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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M6: Taking Care of Business

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Triangle Code #16

Smiley and the Shrink

Return to TF29 and take the elevator down, where Alex will contact you and update you on her progress. Seems like you’ll need to pay her a visit at the old L.I.M.B. Clinic to find out what, exactly, she’s learned.

First things first, though, head into the room “4 Psychiatrist” and talk to Dr. Auzenne. She’ll grill you, and Adam is by default rather pissy and defensive. Respond how you will and you’ll get yourself a clean bill of mental health - and a bit of XP - for your trouble.

Objective Reward
For visiting the psychiatrist XP 1950

Meet with Dr. Auzenne and endure her phony “science” (left), then talk to Smiley about the DSD you recovered (right).

Next head into the forensics lab and talk to Fletcher, who babble for a bit, only to basically say he needs more time to learn anything of import from the DSD.

Objective Reward
For giving Fletcher the DSD XP 1950

Alexs Intel

Leave TF29 behind and head to the L.I.M.B. Clinic, which you may have explored earlier in the guide. Head inside and go down to the basement and talk to Alex, who will play some rather incriminating audio for you. Interpret it as you will.

Objective Reward
For meeting up with Alex XP 1950

Workshop Matej/Chikanes Place

From the L.I.M.B. Clinic head north-west, then north to to reach the “Workshop Matej” building. Enter the building, hack a Keypad to the to the east (CODE: 4465) (Security Rating: 5) and open the door it locked. Beyond is Chikane’s Place, which you can search to score two Credit Chips, some Crafting Parts, a Hydraulic Micropump and a Gyroscopic Regulator.

If you hack a Keypad to the east (Security Rating: 2) you’ll find some stairs down leading to Chikane’s basement, where here apparently dwells… and lifts weights. In some lockers you’ll find Pistol Regular Ammo, two Credit Chips, Shotgun EMP Ammo and Crafting Parts, while more Crafting Parts, another pair of Credit Chips, a Stem Processor Chip and a Gyroscopic Regulator can by found lying around.

Move a painting to reveal a button (left) which will open up a secret chamber when pressed (right).

In the drawer near his bed is a 10mm Pistol, and if you slide a painting aside to the east you’ll find a button. Press it and a locker to the east will move out of the way, revealing a secret room. Inside you’ll find a Weapons Briefcase with some Stun Gun Ammo inside, while a Weapon Cabinet contains a Tactical Shotgun, an EMP Grenade, some Shotgun EMP Ammo and “Triangle Code #16” . You can also find a box of Crafting Parts and a Stem Processor Chip lying around. Hack a computer (Security Rating: 3) if you want to snoop on some emails, then find a Trophy on some metal shelves. Interact with it and you’ll reveal a safe. Hack its Keypad (Security Rating: 5) if you can, as inside the safe you’ll find Laser-Targeting System, a Pocket Secretary and a pair of Credit Chis.

Loot what you want, then head upstairs and go through a doorway to the north to find Miller waiting for you near a helipad. After some chatter, Chikane will show up and you’ll have the next task ahead of you - get into Golem City, apprehend Talos Rucker, the leader of ARC. Sending an augmented agent to bring the advocate for augmented rights to “justice”. Ironic. If you need Chikane to wait, he’ll wait. Finish up any business you still have in Prague, make sure your inventory is in order, then fly off with a stranger to Golem City.

Objective Reward
For meeting Miller at Chikane’s XP 500
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Two years after the events of “The Aug Incident” in Human Revolution, in the year 2029, Adam Jensen is faced with the full weight of his decisions. After augmented people were forced to violently strike those around them due to a hijacking incident, Jensen feels like he failed. In the aftermath of strong public opposition against augmented humans, the world has become divided and “augs” are forcibly separated from all those who aren’t. Jenson is once again thrown into a tumultuous situation and desperately tries to rectify past mistakes.

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