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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

MS06: 01011000

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Memory Disk
Memory Disk Reader

POI: The Glitch

There are a few ways to start this quest… well, one way, but that one way appears in several different places. Across Prague are a number of Ad Panels, typically running various movie ads and turning into helpful little maps when you approach. Some of these will start to glitch out and spew binary code at you when you approach, and examining any one of these compromised Ad Panels will start POI: The Glitch. You can find such Ad Panels south-west of “Workshop Matej” (“Chikane’s Place”), while there are two more near the Zelen Apartment complex; one to the south-east (between “Zelen Apartments” and “Svobody Beer”) and one to the north of said apartments. If that’s not enough, you can find one in the Palisade Station (on the train platform), one in the Monument Station (on a landing before actually entering them metro, to the east), and one in the Pilgrim Station, just before the ticket booth. It’s almost like somebody wants to get Adam’s attention!

To resolve this Point of Interest head east from the Zelen Apartment complex, through the “Police Checkpoint” where Drahomir once ran his scam, and into the “Pawn Shop” to the south. You’ve already done all the looting and exploration to pave the way, so you shouldn’t need to worry about networks to hack, cops that might object, or other bothers, so just head down into the basement and investigate any one of the computers down there to find they now have a messenger service. Use it and you’ll get in contact with a paranoid lady named “Helle”, who seems to know a bit too much about you. Say what you wish and accept her request to cover whatever cryptic data/memories she’s babbling about to start the quest “SM06: 01011000” .

Objective Reward
For getting into contact with Helle XP 350

Recovering the Memory Disk

Leave the “Pawn Shop” and head to the alley north of the Zelen Apartment complex, where you’ll be directed to enter a door leading to an abandoned tourism center. Instead, however, jump up onto a nearby awning, go through a window, then wait for some mercenaries below you to stop talking before dropping through a hole in the floor. Hide behind some boxes and wait for the mercenaries to babble some more, then one will head downstairs, leaving his buddy alone - and compromised. Sneak behind a counter to the north and wait for the nearby guard to become occupied by something in the corner, then Stun Gun the guard pacing by the stairs. Once he’s down, quickly incapacitate the other two guards, both of whom should present no challenge to you. Loot one of them for a Pocket Secretary implicating Picus and discussing the imminent demise of somebody named “Walker”. Neat. Turn your attention to a door to the east and Helle will activate the Keypad (CODE: 1591) (Security Rating: 5). Get through this door and grab the “Memory Disk” off a counter.

Objective Reward
For recovering the Memory Disk XP 750

Obtaining a Memory Disk Reader

Once the disk is in your possession, Helle will contact you with further instructions. Take the metro back to northern Prague and return to the “Future-Past Antiky” store. Talk to the Store Clerk and pick whatever options you want and he’ll eventually invite you to go look for the Disk Reader downstairs. Go downstairs and you’ll get a bit of a surprise - pick “You’re in danger” and “You can walk” to resolve things peacefully.

Objective Reward
For obtaining a Memory Disk Reader XP 750

The Memory Disk Reader will be automatically added to your inventory, all you need to do now is to return to your apartment, install the Memory Disk Reader, then use the Memory Disk to get in contact with Helle. Be nice and the fractured A.I. will recombine itself and ask for your help. If you disconnect the quest will end there, but if you keep talking to her, you’ll be interrupted by some more mercenaries.

Objective Reward
For talking to Eliza XP 1100

After your communication with Eliza ends, turn east and jump up onto the rafters of your apartment, wait for the mercenaries to separate and take them out. There are two in your apartment, one in the stairwell between the first and second floor, and one in the courtyard. The most annoying part of this will be the annoying, overly-jumpy civilians who will over-react to any violence, but it’s nothing a little patience can’t handle. When they’re all disposed of, Eliza will contact you again and thank you.

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You pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really is.

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