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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Exploring North-Eastern Prague (Part 1)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Breach Software #9
eBook: Ruzicka’s Augmented Platform Crumbles
Triangle Code #6
Neuropozyn x6
Breach Software #25
Praxis Kit
Triangle Code #23
eBook: Modern Business Review

Police Station

Drop back down to the street and follow the road in an easterly direction, along the way looting a gray car to score some Crafting Parts. At a fork, keep follow the road south-east until you find a crosswalk, at which point turn north to find a police station. Hack the computer on the desk (Security Rating: 1) to find the sort of mundane paranoid email probably clogs police inboxes, then hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 3) to access the basement.

Head downstairs and loot some drawers for trivial loot - Crafting Parts, a Biocell, Hacking Software and the like. What should really draw your attention, however, is the lockers and table covered weapon weapons in the north-western corner of the basement. Grab a Combat Rifle off the table, a 10mm Pistol from within a locker. Unfortunately the locked lockers are all empty, but at least the guns should sell for a few hundred Credits.

Grab the eBook off the desk in the Tourist Center (lef) a locked room in a grassy alley contains two Weapons Breifcases (right).

Tourist Center

Leave the Police Station and head south-west to reach the eastern end of the Monument Station. Run south along the walkway framed on one side by the hole descending to the Monument Station and on the other by the Tourist Center building. Speaking of the latter, turn east to find the doorway to said building, which is taped up and inaccessible - but the small window beside the door is not. Jump on in there and hack a Keypad inside (Security Rating: 1) to open the nearby door, beyond which you’ll find a unit of Reveal Software in a drawer, “Breach Software #9” on a metal table, a Credit Chip in another set of drawers, and the eBook “Ruzicka’s Augmented Platform Crumbles” .

Once done turn south to spot a vent on the wall behind the door which leads to the elevator shaft. That elevator sure isn’t going anywhere anymore, but that won’t stop you; enter the elevator shaft, climb down two ladders, then turn north to enter the gift shop - a memory of better times in Prague. Continue north into an office to find a Biocell on a desk, a unit of Datascan Software in a drawer, a case containing a Credit Chip and a unit of Stop! Worm Software, and another Credit Chip on a table near the case. Hop onto a desk in the north-eastern corner of the room and turn east to find a box with “Triangle Code #6” in it. In a room to the east you’ll find two Credit Chips and a unit of Nuke Virus Software and a Stem Processor Chip, while the bathrooms to the west lead down to the sewers, which you have no need to explore at this time.

Grass-Alley Gear

Return to the street and continue following it south-east (loot a green car on the road to score a Biocell as you go) until you path is blocked by a wooden wall. At this point turn south and run alongside a caged-off area - the result of another terrorist attack no doubt - then go through a doorway to the east. Search the southern wall to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 3) that’ll open the way to a small chamber wherein you can find some Crafting Parts in the north-western corner, behind a pipe, and two Weapons Briefcases in the north-eastern corner full of goodies.

The Music Box

Leave the small room you’re in and return outside. If you continue east from here you’ll find a crude shack built against a wall, a wall which happens to have a structural weakness you can punch through. This is, however, not the ideal way to go, as there’s a great deal of gas you’ll have to get through. Instead leave the shack and search the northern brick wall to find a gap in another, more modern (and less impressive) wall you can use to jump up. Once you’re up on the street above turn east to find a shop called “The Music Box”. Head inside and go through a door to the basement, then turn north to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 3) you can hack. Behind the door you’ll find a box of Crafting Parts and a Hydraulic Micropump, and behind some boxes to the east is a doorway… but this just leads to the same gas-filled tunnels you were told to avoid earlier. Enter the room to the west and grab a Biocell off some boxes, then leave the establishment.

Robin Johannes Apartment

From The Music Box head north under an arch and turn west to find a blue building with an awning you can deploy via Remote Hacking. Do so, then jump on the awning and turn north-east to spot a balcony of another, building across the street. A good running jump will get you across, but Icarus Dash will do so more easily. However you get there, open the door and head into the apartment. Once there, grab a Credit Chip off a bedside table and loot the drawer of the desk to score a Stem Processor Chip, then go through a vent on the eastern wall. Smash a destructible vent and loot into the tunnel beyond to spot a valve amidst a fog of gas. Turn the gas off quickly, then, if you drop down a ledge and head south you’ll find that this passage connects to The Music Box and the alley with the chamber that housed two Weapons Briefcases. Running through this place should get you some XP… you know, for exploring.

Use Remote Hacking to extend an awning, them use the awning to reach a balcony (left). Crawling through a vent will give you easy access to a valve you can use to turn off the gas (right).

Abandoned Store

Explore as you will, then abandon Robin’s apartment, dropping down off the balcony into the street below. From there continue north until the road shortly bisects another road running east-west. Cross it to the north to find a ransacked shop. Upstairs you can collect a bit of alcohol and Crafting Parts, while downstairs you stand to find some Stun Gun Ammo on a shelf, a Credit Chip on a table, some Nye’s Rye on a counter and some Pistol Regular Ammo in the drawers under it, a pile of Crafting Parts behind a chair near the refrigerator, and some more alcohol, Painkillers, and a 10mm Pistol on the small white table near the television. Not a good combination.

Leave the shop and follow the street north-west, looting a blue car along the way to obtain a unit of Stealth Software. Once done, head through an archway to the south-west and the path will immediately fork. If you continue south you’ll find the “Cern-Zlaty” shop. You can try to hack the Keypad there (Security Rating: 2) but the cops will almost certainly frustrate your efforts, so using a Multi-Tool might be necessary. On the other hand, there’s little of value inside the shop, so you’re probably just as well off ignoring it.

Michal Raines Apartment

On the other hand, if you head west at the fork you’ll eventually find a small green building to the north - some bar by the look of things. Head over to the wall with the “Lagerburg” ad painted on it and climb on some nearby objects to give you the height needed to leap onto the roof. From there turn south-west to see a balcony above you, which you can reach with a good running jump. Enter the apartment and loot the drawers to the east to find Stun Gun Ammo, a unit of Stealth Software, some Svobody Beer and a box Crafting Parts. On a table near a computer you’ll also find a Credit Chip, although the computer itself contains content that’s nothing but profoundly mundane. In the bathroom you’ll find some Painkillers, while under a bookshelf to the south-east you can find a unit of Stop! Worm Software.

Return to the street and follow it as it turns north-west, then north to find two storage sheds to the east. No cops, no hassle - just hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 5) in front of the double doors and open it to find… nothing. Huh. Oh well. Hack the Keypad to the sliding door (Security Rating: 2) to find some Crafting Parts, a Pocket Secretary and three units of hacking software; Overclock Software, Nuke Virus Software and Reveal Software.

Find the Deus Ex: Human Revolution easter egg in the Future-Past Antiky shop! (left) In the same store, investigate an Antique Clock to open a secret passage (right).

Future-Past Antiky

Head around a corner (north, then east) through an arch and down some steps, turning south to find the “Future-Past Antiky” store. Enter the building and gander at the owner’s computer (he won’t mind, and it’s not locked) then head downstairs to the basement. Down here you’ll find some Crafting Parts lying about, a Hydraulic Micropump in a desk drawer to the south, and in more desk drawers to the north-east you can score a Credit Chip and a Biocell. In another over-turned desk’s drawers to the south-west you’ll find a box of Crafting Parts, while if you examine an Antique Clock in the south-eastern corner of the room you’ll reveal a button, which bypasses the security on the nearby door. Otherwise, you can hack its Keypad (CODE: 3458) (Security Rating: 5). For all that bother, though, the room beyond contains only a Credit Chip in a desk drawer.

If you have the Implanted Rebreather augmentation you can climb through a vent and turn off a gas valve (left), which will allow you to score a great deal of valuable loot at your leisure (right).

Lekarna Pharmacy

Leave the antique shop and cross the street to reach the Lekarna Pharmacy. Inside, the vendor will offer to sell you five HypoStims for 250 Credits - not a bad rate, really. Of course, if you’re playing all sneaky-like, you probably aren’t taking too much damage, anyways. Ask him about their resident doctor and his runaway patient, if you wish, then head upstairs… Or rather, to the first landing, as there’s little of interest in the room upstairs (Security Rating: 5) right now, anyways. Instead, turn south on the landing to spot a vent on the wall. If you crawl in, you can head east to reach a maintenance area full of treasure. The downside? The whole place is filled with gas, so unless you’re willing to use up a number of HypoStims, you’re going to need the “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation. Once in the maintenance room turn north to find a valve, then, when the gas is gone, loot a shelf to the north to find six bottles of “Neuropozyne” , four bottles of Painkillers and three Biocells. Climb back into the duct and crawl west, jump up into a higher part of the duct, then turn north to reach the apartment, where you can hack a computer (Security Rating: 3) to find out that this “missing patient” is apparently of great concern to this doctor and his corporate masters.

L.I.M.B. Clinic

Leave the antique shop and continue east until you return to the road. If you keep heading east you’ll just end up back-tracking, and since there’s no point in that, turn north and head under an archway, then east to find the door to the L.I.M.B. Clinic. The door to the Keypad (CODE: 4464) (Security Rating: 5) can be a pain, and there are plenty of cops around, but the loot inside the L.I.M.B. Clinic is worth some trouble to get, so either try to time things well, use a Multi-Tool to get in, or enter the code.

Or, you could opt for the sneaky way in. Leave the shop and return west to the arch, jump up onto one of the sloped ledges along the sides of the arch, then use that to jump up onto the top of the arch. Once atop the arch turn east to find a vent you can climb through. Do so and you’ll reach the grate roof above the interior of the L.I.M.B. Clinic, where splendid loot awaits. Against the western wall are two cases, one of which contains a Biocell, a dose of “Neuropozyne” and a Hypostim Injector. If that’s not good enough, move the Archive Boxes inside the cardboard box this case rests on to reveal “Breach Software #25” . The other case, meanwhile, holds merely one Biocell, although there’s also a Pocket Secretary on the ground between them. Another Biocell and two doses of “Neuropozyne” can be found in a cardboard box in the north-eastern corner of the room - just move a white Archive Box to reveal the goodies. Along the eastern wall, in another cardboard box, you’ll find the real haul; a box of Crafting Parts and a “Praxis Kit” . Last and least, search atop some cardboard boxes near the south-eastern corner of the room to score “Triangle Code #23” .

Search the basement of the L.I.M.B. Clinic to find an eBook (left). More substantial treasures await you in the attic (right).

That’s a whole lot of loot for one building, and you’re not done yet. Search south-east of the pipe in the center of the room to find a hatch you can open to reach the business section of the store. Ta-daa! No hacking, cops, tears or Multi-Tools required. Head through a doorway to reach the basement, where… yeah, it should be obvious why this place was closed down. Grab the eBook “Modern Business Review” off a table - which is the collectible that really warranted the use of a Multi-Tool. Still, there’s more to be had; pick up a HypoStim Injector from a small plastic cabinet at the end of this same table, then remove some white Archive Boxes from a cardboard box on the ground in the south-western corner of the room to find a unit of Stealth Software and a unit of Nuke Virus Software. Search another plastic cabinet on the other table to find a Credit Chip and some Crafting Parts.

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