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Side Mission Related (1)

Nathan Garvin

These Trophies/Achievments are related to the numerous Side Missions found in the game. All of these,

save for one, will unlock the corresponding Trophy/Achievement. The walkthrough section provides more indepth strategies into completing these missions.

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Neon Lights

You halted the production of Neon in the city.

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Activate this Side Mission by entering the restricted appartment in Zelen Apartments (Adam’s apartment block) and checking the emails on the laptop in the kitchen (Password: dobranoc). There are no particular variations needed to complete in order to obtain the Trophy/Achievement (although checking the walkthrough for a strategy is advised) so simply finish the Side Mission.

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The Golden Ticket

You made a tough decision as to whether Irenka Bauer or Edward Brod would get to stay in Prague.

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Travel to Southern Prague and head towards the “Police Checkpoint” just to the west of Adam’s apartment block where you’ll be confronted by Drahomir. Play along with his questioning and you’ll find the location of a document agent and the Side Mission will be activated. Follow the Side Mission through to it’s conclusion for the Trophy/Achievement.

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Honor Holds Us All Together

You completed the debate with Otar Botkoveli.

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This Trophy/Achievement is related to the Side Mission “The Calibrator” however unlike the previous Side Missions there is a bit more legwork involved in order to obtain this. The Side Mission itself automatically activates after completing M3: Getting in Top Shape, Koller will task you with getting him a Calibrator. Proceed through the Side Mission but make sure that you obtain the Calibrator by initiating the Social Battle with Otar by approaching the Casino door in the sewers. To win the following Social Battle, select the “Straight Talk” option three times in a row. Doing so will get Adam on good terms with Otar and the Trophy/Achievement will unlock.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


You opted to work with the Samizdat group & spread their news throughout Picus media streams.

Trophy icon

While you’re in TF29 for Mission 4, pay a visit to Chang up on Level 2 and hear him out, this will activate the relevant Side Mission. In order to obtain the Trophy/Achievment, you must agree to help K rather than threaten him and you will obtain the Trophy/Achievement at the end of the mission as well as being able to complete another Side Mission later in the game.

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Cult of Personality

By uncovering the key to Richard's persuasive powers, you broke his control and freed his followers.

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You can activate the Side Mission by heading down into the sewers near Adam’s apartment block. You’ll come to a man standing outside a large door and after the conversation with him, the Side Mission will begin. In order for you to get the Trophy/Achievement for this Side Mission, you must complete it by completing the objectives and exposing Richard to the rest of the others in order to break his influence.

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Fresh Out of the Package

With Koller's help and the Neuroplasticity Calibrator, eliminate overclocking for experimental augs.

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So long as you completed Side Mission 4: The Calibrator for Koller during your first visit in Prague then you will get a call from him and begin Side Mission 08: The Fix. Your only task here is to visit him and you will unlock the Trophy/Achievement (along with eliminating the need to overclock your augments).

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You pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really is.

Trophy icon

When you return to Prague for the second time (at night, after Golem City) you may notice that some of the advertising boards are glitching. Approach one and examine it to get the POI: The Glitch which will begin this Side Mission. To get the Trophy/Achievement here, be sure to comply with all of Helle’s pleas here.

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Handle with Care

You helped Olivie escape Prague.

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The Side Mission that this Trophy/Achievement is related to is Side Mission 07: Fade to Black which can be initiated by agreeing to help Dr. Auzenne after she catches you in Miller’s office during Mission 9. Towards the end of this Side Mission, you’ll come across a woman named Olivie Devos who is hiding out in the secret passage you uncover. During your conversation with her select “Acknowledge” followed by “Sympathize”. At this point you will be interrupted by Vlaska and in order to get the Trophy/Achievement, agree to pay the Credits.


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