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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Unfinished Business

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Triangle Code #11
Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard
Palisade Property Bank Keycard
Prototype Schematic Diagram
Praxis Kit
Neuropozyne x3

Nocturnal Notes

Some notes about night-time Prague; everything you’ve hacked or broken remains hacked and broken, but all the guards (or even new configurations of guards) will have replaced any you killed or incapacitated earlier. There’s also plenty of new side quests to do - expect Otar and Sarif to give you a call soon, for example - which will be covered shortly. The Red Light district is now open for business and there are a few new collectibles lying around as well, which will be obtained as you complete quests that take place in nearby areas. All in all, your earlier exploration will make questing this section more stream-lined than previous questing has been (with the odd bit of exploration to pick up new things, of course), which may be a welcome change, depending on your tastes.

On that note, however, this section will not be covering any NEW side quests or main story missions. Instead, it’ll be devoted towards pointing out new points of interest you can explore, picking up the odd collectible that’s more easily reached now, perusing merchant’s wares and picking up on a lead from Sarif. What? It’s not a NEW quest!

There are also plenty of new encounters here, which fall short of being worth mentioning individually, for the most part - more cops to waste your time, for example. You can also find Felice Ullman, the Santeau shill, complaining on the Capek Station platform. If you talk to her again Adam will tell her what he saw in Golem City, and she’ll continue to defend the mirage that is Rabi’ah.

It’s also been a while since any talk of Praxis - and where to spend them - has come up. If you remember, you were given a list of suggestions after the guide took you to meet Koller, and that list suggested investing in Icarus Dash sometime after Remote Hacking. That sometime is now… or soon, if you don’t have the Praxis. The augmentation proved itself useful as early as “M5: Claiming Jurisdiction” , and will continue to do so in future missions. By “M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues” , however, it’ll be all but necessary… at least for the optimal stealth route this guide will suggest. Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to collect three Praxis if you don’t have it yet.

Shopping After Sundown

Your first stop(s) now that night has fallen on Prague is to visit the various merchants around the city, as they now have restocked/new inventory. Mikael for example, now sells a Lancer Rifle and the Devastator Shotgun, but you’ll have to throw down nearly 5,000 Credits for each one. Tars, for his part, sells another Praxis Kit - assuming you bought the two from him earlier, this will be the third one you’ll get from him.

Return to Ruzicka

Another thing you can do now is return to the Ruzicka Station. The place is now empty of cops and there are no restricted zones, so you can feel free to loot the place in detail. There is, in fact, a collectible worth grabbing while you’re here, which was too much of a chore to get the first time around. Follow the path you took the first time to get the DSD - namely, crawl through a vent to reach the ledge encircling the Main Hall… or now that there are no cops around, just walk to the Main Hall and jump up there. Instead of following the ledge counter-clockwise to where the DSD and other evidence was stored, however, head clockwise and you’ll find a hole in the wall over the cafe. Abandon the ledge and head into the hole, make your way west and search near a Toolbox to find “Triangle Code #11” .

Points of Interest and Neuropozyne (Part 2)

Next up, head to the area near the Neon rave you infiltrated during “SM00: Neon Nights” - it’s marked on your map as “Courtyard”, and is along the south-western corner of the north-western district of Prague. Here you’ll find Kazatel and his crew have relocated, and in the hours between your last visit and this one, he’s apparently un-earthed new intel for you - if you have the Neuropozyne to buy it. You know the drill; give him a bottle of Neuropozyne and he’ll give you a “Point of Interest” you can explore. You’ve been to every place he’ll give you, but it’s still a fine way to earn some decent XP, and you probably have Neuropozyne to burn by now. Just note that buying Intel C doesn’t actually give you a POI - you just get a password.

POI: Rich Man Poor Aug

Give him one bottle of Neuropozyne and pick Intel A to get POI: Rich Man Poor Aug. This little objective directs you to the elevated apartment just south-east of the Palisade Station, above the “Negozio di Magia” shop on your map. Jump onto the roof over the Palisade Station stairs, then onto the retractable awning to the south and the sloped roof south of that. Turn east and jump over to the balcony and enter the apartment to complete this Point of Interest.

Objective Reward
For exploring the Point of Interest XP350

POI: Good Cop Bad Cop

Forfeit some precious Neuropozyne to the bottomless pockets of Kazatel to get Intel B, which will give you the “POI: Good Cop Bad Cop”. Another elevated apartment awaits you north-west of the Monument Station, above the “Praha Unneda Cleaning Supply” shop. Climb a billboard ladder to the north-east of this shop, then jump your way to the south-west to reach the balcony adjoining the apartment. Head inside to be done with this Point of Interest.

Objective Reward
For exploring the Point of Interest XP350

A few bottles of Neuropozyne for a few hundred XP. Worth it? With nearly thirty bottles of Neuropozyne and fifteen unspent Praxis… eh… it’s kind of a wash. But it’s done, so hooray for completionism! Time to get on with some quests.

Investigate Vadim Otars Apartment

Return to the “Rose Garden”, head to the balcony on the second floor, then jump north-west onto the roof. Make your way across the rooftops and into the apartment to the north, where you’ll now find a body. Jensen and Sarif will talk and you’ll be prompted to search the body, which just so happens to hold the “Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard” . You’ll be putting this to use shortly, but first, hack the computer (Security Rating: 2) to read the email “Our Old Friend, D.” about some rogue experiment. Dr. Nicholas Cipra… that name will come up again.

Objective Reward
For finding Orlov XP350

Raiding the Tai Yong Medical Vault

Now that you have the third and final corporate vault keycard… why not pay it a visit? You know the route by now, just go through the garage and descend from there into the vaults. The guards have respawned, but they’re not too much trouble to take out, especially since the security will remain disabled if you disabled it earlier. Also, it should be noted that each one of them possesses a “Palisade Property Bank Keycard” .

Dispatch the guards and head down into the vault - the Tai Yong Medical vault is the highest of the three, just hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 1), deploy the vault, then use your shiny new keycard to access it. Inside the vault you’ll find a “Prototype Schematic Diagram” and a Pocket Secretary sitting out in the open, and in various vault containers you’ll find Tesla Cartridges, Nanoblade Ammo and Typhoon Ammo. In a case are two Biocells, and if you hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 3), that opens a safe, which contains a “Praxis Kit” and three bottles of “Neuropozyne” . Lastly, hack a computer (password “gbnm45klp53” ) (Security Rating: 2), then leave the vault. You’re done doing miscellaneous exploration around Prague - it’s time to start working some new side quests.

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