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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Martial Law

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: In the Footsteps of the Harvester
eBook: Tai Yong Medical Report
Devastator Shotgun

Prague has not been quiet in your absence; the inevitable consequence of Rucker’s death is now playing out across Prague, and the militarized, bigoted police force occupying the city has responded in a predictable fashion. The storm breaking, literally, while the storm is breaking, figuratively, just leads a bit of dramatic cliche to the events. Exit Chikane’s place and Adam will automatically go rendezvous with Alex in the L.I.M.B. Clinic, where he’ll resolve to go report in to Miller, against Alex’s advice.

Objective Reward
For chatting with Alex, post G.A.R.M. XP 500

Meeting Miller

Unfortunately, heading to TF29 isn’t going to be as easy now as it was before - martial law has descended upon Prague, and the cops are in a “shoot first, ask questions never” sort of mood, especially when it comes to augs. Practically all the exterior places in Prague are now restricted zones, and the cops have brought out their heavy toys, including sentry bots and turrets, not to mention plenty of officers, some of which are wearing Exo-Suits. If you don’t already have “Icarus Dash”, the time for putting it off is over. Get it, and then spend any spare Praxis you may have upgrading the “Cloaking Energy Use” augmentations for “Glass-Shield Cloaking”, then spend the rest of your points into the “Recharge Rate” and “Recharge Delay” upgrades for the “Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter” augmentation. You don’t NEED to abuse Glass-Shield Cloaking to get through Prague, but it does make it much easier. Otherwise, patience and timing will have to substitute.

First, let’s do a little house-cleaning. Jump up through the hole in the ceiling to reach the cage roof, then climb through the duct up here to exit out onto the arch outside. As you exit you’ll get an SOS from Samizdat, which starts the POI: Samizdat SOS… at least, you will if you completed “SM05: Samizdat” by siding with the conspiratorial pamphleteers. You’ll get to this later, your main focus now is clearing the way a bit to make your trips to the metro simpler.

From the arch outside, drop down onto a police APC and be wary of the officer to the north, and the two to the south. Your goal is to head south and take cover along the rear of a police vehicle, then wait for the mobile cop to walk within takedown range. If you’re attached to cover, you’ll automatically pull him behind the car. Once done, head south along some barricades to get behind the other cop, who should also be disposed of. Once they’re both out of your way, drag them into the nearby “Lekarna Pharmacy” building, specifically into the back room where you can safely deposit them by the stairs. You’ll be coming this way later, and there’s no need to let these cops complicate matters when they can be taken out so easily. The police officer north of the APC is also somewhat unique in that they’re fairly isolated - sneaking up behind them, knocking them out, then dragging them into the “Workshop Matej” building should be a trivial matter. The reason you want to hide these cops (at least the southern ones) is that there’s a sentry robot in the nearby APC that randomly decides to walk around.

Adam will dicuss his plans with Alex in the L.I.M.B. Clinic (left). Make getting around Prague a bit easier by clearing the streets (right).

Dispose of the three cops and, from Chikane’s Place, head south-west along the road, sticking to the northern sidewalk. There’s heavy police presence in the “Plaza” on the way to TF29, but if you watch the enemy’s cone of sight, move quickly from cover to cover (usually concrete barricades) and occasionally supplement more dangerous runs with bursts of Glass-Shield Cloaking you should make it to TF29 undetected. Don’t bother with the front door, though, as it’s wisely closed. Instead, head north along the eastern end of the building, go through a wooden door, then climb through a window.

As you head down the elevator to TF29 you’ll get a call from Sarif, who will ask you to return to your apartment and give him a call. A lot of things seem to be drawing you back to southern Prague. Head into TF29 and Dr. Auzenne will pester you and share a personal story with you. Respond how you wish, and when she’s done wasting your time, head up to Miller’s office, where the two will argue a bit before finally deciding on a course of action. You need to infiltrate the theater in Dvali Territory and find out what they know about the terrorists.

Objective Reward
For deciding upon a course of action with Miller XP 500

When you reach TF29 you’ll be bothered by Dr. Auzenne (left). Pay Miller a visit and plan our your next move (right).

If you want to go right after the Dvali and skip the remaining few side quests left, skip down to the next section, “M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues” . On the other hand, if you want those sweet, sweet trophies completing the side quests will get you (not to mention the eBooks), continue with the guide chronologically. It should be noted that the guide will not be splitting the next few side quests into their own sections, as the bother of running around Prague and the fact that most of them start in the same location makes it more sensible to just do them all at once. The quests in question are “SM03: The Mystery Augs” (which will FINALLY be completed), “SM012: K is for Kazdy” and “SM11: The Last Harvest” .

Home Sweet Home

Return up the elevator and head into a room to the west, exploit a weakness in the western wall, then enter the maintenance room behind. Turn north and jump up onto a ledge to find a case containing a Credit Chip, a Biocell and a unit of Nuke Virus Software, then drop back down to the south, go through a doorway to the north and enter a vent along the western wall. This duct will deposit you in the courtyard behind “Rose’s Garden”, and from here you can easily bypass the police on the ground. As soon as you step outside you should get a call from Daria - the crazy cat lady who also resides in the Zelen Apartment complex. Seems she’s having a bit of a… serial killer problem. Probably should get over there.

Jump up onto the roof of the storage lockers (use the open doors as a ledge) then jump onto the roof of Rose’s Garden, continue south until you reach the balcony. From here, just up onto the transparent rain-shield looming over the street and follow the magical sky-road west until it terminates. Turn north-west to spot a ledge outside of the 33 Hlavni Apartments - Mikael’s apartment, to be precise - and either make a running jump onto the ledge, or use Icarus Dash to get there. If there’s anything you want from Mikael, now is the time to buy it.

Once you’re done with Mikael, leave the Hlavni Apartment complex and head west to reach the Palisade Station - the only thing standing between your way and the metro are a cop and a Sentry Bot. It’s fairly easy to watch their sight-cones and run from cover to cover until you reach the stairs to the metro. Once down here, however, you’ll find more security you need to bypass. An police officer waits at the bottom of the stairs - along with a camera and a laser grid - but if you hide behind a concrete divider the cop will eventually head upstairs. Stay on the southern set of stairs and keep the barrier between you and you’ll be fine, just use Glass-Shield Cloaking to bypass the laser and the camera.

When you’re downstairs you can wait behind some boxes for the guard to return and use said boxes as cover to perform a takedown. Afterwards, hack a security computer (Security Rating: 1) and disable whatever security you can. If you have the Praxis to burn, investing in the “Turret Domination” and “Robot Domination” augmentations may not be a bad idea… assuming your “Icarus Dash”, “Glass-Shield Cloaking” and “Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter” augmentations are already up to snuff, that is. If that’s the case you can shut down the robot patrolling around the metro, then take out the cop up there, too, leaving the Palisade Station bereft of police. If not… well, it doesn’t matter too much, just disable the camera and the laser grid and head down to the train platform and travel - on foot - to the Capek Station.

From the Capek Station platform head upstairs to the north-west. This station isn’t any less fortified than the last one was, but starting out BEHIND the security has its advantages. Head up the stairs to the north-west and go through a door to the south-west. Make your way to the server room in the back to find the security computer, which now controls the camera outside. Disable it and head back east to return to the stairs. All that’s standing between you and the outdoors is one cop and a laser grid. Now that there’s no camera complicating things you should be able to easily pop him with your Stun Gun, drag the body out of sight (into the side rooms to the south-west is ideal!) then either bypass the lasers with Glass-Shield Cloaking or disable them with Remote Hacking.

Hack a security computer and disable the camera in the Capek Station (left), and after you take down a guard, Remote Hack the laser grid to clear the way (right).

Head upstairs and exit the metro to find that the Capek Fountain roundabout is crawling with cops. It looks daunting, but there’s an easy way through. Take cover behind a dumpster at the top of the stairs, turn south and hide behind a police car (you might want to use Remote Hacking to disable the alarm of this vehicle, lest it go off and cause you trouble), then move around the back of the police car and, when no cops are looking, make your move west behind a concrete barrier. Next head north-west, then north-east behind some cages, continuing until you hit a police van. Don’t tarry here, though, you won’t stay safe for long. Head north-west behind a kiosk near which one cop patrols, then continue north-west down some stairs, where you should be safe. Although you’re in the clear, it’s worth noting that there’s a concrete barrier between the kiosk and the stairs, which you can use to eliminate the cop that patrols around here. Just drag his body into the Svobody Beer shop and you’ve made your return trip a little bit easier.

POI: Samizdat SOS

Enter the alley south of the Zelen Apartment complex and drop into the sewers via the manhole. Go the same route you took to reach Richard’s cult complex - in case you forgot, that’s not, then west, crawl through a drainage tube to bypass some gas, then continue up the sewer to the north. Take the first right (east) to find the gate (CODE: 6122) , (Security Rating: 2) leading to the chambers where sentry bots were attacking Paulina and her fellow augs. For better or worse, that bit of business is over with by now, and instead you’ll find the remains of Samizdat hiding out here. Talk to “Little K” and she’ll tell you what happened to her fellows and ask you to rescue them, starting the quest “SM012: K is for Kazdy” .

Objective Reward
For talking to Little K in the sewers XP 350

Harvesting Evidence

Leave the sewer and head to the Zelen Apartment complex, climbing the stairs until you reach apartment #31, where you’ll find Detective Montag. Chat with him, and when he leaves hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 1). Inside you’ll find a bunch of clues, as follows:

  • Broken Frame - On the floor of the kitchen, near a blood stain.
  • Textbook - On a wooden table in the living room, near a television.
  • Blood - On the floor of the living room, near the closet door.
  • Accessory - On a white dresser in the closet.
  • Hypodermic Needles - On a wooden shelf in the bathroom.
  • Bear Rug - On the bedroom floor.
  • Daria Myska’s Diary - On the bed in the bedroom.
  • Cat Collar - On the cat statue in the bedroom, near the computer.
    Investigate all that, then check out her computer (password “starlight” ) to find an email from Doctor Cipra, which talks about some brain surgery and implores Daria to meet him at the clinic. You want to do this. Before you leave, loot the apartment to find the eBook “In the Footsteps of the Harvester” in the south-western corner of the living room, then grab a bottle of “Neuropozyne” from a drawer in the bathroom.
Objective Reward
For investigating Daria’s apartment XP 350
For picking up some evidence XP 350

Hack Daria’s computer to find an interesting bit of correspondance… (left) before you leave, be sure to grab the new eBook in her apartment (right).

A Mystery for Another Game

That’s two quests calling you back to northern Prague, but before you leave, head up to your apartment and contact Sarif. He’ll tell you some rather startling information about your augmentations and Orlav. Unfortunately, there are no answers to any of these leads - it’s something that won’t be resolved this game, apparently.

Objective Reward
For getting an unsettling revelation from Sarif XP 350

While you’re in southern Prague, be sure to visit Little K in the sewers (left) and check in with Sarif one last time for a startling revelation (right).

Through the Pilgrim Station

Your business in southern Prague is done for now, it’s time to return to northern Prague. Just sneak back into Capek Station the same way you sneaked out and travel to the Pilgrim Station. Once again, it proves easier to disable the security from within in the station, just sneak upstairs to the south-west and grab a turret. Move the stupid thing into the side-rooms to the south-east so it can snoop somewhere out of the way. Once done, return to the stairs and remote hack a Laser Grid, then exit the station via the eastern-most stairs and take cover behind a concrete barrier. Wait for the cops to look away and make your way south-east to another barricade, then head south behind a van.

Confronting Cipra

If you took car of the cops near the L.I.M.B. Clinic earlier, you should have a clear run to the “Lekarna Pharmacy”, where Dr. Cipra can now be found. Make sure you have the “Social Enhancer” augmentation before you talk to him, as this is one of the very rare encounters where you’ll only get the optimum response with it. Despite that, the first four choices you make don’t really matter, as Cipra is fairly forth-coming with information. On the fifth dialogue option, however, pick “Other way”, then we he’s making a bogus excuse to try to get you to kill Daria, interrupt him by pressing the [L2] / [LT] to “Contradict” him. This will get him to give you the override phrase “ad hominem 2026”, which is your only shot of resolving things peacefully.

Objective Reward
For using the C.A.S.I.E. to get info out of Cipra XP 200
For talking to Dr. Cipra XP 250

Use the CASIE to get Cipra to reveal his secrets (left) then head upstairs and loot the safe behind the refrigerator to find an eBook (right).

Before you leave, head upstairs and hack the door to Cipra’s office (Security Rating: 5) or go through the gas-filled vent along the southern wall of the staircase landing. Once inside, move the refrigerator to reveal a niche in the wall, which now contains the eBook “Tai Yong Medical Report” . This may be the most obscure of all the eBooks in the game.

SM12: K is for Kazdy

Leave the pharmacy and head south between two police vans, go through an arch to the south-west, then turn west to find an arch to the south leading to a humble park with an entrance to the sewers in the middle of it. This manhole is strictly for landmark purposes, however, as you want to jump off the railing to the south and take cover behind a concrete barricade. To your west are the only two obstacles on your way to the makeshift police station - two cops near a car, both facing opposite directions. Just run from cover to cover, using Glass-Shield Cloaking as necessary, then enter the station and head downstairs.

Objective Reward
For making it to the police station XP 750

K is busy screaming at nobody in particular, so let him vent and loot the police lockers, which now have loot of note in them - mostly ammo of various sorts, but also a “Devastator Shotgun” . When you’re done looting, hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 1) on the wall nearby, then open the cages to free the annoying conspiracy nuts. Endure a conversation with him and tell him to “Play it cool” as they go through the cops towards the safe house. This will get them to dress up as cops, allowing them to pass by without causing any ruckus. You, on the other hand, will need to sneak to their rendezvous point.

Objective Reward
For freeing K and company XP 360

Sneak to the temporary police station near the Monument Station (left) and release the captive members of Samizdat. Be sure to tell them to “Play it cool”. (right).

Leave the police station and the Samizdat journalists will follow you… along with either Irenka or Edward, if you completed “SM01: The Golden Ticket” earlier - whomever you did not give the card to will be locked up. Don’t feel compelled to stick with your allies, they can’t get caught, you can, and you’re both going to the same place. They’ll live if you play it safe and get there a little later.

Jump over a police barricade and make your way north-west along the police headquarters and hide behind a concrete barricade near some cages. A Sentry Bot stomps around out here, along with several cops, but fortunately only one of the cops and the Sentry Bot are mobile. You just need to wait until the cop is facing the cages or messing around up to the north, and the Sentry Bot isn’t watching. Abandon the barricade and move to a police van as cover, then make your way to the western end of a police car, alongside which you won’t be detected. From there you just need to head up some stairs to the west when the coast is clear. All of this is possible without Glass-Shield Cloaking, the augmentation will just trivialize the run. Go through an arch and jump over a wall to enter the plaza where Tech Noir is located. All you need to do from here is turn south and climb through a vent to reach the store where Samizdat is gathered. Talk to K to komplete the kuest.

Objective Reward
For making it to the rendezvous point with Samizdat XP 750
For saving Samizdat XP 3000
Trophy/Achievement Icon

K is for Kazdy

You freed K and Bones from the prison cell and escorted them to safety.

Trophy icon

SM11: The Last Harvest

Only one more side quest left to go in the entire game - it’s time to return to the Capek District and confront Daria. Climb back through the vent to the plaza where the Tech Noir store is located and head north past the tech shop, then go north-west down an alley to reach the larger road running east-west along the northern end of Prague. Follow the road west to the Palisade Station, which you should know how to get into - and through - by now. You should also be more than capable of sneaking out of the Capek Station and back into the sewers, so do so.

When you drop down the manhole into the sewers turn south through a gate door, then climb down a brick-work chute to the south-west and open a gate to the south to find Daria in an apparently compromised state. Now, if you did not get the override phrase from Cipra, this is going to end in violence, and the Harvester came prepared. They’ve got Frag Lasers and Exploding EMP Lasers around the perimeter of the room, as well as Smoke Mines on the floor and turrets on the ceiling. Your best bet is to just attach to the concrete barrier you start near, stay hidden, and wait for the Harvester to come close, then perform a takedown on them. It just takes a bit of patience.

Objective Reward
For defeating the Harvester in combat XP 1500

If you don’t have Daria’s keyword, or you make the wrong dialgoue choices, you’ll have to put her down (left). On the other hand, she’s not so far gone that the right words can’t redeem her (right).

There’s a better option, however. If you have the “Social Enhancer” augmentation and got the override phrase from Cipra, pick the following dialogue options: “Confront”, “Use keyword” and “Ad Hominem 2026”. After this you can press [R2] / [RT] to pick the “Persuade” option, followed by “Humanize”, “Humanize” and finally “Approach”. Detective Montag will show up, and everything will resolve peacefully. One can only hope Tai Yong Medical is held accountable for their part in all this.

Objective Reward
For convincing the Harvester to surrender XP 1850
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Last Harvest

Using the CASIE and Dr. Cipra's keyword, you convinced Daris she isn't who she thinks she is.

Trophy icon

However you deal with the Harvester, be sure to drop into the muck-filled recesses of this chamber to grab some EMB Mines - they may prove invaluable later on.

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