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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Jim Miller Keycard
Triangle Code #22
Triangle Code #10

Searching Jim Millers Apartment

Head over to 33 Hlavni Apartments and enter apartment #203, which is along the northern end of the complex. There are a few ways to get inside; hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 3), use Remote Hacking on the windows and climb on through, or go to apartment #202 and climb through the vent near the stairs.

However you manage it, hack his computer (Security Rating: 2) to find out a bit about his personal life and, if you hack all the security nodes, get a nice chunk of XP. After you do that (or skip doing that, as the case may be) head upstairs and note Miller’s punching bag. Give it a swat and behold! A secret door. That seems fairly inconvenient, actually. Turn north and search the floor for a hidden compartment, inside of which is a 10mm Pistol and a Concussion Grenade.

Enter the secret room and grab the “Jim Miler Keycard” from a table near a computer, then hack said computer (Security Rating: 3)… which doesn’t really get you anything useful. Oh well. Pick up the Sniper Rifle, the Sniper Rifle Regular Ammo and the Sniper Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo which are lying in plain sight, then crouch and look at the shelves under the computer to find “Triangle Code #22” sitting merrily between two cardboard boxes. Finally, hack the Keypad on a safe (Security Rating: 5) to find a Multi-Tool, a Gas Grenade, a Credit Chip and a Pocket Secretary. Miller’s got himself a nice little arsenal, eh?

Objective Reward
For finding Miller’s NSN Keycard XP 1950

Leave Miller’s apartment and head along the road towards TF29. In between Rose’s Garden and TF29 is an alley blocked off by a wooden fence. Climb over it and head into the alley to meet Alex. During the conversation make sure to give her Rucker’s Evidence if you still have it - unlike Miller, it’ll actually be put to good use later on. Finish talking to Alex and make a pointless decision concerning Janus, after which Adam will propose a course of action.

Objective Reward
For checking in with Alex XP 500


Enter TF29 and enter Miller’s office, then go through the door “15 Neural Subnet” to the north after which Adam will automatically enter the NSN. As Alex promised, you end up in a virtual conference room occupying the avatar of virtual Miller. Your task is simple; access several Data Towers (get close to them and press [L2] / [LT]), using Remote Hacking to manipulate the environment around you. Miller’s avatar can’t jump as high, nor does he have most of your abilities, but the only “threats” here are laser grids and cameras, and the only thing at stake (besides a bit of your time) is the trophy/achievement “The Net is Vast and Infinite”. To get it you’ll need to access all the Data Towers without being detected by security - which means don’t turn a camera red or break a laser. It’s easier than it may sound.

Now that the basics are out of the way, search the perimeter of the conference room to find a glowing triangle, which will teleport you. From where you arrive head either right or left to find some Server Blocks you need to Remote Hack to open the way forward. Do so to find a vertical Server Block you can hack, behind which is a glassy vent cover you can go through to access the first Data Tower. Download the data, crawl back out of the enclosure, and behold! A door opens before you. That’s one tower down, four to go.

Continue through the doorway and a bridge will form before you. Cross it to find a laser grid protecting a Data Tower, which you’ll obviously want to avoid. Turn right at the lasers and walk around the perimeter, turning left when you must, then look right through an opening to find another Data Tower on a ledge. Hack two horizontal Server Blocks in the wall to extend them, then continue around the laser-grid square to the side opposite the bridge. Hack another Server Block in the wall to create a platform you can jump on, then turn right and follow the black walkway, jump onto the two Server Blocks you extended earlier and access the second Data Tower.

Drop down to the floor below you, turn right to find some stairs, then go down the stairs to the left and turn right when you find an alcove. Hack a Server Block to retract it and reveal a vent, then climb through into a small room filled with Server Blocks. More interesting, however, is the fact that “Triangle Code #10” is lying on the floor in this room. Grab it, hack the Server Block in the corner of the room right of the Triangle Code to retract it back into the floor, then stand on it and hack it again to extend it and raise you up to the room above. Turn left to find a ladder and note the mobile lasers you avoided by going this route. A collectible AND a shortcut, how delightful! Climb the ladder, then remote hack another ladder to deploy it and climb that one, too. Crouch to find a vent cover, then crawl through a chute to reach Data Tower number three.

Claim the Data Tower and some Server Blocks will extend beside you. Hack some more horizontal Server Blocks stubbornly staying in the wall across the way, then jump across the Server Blocks to reach - and scale - the pyramidal structure beyond. Drop down through a triangular hole in the triangular wall of the big triangle (this game sure loves its triangles, doesn’t it?) and behold! You’re on the roof of the structure housing the Data Tower protected by the square of lasers. Drop through a hole in the roof ahead of you to bypass the lasers and claim your fourth Data Tower.

Four down, one to go. Cross the bridge you initially used to reach the now-disabled laser grid and go down the stairs to the right. One down the stairs, note the camera ahead of you, which is mostly stationary. Just sneak past it and attach to some cover along a doorway behind the first camera to look into a room with two more cameras. Hack some Server Blocks lying lazily in the floor to create yourself some cover, then use those as cover against the prying eyes of the cameras. Sneak to the right of the doorway to find another vent cover, which the two Server Blocks you raised do an excellent job of allowing you to reach. Enter the duct beyond and take two lefts (ignoring the dead-end observation vents along the way) and when you exit the duct turn right to find yet another camera. This one, however, was foolishly positioned behind a Server Block in the ceiling, so hack it to cover the camera, then casually stroll on past, climb a ladder, then access the final Data Tower. See? Not so bad.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Net is Vast and Infinite

Using Jim's keycard, you infiltrated the NSN and viewed a recording without triggering any alarms.

Trophy icon

After a blinding flash of light you’ll gain access to a previous call attended by Miller, which doesn’t paint him - or his bosses - in the best of lights. After some pretty ham-fisted conspiratorial dialogue Adam will exit the NSN, only to bump into Dr. Auzenne, everybody’s favorite practitioner of the pseudo-science that is psychology. Say what you will to her, it doesn’t really matter - she’ll end up asking you to look for Vincent Black, TF29’s rogue director of the organized crime division, deep undercover with the Dvalis. Accepting will start the quest “SM07: Fade to Black” , after which you can question Dr. Auzenne more, if you wish.

Objective Reward
For gathering information from the NSN XP 1100

Now is a fine time to take a break from all this important, questy stuff and go looking for Vincent Black. It’s not a complicated quest, and you don’t even have to leave TF29 to get it started. If you can’t be bothered, however, skip to “M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists” .

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