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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Exploring North-Eastern Prague (Part 2)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area .
Picus Vault Security Breach Software #26
eBook: Tech-A-Tete-Magazine Neuropozyne
Praxis Kit Breach Software #27
Neuropozyne eBook: The Next Three Decades
Neuropozyne Breach Software #23
Triangle Code #21 Tarvos Vault Keycard
Trinagle Code #4

Libuse Apartments - Courtyard

Leave the L.I.M.B. Clinic via the front door and head down the street to the east, under the invasive Versalife marketing invading the nearby Pilgrim Station. Continue past this to reach the Libuse Apartment complex, which you visited earlier during the quest “SM00: Neon Nights” . Time to finally explore this place in detail. First things first, from the courtyard head north-east into the storage shed you may have used to reach apartment 84 - the “swan cleaning service” - and search the lockers to find a Credit Chip, some Crafting Parts and a 10mm Pistol. Hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 2) of the next storage locker over… pretty much just for the XP, as it only leads to a doorway, which in turn leads to the maintenance tunnels you probably already explored. Finally for the courtyard, turn south to find a laundry room, wherein rests a Credit Chip.

Libuse Apartments - Apartment 85 and 86

Climb the stairs in the south-western corner of the complex and turn east to find apartment 86 (Security Rating: 3), inside of which you’ll find alcohol and a pile of Crafting Parts, but nothing really noteworthy. Return outside and head north from the stairs to find apartment 85, which is somewhat more generous with the loot. You’ll still find plenty of alcohol lying around, but you can also score a Hypostim Injector from the floor near the television, a bottle of Neuropozyne from atop a cardboard box near the toilet (eww), some Combat Rifle Regular Ammo from some drawers near the bed, a Credit Chip from atop a small bedside refrigerator and finally a bit of Pistol Regular Ammo from a drawer in the kitchen.

Examine a Camera (left) to reveal a safe containing the Picus Vault Keycard (right).

Libuse Apartments - Apartment 94

Head north up another flight of stairs to find apartments 94, 95 and 96. Might as well explore them order of lowest to highest number. Hack the Keypad outside of apartment 94 (Security Rating: 2) and head inside to find that this place is actually squeaky clean… a nice change of pace. Head north to find a photography studio, then turn west to reach a small office and read some emails. Typical office gossip, and something about some keycard? Interesting… Enter the bedroom and search some containers to find a Credit Chip and a box of Crafting Parts, then examine a camera on some dressers. This will slide up a large, gaudy painting over the bed, revealing a wall safe. Hack the safe’s Keypad (Security Rating: 3) then loot the safe to find the “Picus Vault Keycard” . There’s also a Pocket Secretary in there with gibberish on it. Oh well.

Libuse Apartments - Apartment 95

Hack the Keypad to apartment 95 and head into a room to the north to find a computer, which contains some chatlogs that gives a hint to a vault code. The year everything went bad? For an aug, probably 2027 - the Aug Incident. Return to the living room and search the western wall to find a pile of Crafting Components, a unit of Datascan Software, a Stem Processor Chip and a unit of Stop! Worm Software. Next, search the southern corner of the room to find another Stem Processor Chip and a unit of Nuke Virus Software on a desk.

Search Apartment #96 to find an eBook on the kitchen counter (left), then grab a Praxis Kit hiding in a box atop a cabinet in the kitchen (right).

Libuse Apartments - Apartment 96

Last stop; apartment 26. Hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 4) or jump from the railing onto a ledge and use the window. Once inside, grab a Credit Chip on a low table by the window, then enter the bedroom to the east and grab a box of Crafting Parts and another Credit Chip in some containers. A third Credit Chip can be found on a table beside the bed. Return west and explore the kitchen to find a unit of Stop! Worm Software on the kitchen island and an eBook “Tech-A-Tete-Magazine” on the western counter. Best of all, turn east and you’ll spot a counter, a stove and some cabinets. Leap up onto these cabinets and you’ll find a cardboard box, inside of which is a “Praxis Kit” . Enter a room to the west and loot a Medical Cooler to find a Biocell, then grab a Hydraulic Micropump off a nearby box. Next, return to the living room and grab one more Credit Chip out of a dresser near the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, entire that most hygienic of rooms and look at the ceiling to spot a vent. Climb up in there and follow the duct, destroy a pair of vents along the way, then move a bunch of Archive Boxes out of the way to reach a hidden room. Hack a computer (Security Rating: 1) to learn about some nutcase named “Allison”, then loot the desk to find a Gyroscopic Regulator, a Biocell, a Stem Processor Chip, a unit of Overclock Software and two bottles of “Neuropozyne” . Crouch down and search under the desk, near the right drawers, where you’ll find an Archive Box inside another cardboard box. Move the former out of the way to reveal “Triangle Code #21” hiding beneath it. Sneaky…

Pilgrim Station

Leave the Libuse Apartment complex and follow the road west until you reach the Pilgrim Station. Just follow the pills into the mouth, head downstairs and enter the ticket station to find a Pocket Secretary on the southern desk. Near the ticket station you’ll find a door to the east, locked by a Keypad (CODE: 2548) (Security Rating: 2). Given the nearby guard, you’re probably better off using the code.

Anyways, you should know the layout of this place by now - it’s identical to the side-rooms in the other metros. The server room is protected by a network (CODE: 9143) (Security Rating: 4), and there’s absolutely nothing inside that room to justify such protection. The security room, on the other hand, only have a civilian in it, whom you can easily incapacitate. The lockers are all empty, but if you jump on top of the lockers and look in a cardboard box you’ll find “Triangle Code #4” . You can also find the “Breach Software #26” unit on the desk, as well as a Pocket Secretary under the desk, on a shelf near the chair.

Make your way back to the legal part of the metro and head down stairs to reach the train platform. Grab a Pocket Secretary off a chair in the eastern corner of the platform. To the north, north-east is a door (Security Rating: 4) whose Keypad you can hack to gain entry, or you can climb up on the metal beams above and follow one of them through a vent and into the chamber. Find a hatch and drop down a hole in the ground to reach some sewers. This is where the loot dwells.

Grab some Breach Software from the security office in Pilgrim Station (left) then run through some electricity in the sewers below the station (right).

Sewers Under Pilgrim Station

From the ladder head east to find an electrified section of floor. Oh boy. Run across it and you should survive, then hit a breaker to make your return trip less painful. From the breaker continue south into a smaller tunnel and follow it east, then south to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 5) locking a cage door. If you can make it through, you’ll find a treasure trove of ammo and weapons, including two Weapons Briefcases, a Weapon Storage Locker, and a Combat Rifle sitting on a table. The Weapons Briefcases contains a 10mm Pistol and Pistol Regular Ammo in one and a Mine Template and Combat Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo in the other, while the Weapons Storage Locker houses a Tactical Shotgun, Stun Gun Ammo and Shotgun EMP Ammo.

Leave the chamber and continue down the tunnel south, then west, bypassing another chamber to the south as you go, as it only contains some alcohol. When your progress is impeded by a gate, turn north and take your frustrations out on a weak section of wall, beyond which you’ll find a case containing a Biocell, a HypoStim Injector and a dose of “Neuropozyne” .

If you can hack a difficult Keypad you’ll access a room full of loot (left). Further on, if you smash a hole in a wall you’ll find another, somewhat less lucrative room (right).

Coffee Shop

Climb back into the metro and make your way to the streets of Prague - don’t worry, you’re almost done exploring, just a few more areas to go. Follow the road west to find a coffee shop to the north. Head into the shop and go downstairs to reach the basement, where in usual fashion you’ll find two rooms you can search. First, grab a Pocket Secretary off a table to the south to get the POI: Neighborhood Watch, which beckons you back down to southern Prague.

All in good time. For now, however, hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 2) to get into the basement’s south-western room, in which you’ll find a case containing a HypoStim Injector and a unit of Datascan Software and a Weapons Briefcase with a 10mm Pistol inside. Not a terrible bit of loot, but there’s more to be had. Enter the north-western room and go up some stairs to find a locked door and its attendant Keypad (CODE: 5622) (Security Rating: 4). Hack the network or enter the keycode to gain access to a small storage room. To the west, behind some boxes and barrels you’ll find a case containing a Hydraulic Micropump, a Gyroscopic Regulator, and a Biocell, while to the east you’ll find a safe (Security Rating: 5) perched on a crate. Hack it to gain access to its haul of four Credit Chips.

In Eugen Weisses Apartment - the apartment above the Coffee Shop - you’ll find Breach Software #27 (left) and an eBook (right).

Eugen Weisses Apartment

Look up and climb onto some pipes above you, then do so again with another set of pipes and turn east to find a vent you can climb up to. This vent will eventually lead you to an apartment, where goodies await. Namely, loot a bookshelf to find “Breach Software #27” . Another collectible, the eBook “The Next Three Decades” , lies on a desk. Under this desk you’ll find a Medical Box and a Medical Crate containing some Painkillers and a Biocell, respectively. Another Medical Crate lurks nearby in the south-western corner of the apartment, housing a HypoStim Injector.

Hemingways Fine Spirits

Drop off the attached balcony (you may have to press a button to raise the shutters) back onto the street outside the Coffee Shop and head down the road west, then north-west to find a police car with a 10mm Pistol inside. Just be sure to disarm the alarm with Remote Hacking if you don’t want trouble. Continue down the road to the south-west, pass under an archway and turn south-east to find Hemingway’s Fine Spirits.

Enter the shop and hack the computer, whose password is “furvent6” (Security Rating: 2) if you want to read some emails, then sneak down into the basement. This basement, for some reason, is properly marked as a restricted area, so you’re going to need to actually to be sneaky here. Head carefully down into the basement and be wary of the security camera here, which you’ll want to disable with Remote Hacking. Once you do, note that the basement - like most basements in Prague - consists of two side rooms. Find a large wooden crate blocking the doorway to one room and place it in between where you’ll need to stand to hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 2) that locks the door to the other room. The camera won’t stay disabled forever, after all, and you’ll want a shield protecting you from its gaze. You also might want to knock out the vendor and leave her sleeping behind the upstairs counter, as she can come down into the basement at any time and spoil your looting. Speaking of which, hack your way into and loot the locked room to find a box of Crafting Parts and a safe, which is unlocked already and contains a Laser-Targeting System and a Pocket Secretary.

In the basement of Sobchak Security you’ll need to hide from a security camera (left) and disable some Frag Lasers (right).

Sobchak Security

Leave the room you spent so much trouble trying to get into and disable the security camera again (use the crate you placed as cover to do this) then enter the other room, moving whatever junk you may need to move to gain entry. Once done, look at the north-western wall to find a vent, which will lead to a maintenance area. Traverse the maintenance area by heading south-west to find another vent, which in turn will lead you across (under) the street. At some point in the ducts you’ll come to a fork - the path to the south-west leads to an apartment, while the path to the north-west leads to the basement of the Sobchak Security firm.

Go into the latter location first, moving a vent cover, then some plastic crates out of your way. This room is full of annoying plastic crates, which you’ll need to use as cover to avoid the security camera outside, but you’ll also need them out of the way to come and go as you please. Not only that, but you’ll want to take one of these out of the room with you and set it up as a shield for your other nefarious deeds, just like in the basement of Hemingway’s Fine Spirits. This time, however, no mere Keypad stands between you and loot - a field of Frag Lasers does, and using an object to detonate them is just going to alert the security all around, so you’ll have to use Remote Hacking to get past quietly. Your reward for all this trouble? Some Crafting Parts, a Hydraulic Micropump, a Stem Processor Chip and “Breach Software #23” . There’s also a safe on a desk (Security Rating: 3) inside of which is a Multi-Tool and the “Tarvos Vault Keycard” . At this rate, you’re going to have to find an excuse to pay that Palisade Property Bank…

Get past these defenses and you’ll be able to score the Tarvos Vault Keycard from a safe (left). Give the clerk upstairs some Neuropozyne and he’ll offer to sell you some crafting parts (right).

Milos Awadallas Apartment

Anyways, time to leave the place, you can take cover behind your crate-pavise again and disable the security camera, then sneak out of the building via the duct vent your entered. Crawl south-west and exit to some maintenance tunnels, then turn north-west to find some electricity dancing freely in the hallway. Run through it and jump up to a ledge beyond - this can all be easily done with one unupgraded health bare - and shut off the breaker powering this fire hazard. Once done climb a ladder and enter a duct to find a Pocket Secretary, then go through a vent to reach an apartment.

Search a dresser to find some alcohol, Painkillers, and an EMP Grenade, then plunder a Weapons Briefcase to find some Pistol EMP Ammo and Machine Pistol Ammo. Some more Painkillers and a Credit Chip can be found on a white bedside table and in the bathroom you can find a HypoStim Injector. Finally hack the computer in the middle of the main apartment room (Security Rating: 3) to learn that the officer who dwells here - Milos Awadalla - was at the Ruzicka station when it was bombed. Guess that explains why he has a picture of Alex and Adam above his bathroom sink. Still creepy, though.

Cassian Valentes Apartment

Exit the apartment via the balcony and drop down to the street below and turn south-east to find balcony jutting out from a building adjacent to Hemingway’s Fine Spirits. Jump onto a police van and from there climb onto the balcony. Use Remote hacking to open the shutters and head inside the apartment - these Pathfinder and Explorer XP bonuses are REALLY adding up, no? Search the cabinets to score some alcohol and Crafting Parts, then hack the computer (Security Rating: 1) and use the House A.I. to open the wall panels. You can also read the emails to find out that this apartment’s owner is a bit of a software savant - and her brilliance has not gone un-noticed. Head over to the bed and examine the northern wall to find a safe, inside of which is a Gyroscopic Regulator, some Painkillers, a unit of Stop! Worm Software, a Credit Chip, and a unit of Stealth Software.

POI Neighborhood Watch

Leave the software prodigy’s house and drop back down to street level. Just like that, you’re done exploring Prague… all except for TF29, the Red Light District, Market Square, Palisade Property Bank, the sewers under north-eastern Prague and the Church of the Machine God… but surely you’ll be provided with excuses to explore them all sooner or later, right? Of course, there’s one more thing you can do before heading off to TF29 - return to southern Prague and check out that POI: Neighborhood Watch. It just directs you to enter apartment 23 in the Zelen Apartment complex, and there’s a juicy XP reward in it for you just by going back.

Objective Reward
For exploring the Point of Interest XP 350
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