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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M1: Black Market Buy (Penthouses)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: Tales of the Arabian Front
Triangle Code #2

Stealth Tutorial

When you reach the penthouse level you’ll immediately be greeted by another tutorial - this time on stealth. As with the last tutorial, it’s a way to safely practice the various stealth elements of the game, like throwing objects to distract guards, using your “Glass-Shield”, “Leg Silencers” and “LiDAR Mark-Tracker” augmentations. Energy is free for this tutorial, so enjoy it while you can, and again, even if you botch it, just go mimic all the holograms to complete the tutorial, after which you’ll need to dispatch the two Jin6n guards who were part of the tutorial.

They’re easy enough to take down, just sneak north to spot the first one, wait for him to drop down a ledge, then follow him and take him out quickly. After that turn east to find some objects you can throw and toss them north past the second guard to cause him to investigate in that direction, opening him up for a beating.

Throw objects to lure enemies (left) which will allow you to sneak up on them and dispatch them (right).

Combat Tutorial

Only one more tutorial, promise. Make your way east and the cover to an elevated vent will fall down inviting. Ignore the vile temptress and continue east to prompt the start of the combat tutorial. You know the drill; your goal is to mime the green holograms, no matter how messily you go through the tutorial. The game’s goal here is to teach you about using the “Typhoon” augmentation [RIGHT], and how to throw grenades (press [R1] / [RB] to throw, hold [R1] / [RB] to get a visual plot of the grenade’s trajectory).

Another thing to note about combat is the detection meter each enemy has. As they start to notice you a bar above their head will fill yellow. If it turns fully yellow they’ll become suspicious and keep a better lookout for you - and perhaps actively start searching. After this the bar will turn red and start to fill, at which point they’ll turn hostile. You’ve only got about a second or two for an enemy to go from unaware to hostile, and being directly spotted by a foe is not the only way to change their status. Triggering an alarm, throwing an object, causing other characters to panic are all ways to get enemies suspicious of you, and if an enemy finds more direct evidence of your activity (such as by finding the body of an ally) they might go trigger an alarm.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Adept of the Metaverse

Engage in all Tutorials in Adam's first mission in Dubai.

Trophy icon

A combat tutorial will let you play with the “Typhoon” augmentation (left) and grenades (right).

Jam the Signal Booster

Okay, enough tutorials. Complete this one to earn your trophy, then it’s time to put all you’ve learned into practice. Return to the elevated vent before the tutorial start and climb in it, following it east, then north until you find an exit to the west. Move a nearby Cardboard Box to find a Biocell lying on the ground. Claim it, then exit the vent and follow some scaffolding to the north. Sadly, there are plenty of guards milling about to the north, most of them on the lower level to the west. Stay elevated and east and work your way north until you find a doorway to the east. Continue east through a blue-tiled stairwell room and into a penthouse, where one easily-dispatched Jinn awaits.

Disable the guard and turn north to find an unfinished cinderblock wall you can leap over to reach a ledge overlooking a gas-filled chamber. Fortunately you have an “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation, which will drain your energy to spare you the ravages of the gas below. Once you run out of energy, though, it’ll start depleting your health. Even with the least amount of recoverable energy, you should be fine here; drop down into the gas and crawl into a vent along the wall to the north, then open a vent cover at the end of vent.

You’re now in the eastern end of the Observation Lounge, in between two penthouses. Guards aplenty lurk to the west, and unfortunately you’ll have to deal with a few of them to proceed. To the north is some cover you can hide behind, and on top of the southern of these “fire resistant panels” you can find a cup. Wait for the nearest Jinn to be looking away, then grab the cup and throw it against the eastern wall. When he comes to investigate, circle around the cover and take him down. Next venture north-west to find a ladder onto some scaffolding. If you go west through a decorative hole in the wall you can easily dispatch another stationary Jinn looking away from you, but this will almost certainly cause his buddies below to start searching for you.

He’s not important anyways, instead head north, then east along the scaffolding to find another vent to the north. Continue through the vent and ignore fork to the north, instead elect to batter your way through a destructible vent to the east. Continue east past the destroyed vent and you’ll find a vent cover to the north leading into another penthouse.

Two guards lurk here, along the signal booster you need to jam. Wait for both guards to be looking west, then activate your Leg Silencers and drop down into the room, quickly making your way through it to the north to find some cover to hide behind. Deactivate your Leg Silencers and wait for the mobile guard to loop around to the eastern end of the room and hold your nerves steady, as he’ll patrol perilously close to you. Stay hidden and when he turns his back to you, take him down. After this, the second guard (who perpetually faces west) should be yours with to dispose at your leisure. When both are down, deactivate the signal booster to complete that objective, then loot the room - in particular, be sure to grab the eBook “Tales of the Arabian Front” on the server case immediately east of the signal booster.

Objective Reward
For disabling the Signal Booster XP 250

Infiltrate the penthouses to find an eBook (left) and the Signal Booster (right).

The Atrium

Make your way west through a doorway and past the stairwell room to find a door leading back out onto the balcony part of the penthouse level. Dispatch one more patrolling Jinn walking around out here and continue north, then down a ramp. Keep going north to find a vent on the northern wall, which you should slither into, following it north, then west to find a large room occupied by only one, albeit wary, Jinn. Wait for him to turn north then drop behind him and put him down. Proceed north and turn west to find an ornate door with a Keypad (CODE: 0682) you must bypass. Once you go through that door, however, you won’t be going back, so save your game and, if you want to try your luck with more of the Jinn guards you bypassed, now’s the time. Otherwise, continue on.

Objective Reward
For reaching the Atrium XP 500

Open the door and watch a scene where everything goes according to plan… until it doesn’t. Well, at least you did YOUR part, can’t really account for unforeseen circumstances, eh? When you get back in control of Adam your goal will be to make your way west to the helicopter, past a horde of armed assailants. This can be as easy or as hard as you make it - the easiest route is to jump down and dispatch the first foe near where you’ll land (performing an “Icarus Landing” attack by holding down [CIRCLE] / [B] as you fall works fine for this purpose), then make your way south-west (to the left). If you don’t care about being detected (and aside from the “Ghost” bonus, why should you?) you can just ignore all the other enemies, sprint to the front of the chopper and open a Hatch shielding the helicopter’s Battery. Once you remove the battery the mission will end, in spite of how many enemies may be left. Do this fast enough and Singh will survive, earning you the trophy/achievement “Singh No Swan Song”.

Get the drop on one of the gold masked augs with the “Icarus Landing” augmentation (left). Rush to the helicoptor and pull out the battery to complete the mission (right).

If you feel that you MUST remain undetected, however, the strategy is the same, save you’ll need to consume some Biocells to refill your energy bar (you’ll need a full bar to see this out). Once you leap down to where the enemies are immediately activate your Glass-Shield Cloaking and sprint to the helicopter. If you’re fast enough, you’ll remove the battery before your energy wears out and net yourself some bonus XP via the “Ghost” reward. Still, two Biocells is quite the cost for a bit of XP, so it’s not advised.

On the other hand, if you’re more adventurous and want to score a collectible, head down the right path (north-west) and keep an eye out for a dumpster with a ladder on its side. Climb into the rubble-filled dumpster and head to the north-western corner of the trash receptacle to find another “Triangle Code #2” . From here you should easily be able to head east to - and around - the helicopter - to complete the mission.

Objective Reward
For stopping the chopper XP 1000
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Singh No Swan Song

Have Singh's back when it matters most.

Trophy icon
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