explore.

Turn two valves to turn off the gas (left) then search the previously gas-filled low area to find Breach Software #24 (right).

Davny District Sewers

The objective marker tells you to go north, but what does it know? Instead head south and west to find a gas-filled lab. Fortunately, the lap - and the gas - are below you, so before going into the deadly mist, why not look around to see if you can turn it off? Turn south and jump onto an elevated walkway, where you’ll immediately find a Valve you can turn, then follow the walkway south and west to find another Valve. Close both valves to cut off the gas and allow you to explore the lab in peace. Read the content on the computer if you wish, then search the north-western corner of the lab to find a unit of Datascan Software and “Breach Software #24” .

Leave the lab and return to the ladder that leads to the “The Music Box”, and from there continue north into a sewer tunnel. Turn west, duck under some pipes, and pass through an aug camp, then turn east and drop down a ledge. There are two ways to proceed from here; either jump onto a ledge to the north and go down a tunnel to the east, or just head east and move some junk out of the way and hack a Keypad (CODE: 5431) (Security Rating: 3) to open a door. Either way, enter the room beyond to find the people you’re looking for.

Objective Reward
For discovering Samizdat in the sewers XP 750

Say what you will, either way you’ll end up with two choices; work for them to ensure they keep Praha Dovoz’s secret, or either kill or incapacitate them. In the latter case, it’s not too much effort, just three conspiracy nuts with 10mm Pistols. Once they’re dead Adam will contact Peter again and give him a final update. On the other hand, if you agree to work for them you’ll be asked to break into the Palisade Property Bank and get some dirt on Picus Media.

Objective Reward
For agreeing to work with Samizdat XP 1500
For permanently silencing Samizdat XP 2250

Find Samizdat in the sewers and he’ll offer you a way to buy his silence (left). Either agree to help them out, or ensure they keep quiet… (right).

If you killed or incapacitated the Samizdat members… well, there’s nothing more to say about this quest then, is there? It’s still worth exploring the Palisade Property Bank, however, so you might as well keep following along, although working with Samizdat is the way to get the trophy/achievement “Samizdat”, so it’s the route that’s suggested for this walkthrough.

First things first, though, grab two units of Nuke Virus Software lurking around here, although you should leave the computers alone (Security Ratings: 2, 3 and 5) unless Samizdat has been neutralized, otherwise they’ll turn hostile.

Leave the Samizdat hideout and make your way back west, climb a ladder, turn south and climb onto a pipe, which you can follow south onto an elevated ledge. Crawl through a hole in the wall to the south and follow a chute, at the end of which is an unconscious Civilian with a Pocket Secretary on him. Grab it, then head into the sewer beyond to find the aug’s crazy scrawlings. Head west, go through a gate, then turn south to find the ladder leading back to the surface near “The Music Box” shop.

Stana Tomaseks Apartment

Return north-west to the Palisade Station and from there turn south to find an archway. Go through it, turn west and look up to spot a ladder you can deploy via Remote Hacking. Do so, and climb the ladder you deployed to reach a billboard, then turn east and climb another ladder. To the east you should spot some metal ledges you can jump on, and from these ledges turn south-east to spot a balcony at the top of a red building, which you can also reach by jumping over to it. Enter the apartment the balcony is attached to and grab whatever alcohol you find lying about, then turn your attention to the desk in the south-eastern corner of the apartment. Examine a “Wedding Photograph” and turn the object around to spot the date “may2020” , which just so happens to be the password to the computer nearby (Security Rating: 3).

Palisade Storage Sheds

Drop back down to the street and follow it west until you reach the Palisade Property Bank. Soon, bank, soon, but first turn north and head up some stairs, to find two storage sheds. Hack the Keypad to the eastern shed (Security Rating: 3) to find a unit of Stop! Worm Software, a Revolver, two cylinders of Revolver Normal Ammo, two doses of “Neuropozyne” , a Credit Chip, a Multi-Tool and a unit of Nuke Virus Software. Leave the eastern shed and pay your respects to the western one by hacking its Keypad (Security Rating: 3). Enter the shed and search a painting to the west to reveal a breaker, which will open a secret doorway to the north. Go through the sneaky doorway and down some stairs to find a room full of… well, drugs. Fortunately, there are things useful to you in here as well, namely a unit of Reveal Software, some Revolver Armor Piercing Ammo, a 10mm Pistol, a Combat Rifle and some Battle Rifle Regular Ammo. If you climb through a vent to the south you’ll not only earn yourself an XP reward for exploring, but you’ll exit back into the courtyard with the storage shelves.

Return to Market Square and make your way south past the entrance to the Palisade Property Bank. If you’re greedy, use Remote Hacking to disable some car alarms and sneakily loot the trunks of the cars in front of the bank to gain some Shotgun Regular Ammo, a unit of Stop! Worm Software, a Biocell, a Gyroscopic Regulator and a Hypostim Injector. At this point you should be at the south-western end of Market Square, so turn east and loot more cars to score a Biocell, a box of Crafting Parts, a unit of Stop! Worm Software.

Move a painting to reveal a button (left) which opens up the way to a secret stash (right).

Ludviks Lounge

Turn south to find Ludvik’s Lounge, inside of which you’ll find the eBook “Collapse of an Industry” near a window. Grab a Pocket Secretary from behind the counter and note the door leading down to the basement. You can head downstairs and hack a Keypad (CODE: 3419) (Security Rating: 2), behind which is a Case containing two boxes of Crafting Parts and another pile of Crafting Parts on a nearby barrel. There’s also a vent on the wall, which you can follow to reach the Palisade Bank garage… but this leads to the corporate and executive vaults of the Palisade Bank, which are quite profitable, but not required to explore to complete “SM05: Samizdat” , so they’ll be saved until you’ve plundered the upper reaches of the Palisade Bank.

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