Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M7: The Rucker Extraction (Stedry Market)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area .
eBook: Flesh and Chrome Triangle Code #26
eBook: Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation eBook: Two Bloody Cheeks
ARC Keycard Supply Crate
eBook: Global Politics Review [2029 Edition] Supply Crate
eBook: Promise of a Better Life! Neuropozyne
eBook: Collapse of an Industry

Head up some stairs to the east of the security checkpoint and head south down a hallway, where you’ll be contacted by your old Dvali pal Otar… if you completed “SM04: The Calibrator” by striking a deal with Otar, anyways. Do yourself a favor and hack the Keypads to the west (Security Rating: 2, 1 and 3, from north to south). There’s little security around now, but if you wait until you NEED to hack these Keypads, you’ll have to deal with police.

Once all the Keypads are hacked, head south to find some stairs, at which point turn west to enter an apartment. Here you can hack a computer (Security Rating: 1) and loot some searchable containers for some Crafting Parts and Painkillers, if such fare still interests you. Best of all, search a desk for the eBook “Flesh and Chrome” .

Go up some more stairs to the south to reach the Stedry Market, where you’ll find many stalls, none of them of interest to you. Not on this level at least. If you loot around you can score a Hydraulic Micropump west of the stairs and a unit of Stop! Worm Software near a shrine. Another eBook, the eBook “Santeau - Rise of a Corpo-Nation” can be found on a table to the south-west, near the shop selling meat. More importantly, if you turn west you’ll see the elevator you need to take to reach ARC territory, and beyond it are some stairs going up and down.

Lubos by the Elevator

Talk to the aug named Lubos standing near the elevator and tell him the code “When you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power - he’s free again.” and he’ll unlock the elevator for you. No need to find a the keycard on a guard or deal with this merchant named Gallois - easy as pie.

Objective Reward
For telling Lubos the passphrase XP 1000

Of course, there are benefits to getting the ARC Keycard and talking to Gallois as well. First, the XP stacks - why take one 1,000 XP reward when you can get three? Also, you may want to see Gallois to fill out your obligation to Otar. See? Plenty of reasons.

Recite the password Dusan gave you (left) or knock out a cop and take his pilfered ARC Keycard (right).

ARC Keycard

The cop you’re looking for usually waits at the top of the stairs along the northern end of the market - the ones you came up earlier. From there he walks west towards the other stairs, resting near a railing, then he’ll head south, past the elevator to relieve himself in a toilet. Follow him south and map sure he gets a nap with his urination, then loot his body for the coveted “ARC Keycard” .

Objective Reward
For claiming the ARC Keycard XP 1000

Turn north and leave the toilets and head up some stairs to the west. Once atop the stairs turn east and enter a room with three bunkbeds, on one of which is the eBook “Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]” . Leave this cramped housing unit and head south up a hallway, turning west, then south again until you reach a relatively nice domicile (Security Rating: 1). Hack the door and head inside to find out that somebody else has been here before you. Invade a computer (Security Rating: 2), then loot the place for a unit of Stealth Software and some Crafting Parts. One of the bodies has a Pocket Secretary on him, while you’ll find another in an already-opened safe, along with some Pistol Regular Ammo and a Credit Chip.

Entitys Shop

Return to the elevator and from there continue west to reach the stairs, which you finally have a use for. Go downstairs first, and if you explore to the south you’ll find Entity’s shop. Talk to the rather inappropriate Entity and you can discuss her old boyfriend and her own backstory, if you wish. All she sells is hacking software and Multi-Tools, so she’s not the ideal vendor for the guns you may have picked up along the way.

Leave Entity’s shop and head north past the stairs to find a table with a crate of carrots on it. Curious as that is, what you’re really looking for on this table is the eBook “Promise of a Better Life!” . Read it, then turn west to go under the stairs. Once there turn north to spot a crawlspace under some pipes. Well, with an invitation like that it would be rude not to slither down there and see what’s what, right? Climb under the pipes and use Remote Hacking to disable a Gas Mine (or trigger it and just crawl back south and wait for it to dissipate).

Once the mine has been neutralized one way or another, head to the northern end of the tunnel and turn east to find a window you can crawl through. Behold: the southern end of the security checkpoint. There’s one guard who will insist on entering the room to the east every so often, but one guard versus Adam is bad arithmetic… for the guard. Either dispatch the cop when they enter or wait for them to leave, then grab the eBook “Collapse of an Industry” off the nearby table. When that’s been read, you don’t need to tarry here any longer, but you can loot some Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo and a Combat Rifle out of a locker (as well as some Crafting Parts), grab some Credit Chips off the table with the eBook, collect a Smoke Grenade, more Crafting Parts and a Stem Processor Chip out of the searchable containers, hack the computer (Security Rating: 2) then nab a unit of Nuke Worm Software. It’s not like the other cops are going to come investigate any time soon.

James Fletchers Apartment

Return to the stairs and head up two flights to find an apartment (door is marked 150252) at the landing between flights of stairs. Hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 3) and loot the interior of the apartment to find a unit of Stop! Worm Software, Stealth Software, Nuke Virus Software and Reveal Software, all in searchable containers in the first room. Also in the first room, on a table near a box of books to the west you’ll find “Triangle Code #26” . In the second (southern) room you can score a 10mm Pistol tucked in on the bed and a Multi-Tool on some shelves. Finally, grab the eBook “Two Bloody Cheeks” off the table, then hack the nearby computer (Security Rating: 1)

You now have all the easily-obtained collectibles in Golem City. The rest are going to be a chore to get and will provoke a rather specific bit of walkthrough instruction for you to get… but that comes later, so don’t worry about it too much just yet.

Dealing With Gallois

Anywho, enough doom and gloom for now, leave the apartment and head upstairs, then continue north to find Louis Gallois’ shop. Talk to him and sell off any excess guns you may have… ah, “acquired” on your way here, as he’ll offer a better price for such fare than Entity will. You also might want to consider buying some Stun Gun Ammo if you’re any bit in doubt over your supply - you’ll be using more of it than usual shortly, and it would be a damn shame to have to worry about an ammo crunch. Given all the guns you can get your robotic little hands on, Credits shouldn’t be a problem.

When you’re done with trivial business, ask him about ARC and he will - as Tibor predicted - have a bit of work for you. Seems even honest murder-merchants like Gallois aren’t immune to the police here, and they have some of his Neuropozyne locked up. It would be awfully kind if some cyborg were to get it back for him - in fact, it’d be the kind of thing one would owe another a favor for.

Objective Reward
For talking to Gallois about ARC XP 500

Leave Gallois’ shop and jump down into the lower part of the market (not the lowest, mind you!) and head back downstairs to the north to return to the hallway before the security checkpoint. Remember how you were told to hack the Keypads here earlier? Yeah, a guard now patrols down here, complicating the whole hacking business. If you did, you need merely enter the southern-most two of the storage rooms and grab one “Supply Crate” out of each of them. In the southern-most one you can also search a Weapons Locker to find some Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo and a Frag Grenade, while in the middle room you’ll find a Weapons Briefcase containing Pistol EMP Ammo and Stun Gun Ammo.

Objective Reward
For recovering the Supply Crates XP 1950

Talk to Gallois who - as Tibor warned - is will to trade favors (left). Recover his Supply Crates from the police and he’ll let you reach ARC Territory.

With the sweet, sweet Neuropozyne in hand return to Gallois and give him his goods. In return, he’ll make good on his offer and you’ll be able to safely exit out the door to the north-west and climb a ladder to bypass the need for the elevator altogether. Seems the only thing keeping you from bypassing the ladder was a chain link fence… if only Jensen had a bolt-cutter augmentation, right? Oh well, even if you don’t care to go this route search the area near the ladder to find a dose of “Neuropozyne” on a table to the south-east, then loot a Weapons Briefcase in the north-eastern corner to score a Machine Pistol and some Battle Rifle Regular Ammo.

Objective Reward
For bypassing the elevator XP 500

Lastly, if you have to even the score with Otar, talk to Gallois about the Dvali to learn of his involvement with the organization. After learning of Otar’s probable motivation you’ll get a choice to either spare Gallois or kill him, and given the nature of this walkthrough, the decision is a no-brainer - spare him and you’ll learn a bit about Radich and Koller.

Objective Reward
For dealing with Gallois XP 1000

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