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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM07: Fade to Black

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Train Ticket
Dobramila’s Map

Searching Vincent Blacks Office

Head west across the upper level of TF29 and enter Vincent Black’s office, then search his computer (password: “origami1970” ) (Security Rating: 2) to find the email “FW: Orion Insta-Messaging Autosave” to discover some correspondence between Vincent Black and some “D_NOVAKOVA” woman. Seems like you’ll have to go pay The Red Queen another visit. Before you leave, however, grab a “Train Ticket” off a black table along the southern wall. This will save you some Credits shortly.

Objective Reward
For snooping on Vincent Black’s computer XP 350

Dealing with Dobromila

Return to The Red Queen and make your way to the balcony on the third floor, where you’ll find Dobromila Novakova waiting. Talk to her and she’ll mistake you to Vincent Black - she’s clearly looking for somebody who is NOT your typical Dvali low-life, and you fit the bill quite well. Say whatever you will on the first dialogue option (either “Disclose” or “Bluff”, then, when you get the option to respond again, follow Dobromila’s advice and say “Yes, I understand” to cut the conversation short. Discretion in the better part of valor, after all. Okay, that quote doesn’t really work here… more like… discretion is the better part of not raising suspicion by chatting up a mob boss’s wife in the middle of Dvali territory.

Objective Reward
For talking to Dobramila Novakova XP 350

Regardless of whether you chat Dobromila up or not, you’ll be directed to meet her again in southern Prague. Travel back to the Capek Station and Make your way to the northern end of this district, specifically the “Courtyard” north of Drahomir’s “Police Checkpoint”. Here you’ll find Dobromila, and if you chatted her up too much at The Red Queen she’ll be followed by two Dvali Thugs. You… probably shouldn’t let them kill her, since you need her information to find Vincent. Dispatching them isn’t difficult, just sneak past the first one (he’s not here looking for you, so he won’t pay you any attention) and use your Stun Gun on the one behind him, then turn around and perform a takedown on the first thug. The problem are the stupid civilians who get all panicky when they see you do this. On the other hand, if you picked “Yes, I understand” when you first had the chance you and Dobromila will not have raised suspicions and hence she will not be followed.

Objective Reward
For rendezvousing with Dobramila XP 350

Talk to Dobromila and she’ll express contempt for her husband before teasing you with information that will allow you to shut down his illegal operations. Exhaust her dialogue options and note what she says about what won’t work when it comes to dealing with Vlasta, then pick the option to “Negotiate for information” and either give her the Train Ticket you found in Vincent’s Office, or pay her 350 Credits - well more than what that ticket cost! Either way, she’ll give you “Dobromila’s Map” and tell you a code.

Objective Reward
For gaining intel from Dobrzmila XP 350

Vlastas Stash

Ride the metro back to the Palisade Station and make your way to the Market Square outside of the Palisade Property Bank. From there head up the stairs to the north-west and enter the storage shed to the left, flip the breaker under the painting on the western wall to open the secret door, then head down the passage you opened up to return to the Dvali contraband storage, where you’ll now find an aug woman named Olivie. Chat with her and say whatever you wish before you’re eventually interrupted by Vlasta. If you want the trophy “Handle with Care”, not to mention the non-violent solution to this quest, you really only have one option - you’re going to have to buy your way out of trouble, and in doing so, buy Olivie’s way out of Prague. Pick the option “Negotiate Passage”, then “Bribe (1800)”.

Objective Reward
For talking to Olivie XP 350
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Handle with Care

You helped Olivie escape Prague.

Trophy icon

Pay the bribe and leave the area - Olivie’s on her own now. Make your way to the eastern end of the northern part of Prague, to the “Abandoned Shop” near the Red Light District. Head inside and go down into the basement to find Vincent Black. Sometimes you can get in so deep, you drown. Search Vincent for a “Stiletto” , then move him out of the way to find a Pocket Secretary, which sheds some light on the situation.

Objective Reward
For finding Vincent Black XP 1100

Oh well, at least you know what happened to Vincent. Alex is trying to move the chains and get you into contact with Janus, but in the meantime, you still have a lead to follow. Time to head back to TF29 and see what was on that DSD.

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