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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM01: The Golden Ticket

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: Per Aspera Ad Astra
Edward Brod’s Permit
Irenka Bauer’s Permit
Triangle Code #7
eBook: A City Designed for You!
eBook: Toys that Kill
eBook: Radko Perry Bursts Onto Local Political Scene
eBook: Church of the Machinegod
eBook: R.U.R. (act III of Karel Capek’s play continued…)
eBook: R.U.R. (Rossam’s Universal Robots)
eBook: The Social Monitor

Time to deal with a bit of business back in the Capek district. When you were heading to Koller’s, you took an elevated detour through and apartment and down a vent, instead of just heading to the Time Machine via a more conventional route. At that time you were warned that your progress would be complicated by a side quest - a side quest that’s now worth resolving.

From the Capek Station head north-west down the street and around the parked police vehicle blocking the road. Continue north through a tunnel, then turn north-east and head under another archway down some stairs to find a security checkpoint. Approach the security checkpoint and a police officer named Drahomir will stop you and tell you about some supplemental identification you need to gain passage. Respond as you will and he’ll be rather blunt about it - get this new special permit or you’re not passing this checkpoint without a fight. Use his ignorance of just what kind of aug you are and play along to get the location of the “document agent” who can get you the pass you need.

At the “Police Checkpoint” you’ll be stopped by a crook named Drahomir (left). He’ll direct you to an expert in… permitification - the scam is all too apparent (right).

Meet the Document Agent

You could just pay to get past him every time, or go around using the Time Machine, but what fun is that? Head back south-west to return to the street and turn north-west, following the road as it turns west and takes you past the Zelen Apartment complex. You’ll find the “Document Agent” at the end of the street, talk to him and he’ll try to sell you a permit at the outrageous price of 35,000 Credits. If you have anywhere near the kind of money, you should be buying Praxis with it anyways. Pick any option you wish, (realistically you can only pick “Confront” or “Bluff”) and he’ll lower his terms and mention some Milena character. End the conversation with the “Sneak Around” option to avoid a fight - and extortion.

Objective Reward
For talking to the Document Agent XP 350

Fanki Valeks Apartment

Turn east from the Document Agent to find some scaffolding you can leap up onto or climb. Do so, then turn west and leap your way onto a balcony before entering the apartment it adorns. Grab the eBook “Per Aspera Ad Astra” off the bed, move a refrigerator to find a Credit Chip underneath it, plunder the copious amounts of alcohol lying around, then search some drawers to find a 10mm Pistol and a unit of Nuke Virus Software. In drawers under the bathroom sink you can find a Hydraulic Micropump and back out in the living room is an unsecured computer with some email you can read.

Jump up into a nearby apartment to find an eBook (left). Knock out the thugs on the grounds of the “Konicky & Hracky” workshop (right).

Confront the Forger Upstairs

Return to the balcony and continue jumping across ledges to the west and south-west, as they’ll take you past the thugs on the ground, over a small wall at the end of the road and into a restricted area - the grounds of the old Konicky & Hracky Toys workshop. Keep your eye on a guard below you and when he moves into an advantageous position drop down and take him out. Another guard lurks down here as well, but it’s not too hard dispatch them separately and discreetly.

Once they’re out of the way, head west into a storage shed and search behind a box to get a Pocket Secretary. Looks like this Milena of theirs isn’t too happy about the work they’ve got her doing. Turn south and climb into a vent to find another pocket secretary, this one containing the passcode to another storage shed across the yard to the east. Speaking of which, head there and hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 3) or enter the code (CODE: 1998) , or failing that enter the adjoining shed a punch a hole in the wall. Gain access to the shed to find a Safe (CODE: 2489) (Security Rating: 4) and a vent on the southern wall near said safe. You’ll get the code for this safe soon enough, by there’s no harm in using it now or hacking it, although in the latter case be wary, as it’s easily the most convoluted network yet. Your reward for getting into the safe is two Frag Grenades and two Credit Chips worth around 1,000 Credits.

Now turn your attention to the building to the south. You can go in the front door, bypass laser grids, a guard and a security camera, or… you can sneak up the vent near the safe to get right to Milena. The latter comes recommend

Objective Reward
For meeting Milena XP 750

You can either enter the front door and sneak through all the security (left) or just climb through a vent and get right to your destination (right).

Milena will give you “Edward Brod’s Permit” and “Irenka Bauer’s Permit” , and you’ll get the objective to “Meet Edward and Irenka”. You’ll get to that in a bit, but first, it’s time to loot this place. Move a refrigerator to find “Triangle Code #7” then grab the eBook “A City Designed for You!” off a dresser.

Climb back down the vent and into the storage shed, loot the safe (if you haven’t already) then enter the front door of the factory. Continue south and ignore a Hatch on the floor (it just leads to a gas-filled chamber you probably can’t bypass yet - a shortcut to the sewers). Instead crouch down and head under some lasers, then make your way through the sight cone of a security camera and under more lasers… or activate your “Glass-Shield Cloaking” long enough to bypass the laser that’s too close to the ground to avoid. Either way works, if the camera spots you, just hide behind the doll house. As long as its detecting meter doesn’t turn red, you’re fine - it can be suspicious all it wants.

However you manage it, go through a doorway to the south and up some stairs. Be careful, though, as a Forgery Thug is waiting atop the stairs. As long as you sneak up there you should be able to get the drop on him. Feed him your fist, then loot him for a Pocket Secretary to learn another passcode. Turn north and enter a room well-protected by lasers and a camera. Just stick to the walls of the room and head west, then north, ducking under a laser to reach a security computer (CODE: 1980) (Security Rating: 1). Once the security computer is open to you, disable the frag lasers to make your trip out easier than your way in. It’ll also make looting easier, although there’s not much to grab besides a Fragmentation Mine near the security computer and some Crafting Parts scattered around. The one bit of notable loot in the workshop is on the first floor - search a windowsill to the west to find the eBook “Toys that Kill” .

Milena will explain her role in the extortion racket and ask you to help her get more permits out (left). Grab the eBook in her room before you leave (right).

Dealing with Drahomir

Leave the grounds of Konicky & Hracky Toys the same way you entered, taking care to avoid the notice of the guards outside. Once done, return to street level and head east up the road to find two cops talking on the side of the road. Talk to the female cop after the conversation ends and she’ll relate a burning passion she has to you - she really, REALLY wants an excuse to take Drahomir out. How convenient! Talk to her about the state of policing in Prague and she’ll reveal a somewhat detached, philosophical world view. Bonus points to her for coping skills, minus points for moral ambiguity. Tell her about Drahomir and point out any of his crimes you wish, then follow her and her fellow cops as they go to take out Drahomir. Don’t worry, you didn’t do the killing, so it won’t affect the “Pacifist” trophy/achievement. Wait for the fireworks to die down (and the resulting panic afterward) then search the bodies for a variety of arms and ammo. You can make a good bit of money off of this if you sell those Combat Rifles to Tars one at a time. It takes a bit of running back and forth, but… it’s worth the effort to get those Praxis he’s selling ASAP.

Objective Reward
For getting the cops to do their job XP 1500

Tell a cop about Drahomir’s extortion ring (left) and she’ll actually do her job (right).

Pawn Shop

Now that Drahomir is gone you can feel free to brazenly march past his checkpoint. That’s not where you’ll find Edward and Irenka, but they can wait a bit - not like they’re going to be sent into a dangerous aug ghetto if you delay, right? Besides, there’s loot to be had, and it’d be nice to explore this place and mark a section of Prague as done. Go through the checkpoint and follow the road in an easterly direction until you pass a crude market.

To the south you’ll find a pawn shop with an imposing network securing its Keypad (Security Rating: 5). Don’t let numbers scare you, though, this one is pretty simple. Hack the network, enter the store and search some shelves to find a Multi-Tool and a Stem Processor Chip. Hack another Keypad (Security Rating: 5) whose security rating over-inflates the difficulty of the network and head downstairs to find all kinds of computer equipment, including six computers you can hack, a unit of Datascan Software, a unit of Reveal Software, and a Credit Chip.

Once that’s done, hack as many of the computers as you care to - hacking one network might give you trivial rewards, but several of them? It adds up, especially with all the Datastore bonuses you can get. These computers in particular all have identical networks (Security Rating: 1), hacking each one will get you 25 XP, with a bonus 5 XP if you manage on your first try. In addition if you get the Datastore node in each one, that’s a bonus 80 XP per computer… math, math, math, that’s 110 XP per computer, six computers, 660 XP overall. That’s not bad.

Radko Perrys Campaign Headquarters

Continue east to reach an open and obviously abandoned office, the office of some anti-aug politician named Radko Perry, by the look of things. Enter the building and grab the eBook “Radko Perry Bursts Onto Local Political Scene” , which spells out his bigoted political platform in no uncertain terms - typical conservative fear-mongering. Grab a Credit Chip off a table, then search the side of a shelf along the southern wall to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 1). Hack the network, move a nearby painting, then open the safe behind it to find a 10mm Pistol, a Credit Chip and a unit of Overclock Software.

Turn your attention to the eastern wall to find another Keypad (Security Rating: 5). Hack it if you can, or if you can’t, exit the shop and head north to find a green dumpster. Move the dumpster to reveal a vent, which you can use to reach the basement of the building. However you manage it, go down into the basement to find that this moral politician who is so worried about the aug threat to women and children is a bit of a pervert. Being a little heavy-handed with the political commentary, aren’t they? Hack the computer on the desk (Security Rating: 3) and grab the nearby Credit Chip. If you were expecting the emails to be more risque… well, you’re going to be disappointed.

fronk.CZs Apartment

Exit Radko Perry’s campaign office and head south-west to find a lift. Fortunately this one already has a Biocell in it, so just get on the lift, raise it, and jump onto the nearby balcony. In the messy apartment this balcony adorns you’ll find the eBook “Church of the Machinegod” on a table, as well as a Pocket Secretary on the couch and some Crafting Parts and a unit of Nuke Virus Software in some drawers. Ignore the vent on the wall, however, as it just takes you near the Time Machine. Speaking of which, if you want to score a tiny bit more XP, leave the apartment, drop off the balcony and find gate to the south, south-west. Hack the obligatory Keypad (CODE: 1980) (Security Rating: 1) to open the door. Voila, another way to the Time Machine. Prague just got a little more open.

Meet Edward and Irenka

Return to - and pass through - Drahomir’s security checkpoint and enter the “Vincent Van Aug” art gallery, which is west, south-west of the checkpoint. Enter the building and go downstairs to witness Irenka in the middle of what appears to be a psychotic break. Talking to her doesn’t dispel this notion, in fact it doesn’t seem likely she’d last too long in Golem City, or anywhere unsupervised, for that matter. After you’re done talking to the loony aug, read the eBook “R.U.R. (act III of Karel Capek’s play continued…)” on the stage, then read another eBook “R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)” on a chair nearby. You can also score a Pocket Secretary on a bed along the southern wall, which seems to indicate that her mental illness isn’t a recent manifestation.

That’s one down, one to go. Leave the art gallery and return to the Capek Fountain round-about. Remember the minimarket behind the metro station you looted earlier? Sure you do, just head into the blue building behind the metro and take out the armed Hoodlum threatening Edward. Don’t waste time, either, as the criminal will execute Edward if you take too long. Fortunately, he isn’t paying much attention to you, so you can just walk up to him and perform a takedown.

Objective Reward
For rescuing Edward XP 750

Visit Irenka (left) then save Edward from a homocidal thug (right).

After extracting him from danger, talk to Edward and he’ll incorrectly guess why you’re here, giving you the option to dig for answers or outright dispel his wishful thinking. Listen to his sad, ironic story if you wish, then preserve his delusion or tell him the truth about the aug incident. Afterwards you can score a laughable amount of Credits off of him by making him pay for the permit, but… c’mon, don’t be that guy.

Objective Reward
For giving Edward and Irenka their passes XP 750

Once you’ve given both Edward and Irenka their permits Milena will contact you again and give you instructions for activating these permits. After all, they’re currently proof against the naked eye, but they won’t stand more advanced scrutiny. Make your way into the Capek Station and travel to the Monument Station.

Monument Station

Oh boy! A brand new metro to explore! Don’t worry, this one’s not nearly as complex as the previous ones were. Head through a doorway to the west, go down some stairs and hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 2), then enter the room beyond. Note the manhole in the ground, which leads to the large gas-filled room in the sewers that also house Otar’s casino. Grab a box of Crafting Parts from the north-eastern corner of this room, then head behind some pipes to find a case containing a HypoStim Injector.

Return to the metro train platform and search the chairs near the aug train car to find the eBook “The Social Monitor” , then head up some stairs and turn north to find a doorway. The layout for the rooms beyond this door are identical to the Capek Station, save there are no guards, no restricted area, and no locks. Just walk into the office and loot the lockers to score a variety of ammo and a Tactical Shotgun, then head into the server room to find some Painkillers and a unit of Stop! Worm Software.

Validate the Permits

Leave the metro, turn west up some stairs, then when you’re at street level immediately turn south to find the permit office. You can just break in the front door, you can even manage to be sneaky; wait for one of the guards to leave the building (the other is stationary and just sits in the office) and knock him out when he walks behind the metro. Sneak into the building, using Glass-Shield Cloaking to avoid the camera, then hack the Keypad (CODE: 6788) (Security Rating: 5) to reach the office. There’s another, sneakier way in, however.

Climb through a vent near the Monument Station (left) and choose who gets the golden ticket (right).

Head west around the gaudy architectural excesses the office is built into and when you reach a road turn south-west until you find a van on the side of the road. Jump on top of it and look up to find a vent, which you should jump into and follow until it deposits you in the permit office. Sneak over to the desk and hack the security computer (Security Rating: 1), whose password is “samithedog” (something you can learn from a Pocket Secretary if you knock out the guard outside). Once you’ve gained access to the computer, disable the security cameras and reactivate the permit stations. Once done, head south to one of the permit stations and Milena will do her magic… but there’s a catch. Decide who you’re going to bless with exemption from Golem City and the quest will end. Now, if you’re feeling frisky you can exit the permit building via the vent if that’s how you came in here) and take out the two guards - something that should be much easier now that the security camera in the main room is offline.

Objective Reward
For activating a permit XP 750
Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Golden Ticket

You made a tough decision as to whether Irenka Bauer or Edward Brod would get to stay in Prague.

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