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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M2: Morning Comes Too Soon

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: How Not to Get Yourself Killed
J.C. Welcome Package
Triangle Code #12
eBook: Juggurnaut Collective
eBook: In Terror Firma

As strenuous and dangerous as Adam’s day-job is, the politics at play conspire to make his down-time even more harrowing. Watch a series of cutscenes featuring a clandestine meeting and a terrorist attack, the deleterious effects of which will manifest later on when Adam wakes up. You’ve got work to do, but you’re no good to anybody in the state you’re in. Looks like you need a tune-up before you head back to the ol’ office.

First things first, go into your in-game menu [TOUCH PAD] / [VIEW] and maneuver to your Augmentations screen. Yeah, damage is pretty bad. Most of your augmentations are limited, and some are outright offline. You will now take fall damage, you can’t punch through walls or move heavy objects. That’s right, it’s that old gaming convention - give you all the goodies at the start of the game, then take them away and force you to earn them back. You’re a very vulnerable cyborg at the moment.

Loot your bedroom, as you can find a Hydraulic Micropump on the desk, a box of Crafting Parts on the shelf above and on an adjacent shelf you can score a Stem Processor Chip, more Crafting parts and some Overclock Software. Rummage through a Dresser to find some Pistol EMP Ammo, then search the floor north of your bed to find a hidden floor Stash. Sneaky! In this stash you’ll find the eBook “How Not to Get Yourself Killed “, “Triangle Code #12” , the “J.C. Welcome Package” item and a Pocket Secretary. The last two items detail a little scavenger hunt you can go on later.

Waking up to a screen full of offline augs is never a good start to a day (left). Be sure to loot Adam’s secret stash to find an eBook and other goodies (right).

First, however, you’ve got more work to do! Or rather, more apartment to explore. Baby steps. Exit your room and head down a hallway, looting a Credit Chip off some shelves to the south before turning north and entering your bathroom. Search another shelf to find some Painkillers, then plunder the drawers under the sink to score a Hypostim Injector.

Leave the bathroom and continue west to get pestered by your house, who will relay a message from David Sarif. Ah, complications… loot a table to the north to find the eBook “Juggernaut Collective” and a Credit Chip, then turn south to find a counter, on which is the eBook “In Terror Firma” . Next check out the nearby laptop to read some old mail, and more importantly, to access the Smart Home menu, which you can use to open a wall panel to the west. Behold - your stash! It’s empty now, save for a few bits of ammo, but you can change that as you find goodies you’d rather store. Of course, if you don’t plan on using it, you might as well sell it, and if you will use it, it stacks enough to make it worth just keeping in your inventory.

Return Sarif’s call to catch up with an old friend (left). Your stash allows you to store goodies you accumulate (right).

There’s a bit more to grab around here; search the kitchen’s drawers and cabinets to find more Crafting Parts, a Biocell and a Credit Chip, along with plenty of alcohol. Once done, turn north and interact with your remote and give Sarif a call and catch up a bit, talk about old times and discuss new developments. Once you’re done head to the door and interact with your “Acronym Cloak” to gird yourself for the great outdoors. As you leave the house Adam will contact the office, then get some input from his augmentation specialist. Seems he’s in a bit of a bind, the sort of trouble that makes your impaired status all the more unfortunate. This ends the quest “M2: Morning Comes Too Soon” and starts “M3: Getting in Top Shape Again” and “M4: Checking Out TF29” .

Objective Reward
For leaving your apartment XP 1950
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Two years after the events of “The Aug Incident” in Human Revolution, in the year 2029, Adam Jensen is faced with the full weight of his decisions. After augmented people were forced to violently strike those around them due to a hijacking incident, Jensen feels like he failed. In the aftermath of strong public opposition against augmented humans, the world has become divided and “augs” are forcibly separated from all those who aren’t. Jenson is once again thrown into a tumultuous situation and desperately tries to rectify past mistakes.

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