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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Exploring North-Western Prague

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation
eBook: The Czech Republic Enters the 21st Century
Breach Software #21
eBook: Ruzicka’s Vision for the Future

Before you get started, you should note that “Remote Hacking” and “Icarus Dash” are becoming more and more useful, to the point that they’re going to start being necessary to get through areas in the most efficient, least-risky way. There are a few areas that are going to be inaccessible without one or the other, not to mention the upcoming quest “SM05: Samizdat” , where “Remote Hacking” will allow you to score enough loot to justify its Praxis cost on its own. If one had to be preferred over the other, get “Remote Hacking” first (disable something like “Rhino Dermal Armor” or “Titan” - something players following this Pacifist/Foxiest of the Hounds walkthrough won’t need - to keep your system status at 100%). The exploration from here on out will expect you to have “Remote Hacking” (both ranks). If you don’t, just neglect that parts that require it and invest as you gain more Praxis.

Apartment 201: Even Prybils Apartment

Let’s start off in a somewhat familiar area - the Pilgrim Station. Travel there and exit the metro, heading north-west towards 33 Hlavni Apartments. On the way loot a gray van to score a Stun Gun, then continue on into the apartments. Time to explore this place more thoroughly. Head up the first (southern-most) flight of stairs and hack the Keypad (CODE: 6864) (Security Rating: 4) leading to apartment 201, or punch a hole in the wall to the south after going up the second flight of stairs, but why make more commotion than you have to? Failing either of those options you can always go to the balcony outside and hop on some ledges to get to a window you can open - this is an option for all these apartments, although you may have to remote hack some of the blinds.

Inside you’ll find a computer bearing some bad news - and a keycode to a storage locker outside. Other than that, there’s a few bits of loot to be found in this apartment, but nothing really worth detailing save a Pocket Secretary in a wall safe in the bedroom. Loot the apartment and not the vent in the bathroom - note, not enter. The vent is electrified, you’ll have to waste HypoStims to make it through, and there’s not really any point in doing so when you can just go around.

In this section Remoting Hacking goes from being handy, to mandatory (left). Mikael will sell you weapons and ammo… and pay better prices for the same than Tars (right).

Apartment 203: Mikaels Weapon Shop

You’ve already plundering apartment 202, so skip it and head upstairs to apartment 203, where you’ll find an arms dealer named Mikael. He’ll sail a few weapon mods and weapons, but the latter you should either already have or you will have soon - no need to spend money on them. Of course, if you happen to need ammo, this is the place to go. Like Tars’ shop in the Zelen Apartment complex, the bodyguards here will get cross if you steal things in plain sight, but you can easily enter the bedroom, close the door and nab whatever you want. Namely, pick up a Pocket Secretary to learn another passcode.

Storage Lockers

Leave this apartment and jump off the balcony (or walk down the stairs, you wuss) to reach the apartment courtyard, where you’ll find two storage sheds to the east. Hack the Keypad (CODE: 4227) (Secretary Rating: 2) of the southern shed then grab some amount out of a box and loot a Weapons Briefcase. Once done, look up to the south-east to spot a vent, which will ultimately lead you to the restricted area in Mikael’s apartment. Loot a Weapons Briefcase and a Weapon Cabinet for various bits of ammo, Crafting Parts and two Mine Templates. Don’t go through the door to the south, though - there’s nothing in the bathroom beyond.

Crawl back down the vent into the storage shed and hack the northern shed’s Keypad (CODE: 2913) (Security Rating: 2) or smash through a weak wall in the southern shed. Either way, loot a wooden crate to find a Gyroscopic Regulator, a unit of Datascan Software, some Old Man’s Prestige alcohol, then nab a Pocket Secretary nearby.

Apartment 204

Leave the courtyard and head to the northern apartments, two of which - 203 and 302 - are quest-related and need not be explored yet. Instead, however, hack the Keypad locking the door to apartment 204 (Security Rating: 1), inside of which you’ll find a bunch of junk and a Pocket Secretary.

Roses Garden

Leave the apartment complex and follow the road east and north-east until you find Rose’s Garden - the green shop to the north-west. Loot a gray car a bit down the road to score some Revolver Regular Ammo, then head inside the store. Read the eBook “Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation” on a window-side counter, then go upstairs to reach a balcony. When you’re there, look up and to the south-east to spot a transparent rain-shield suspended above the road. Jump onto it from the railing of Rose’s Garden’s balcony and head onto a small roof to the south-east and search an over-turned cardboard box with some Crafting Parts, a Hydraulic Micropump and a Biocell in and near it. Continue west along the rain-shield… screen… whatever it is and leap onto an apartment’s balcony.

Grab the eBook in Rose’s Garden (left). Anton Suchanek’s Apartment contains a nasty trap for the Dvali, which may well hinder you, instead (right).

Anton Suchaneks Apartment

Save before you enter, because once you do, the house’s security will lock you in and you’ll hear an automated voice issue a challenge. After it directs you to open a locker to the south, ignore it. That’s right, ignore it and instead turn east to find a Gas Mine on the bathroom wall, above the sink. Pick it up, then open the locker to find a timer above four Credit Chips. Head back into the bathroom and search the corner opposite the sink to find a button you can press to disarm the gas trap in the locker. Now that the would-be death-trap has been thwarted, grab a Biocell out from a drawer under the sink, then pick up the Credit Chips. To escape the house, use Remote Hacking on the blinders, or just access the house A.I. via the terminal and pick the “Security” option.

Apartment: Madame Photographe

Return back outside to the rain-shield and make your way back to Rose’s Garden’s balcony. From here turn north-west and jump up onto the roof, then search a mattress to the north-west to find the eBook “The Czech Republic Enters the 21st Century” . Continue north and drop down to a lower section of roof, then drop down again onto a tarnished copper roof. Carefully walk across a narrow white ledge to the north and leap onto a balcony, then enter the doorway to reach an apartment. Grab a Biocell off the edge of the bed, then hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 5) on the wall to reveal - and open - a nearby safe, inside of which is a Credit Chip and “Breach Software #21” . Other than that, you can hack a computer (Security Rating: 1) on a desk.

There’s another eBook on a mattress on the roof of Rose’s Garden (left). Loot a safe in Madame Photographe’s Apartment to find Breach Software #21 (right).

Searching Storage Sheds

Exit the apartment and drop off the balcony onto the ground below and look south to spot two storage sheds. In the western one (Security Rating: 2) you’ll find some Crafting Parts, a Gyroscopic Regulator and a 10mm Pistol, while in the eastern one (Security Rating: 2) you’ll find a Credit Chip, a 10mm Pistol and some Pistol EMP Ammo (all in some desk drawer), a Pocket Secretary on the desk, a box of Crafting Parts under the desk, a Tactical Shotgun in the corner by a garbage can, and some alcohol strewn about.

Loot the sheds and leave, heading to the eastern end of this enclosure, then turn south to find an arched tunnel blocked by a small gate you can easily jump over. Do so and when you’re back on the road again head east, south-east along a building with an “HMFC” sign on it. When you reach a fountain built along the side of another building turn south, south-west and leap over a concrete wall to find a destructible grate on the side of another building.

Smash the grate and wait for the resulting panic to die down (don’t worry, nobody turns hostile, nobody dies and no alarms are raised) then crawl through the hole you made, turn west, north-west to find another vent you can climb into and follow it into a storage shed. In here you’ll find a Stun Gun, some Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo, a Stem Processor Chip, a Biocell and two doses of Painkillers. Once the looting has ended, open the door. Usually you’d want to hack the Keypads to these things, but the cops that stand nearby make that difficult, and why waste a Multi-Tool if you don’t have to? On that note, the other, locked storage shed (to the south-east) contains some Crafting Parts, a Credit Chip, some Wine and, in two Medical Boxes, a HypoStim Injector and some Painkillers. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth a Multi-Tool or not, but there’s no secret way in, otherwise.

Tech Noir

Leave the storage sheds along and head , go up some stairs and down some stairs to the south, then turn west to reach the Tech Noir shop. Enter the shop and talk to Costache, who will make some small talk that only annoys Jensen. Afterwards he’ll mention Breach Software, and simply put, he’s the guy you can sell your Breach Software to - which you’ll do automatically by talking to him. Each one is worth 300 Credits and will unlock various upgrades in Breach mode. He’ll also sell you a variety of goodies, including Stun Gun Ammo, software, Crafting Parts, Biocells and Multi-Tools.

Costache at Tech Noir will sell you hacking software, and will give you good money for your Breach Software (left). Grab an eBook off the table in the Autodily shop (right).


Return to the plaza and head down a flight of stairs. If you turn south-west near a lift you can find a vent between some garbage cans that leads to the Autodily shop. Of course, you can just follow the road west, but going through the vent to the Autodily shop is more sneakier! Anyways, there’s not much here to do save grab the eBook “Ruzicka’s Vision for the Future” off a round red table.

Enro Gozeyns Apartment

Leave the Autodily shop and turn south (loot a dark gray car to score a Biocell along the way) to find a green house. Use Remote Hacking to deploy an awning, then jump up on it. Turn east to spot an electrical box that you can reach with a running jump, or, if you miss and accidentally climb onto the deactivated light below it, just jump east onto a ledge, turn around, and jump onto the electrical box from there. Once on the electrical box jump east onto a balcony.

Enter the adjoining apartment and search it (and its cabinets) to find plenty of Crafting Parts, a Hydraulic Micropump and some Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo near the bed and a Credit Chip. Hack the computer (Security Rating: 1) to find a number of codes… and that the resident here is an anti-aug jerk willing to prey on public perception and police brutality to punish his former boss

Gerard Romeros Apartment

Drop back down to street level and follow the road east. Strange there are never any cars moving through Prague, eh? Anyways, pass by an exterminator’s shop (the roaches on the exterior give the place away - and are terribly tacky) and continue along the road until you reach a cross-walk. If you turn west, north-west you’ll spot a metal-scaffolding-lined passage leading back to the plaza where Tech Noir can be found, while to the east, south-east you’ll find the Monument Station. Ignore both and turn north-east to find a ladder you can deploy with Remote Hacking. Do so, climb the ladder to reach a billboard, make your way to the railing to the south west. Mount it and jump onto a roof to the west, then leap south, south-west onto a balcony. Note that you can also get up here by using a Biocell to power the lift in the Tech Noir plaza, but why use up a Biocell when you can spent Praxis instead? Wait… that doesn’t sound right…

Whatever the case, head into the apartment and search around to find a pile of Crafting Parts and a Stem Processor Chip just lying around. Head into the bathroom to find a Biocell in some drawers under a sink then turn your attention to the desk along the north-western part of the main room. Search a corpse to find some “Neuropozyne” and a Credit Chip, then pull a Hydraulic Micropump, a box of Crafting Parts and a unit of Datascan Software out of the desk’s drawers. A unit of Nuke Virus Software and some alcohol can also be found on the desk. Next, turn on a breaker to power up the nearby computer, which reveals the likely cause of what caused the man-to-corpse transformation this apartment bore witness to.

That ends the exploration of north-western Prague. Next up; north-eastern Prague, which will include everything east of the Monument Station.

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