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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM10: The Harvester

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
ID Card
Broken Glasses
EMP Fragment
Blackmail Photo
Medical Referral Form
eBook: A., I
Harvester Copycat, Victim 4?

Good news! The last quest ended near where the next one begins. Just head south from the Zelen Apartment complex courtyard to find a crime scene. Talk to a Scandalmonger to hear about a conspiracy theory, then head through the tape and talk to Daria Myska - the crazy cat lady from apartment 31! Talk to her and agree to talk to the detective, which will put her mind at ease. This starts the quest “SM10: The Harvester”. Talk to Detective Karl Montag and… well, from what he says, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a chance justice will be served without your help. Seems the powers that be want an aug scapegoat, not the truth, but the good detective actually would rather find the culprit, and will let you complete the investigation he’s not allowed - or really suited - to conduct.

Objective Reward
For talking to Detective Montag XP 350

Search the Crime Scene

Time to put on your detective goggles! It’s been twelve years since Jensen’s been a cop, but his new augs should ensure he’s not too rusty. Your goal is to find seven bits of evidence at the crime scene, which will help you draw the correct conclusions. First search a “Needle” on the body, then examine some “Bruises” and some “Marks” . Next loot at the wall to the west of the body to find an “Augment” , then follow a blood trail to the west to find an “ID Card” on the ground. Further west, near some trash bags, you’ll find some “Broken Glasses” . Finally return to the body and turn north-west to find an “EMP Fragment” .

Objective Reward
For finding the first piece of evidence XP 250
For finding all seven pieces of evidence XP 750

Talk to Detective Montag again and… hoo-boy, is there a lot of chatter. He’ll babble on quite a bit, filling you in about the key suspect and other various details. Exhaust his dialogue options and be sure to discuss the evidence and Radko Perry with him to start the new, optional sub-objective “Talk to Radko Perry”. When you’re done with him, talk to Daria again, who will tell you what she saw - what little use it is.

Investigating Radko Perry

Might as well go see this Radko Perry, while you’re in the same district and all. Head back through the “Police Checkpoint”, past the “Pawn Shop” and into the “Radko Perry Campaign Office”. You’ll find Radko Perry outside, and if you talk to him, he’ll play ignorant over the murder, and openly reveals he’s a fair-weather politicians with no moral stances of his own. He’s got nothing interesting to say right now, but you’ll get some XP just for talking to him.

Objective Reward
For talking to Radko Perry XP 250

Enter the office and note that there is a guard hanging around, who will vociferously protest you entering the basement… with his gun. You can sneak into the basement via a vent north of the building, behind a dumpster, but there’s still a good chance he’ll peek down there anyways, so you’re better off just waiting for him to head downstairs, and when he does, dispose of him. Loot him for a Pocket Secretary to learn a passcode… also that Radko Perry is kind of a dick, even to his staff. Surprise. Make your way to the computer and use the messenger app to contact a woman named “Ivanka”. Pick any option you wish first, then follow it with “Bluff”, and end the conversation however you wish. You can also head upstairs and grab a “Blackmail Photo” out of the safe (Security Rating: 1) if you wish, but this doesn’t meaningfully affect the quest one way or another.

Objective Reward
For finding out Radko Perry doesn’t REALLY hate augs XP 250

Interrogating Johnny Gunn

Take the metro back to the Pilgrim Station and return to the Libuse Apartment complex, more specifically apartment #85. Inside you’ll find - and should talk to - Johnny Gunn, whose dialogue options you should exhaust. What you say exactly doesn’t matter, just make sure to grab the “Medical Referral Form” near the bed, learning on a white dresser, which will exonerate Johnny. Once done, head into the bathroom and pick up the eBook “A., I” off the floor. Hey, that wasn’t here before!

Objective Reward
For talking to Johnny Gunn XP 750
For picking up the Medical Referral Form XP 250

Examining Smolinskis Notes

Leave the Libuse Apartment complex and head over to the Monument Station landmark. From here, turn north-east to find the temporary police station, marked on your map as… “Police”. Convenient. Head inside and go downstairs, then search the lockers to find the “Harvester Copycat, Victim 4?” case file. Read it to find out that the victim was a thirty-one year old female, possible prostitute, recovering alcoholic who… liked cats? Curious. Oh, also the modus operandi is an exact match of an earlier killed named Marek Svobotka, now deceased.

Objective Reward
For recovering Smolinski’s notes XP 750

You’ve done all you can for now, it’s time to return to Detective Montag at the crime scene. Pick the option “Complete” then tell him who the killer is by… telling him to “Exonerate both”, then “It’s a copycat”. Adam will explain why both suspects are a dead-end and Montag will relent. The killer may still be on the loose, but at least no innocent - if vile - men are going to jail. Better to say “I don’t know” and keep looking for the truth than to pick a comforting lie.

Objective Reward
For exonerating Johnny Gunn and Radko Perry XP 2250
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Harvester

You convinced Detective Montag that neither Gunn nor Radko could be the murderer.

Trophy icon

Next it’s time to go see about this favor for Otar - this quest will only trigger if you completed “SMO4: The Calibrator” and made a deal with Otar for the Neuroplasticity Calibrator, then either killed or ran off Gallois for him in Golem City. If you’ve been following this guide and are trying to get trophies/achievements, you’ve done exactly that. If not, skip ahead to “M9: Checking out the Men in Charge” .

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