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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Side Mission Related (2)

Nathan Garvin
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All in the Family

You aided Otar when he sought help with a family matter.

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To even have this Side Mission available you’ll have to make sure you won the social debate with Otar back in Side Mission 3 and then took care of his task given to you while in Golem City (it’s better to warn him rather than kill him to perserve any Pacifist playthrough you have going on).

Now, when your return to Prague for the second time, Otar will once again call you and ask for your assistance which will give you the POI: One Last Favor. Upon visiting Masa, the Side Mission will begin and simply follow it through to its conclusion to obtain the Trophy/Achievement.

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The Harvester

You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.

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You’ll need to make sure you fully complete this Side Mission here in order to get the Trophy/Achievement as there are several outcomes (the correct outcome will culminate in another Side Mission later in the game). During your second visit to Prague, head out of Adam’s apartment (Zelen apartments) to the south near where the sewer access is and start walking towards the station through the alleys. You’ll come across a crime scene and Side Mission 10: The Harvester will begin in ernest where you’ll have to solve the case correctly and fully.

First of, make sure you examine all 7 pieces of evidence (bruises on the body, marks on the body, needle, ID card, broken glasses, EMP fragment on the ground and pieces of augments in the wall) after speaking to the detective and Daria. After speaking to the detective again and selecting all of the options you’ll get some more leads followed by getting more information from Daria following the evidence you found.

Talking to Johnny and finding the “Medical Refferal Form” near his bed will prove that he’s innocent. Take care of Radko’s bodyguard with a Takedown before moving the painting on the wall and hacking the terminal nearby to unlock the safe to obtain the “Blackmail Photo”. Heading down into his office you can examine the bear head before hacking the laptop to get access to the messenger app. Select “Negotiate”, “Bluff” and “Confirm” here to end this section.

Finally head to the Police Office and upon checking out the lockers you’ll come across “Smolenski’s Notes”. You now have fulfilled all of the tasks so head back to the detective and choose to complete the case. Select “Exonerate Both” followed by “It’s a Copycat” to conclude the Side Mission and obtain the Trophy/Achievement.

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K is for Kazdy

You freed K and Bones from the prison cell and escorted them to safety.

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When you return to Prague for the third time you should get a Samizdat SOS which effectively begins this Side Mission. You need to ensure both K and Bones survive your rescue from the Police Station so when given the opportunity on how to proceed, select “ Play it Cool“ to resolve this with both surviving and unlocking the Trophy/Achievement.

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The Last Harvest

Using the CASIE and Dr. Cipra's keyword, you convinced Daris she isn't who she thinks she is.

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While you’re back in Prague for your third and final visit, (before your journey to London) you’ll get a call from Daria which will begin Side Mission 11: The Last Harvest. Make sure before you proceed further with this Side Mission that you have the “Social Enhancer” augment as it’s the only way to trigger the best outcome for this Side Mission.

At the end of the Side Mission you’ll enter into a social debate with Daria and in order to obtain the Trophy/Achievement you’ll need to end this peacefully so select “Confront”, “Use Keyword” and then “Ad Hominem 2026”. At this point you should get a prompt to “Persuade” providing you have the Social Enhancer augment, do this and select the “Humanize” choice twice and finally “Approach” to end the Side Mission.

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