Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists

Nathan Garvin

Checking Smileys Progress

Enter TF29 and talk to Smiley, who finally (and conveniently) has finished gathering and analyzing the data you recovered for him. Seems the Ruzicka bomb used a rather low-tech trigger, and such antiques, while being hard to detect, don’t leave a long list of potential suspects. Option one, go visit the Stanek shop, option two, go find Nomad Stanek himself in his apartment at the Libuse Apartment complex.

Objective Reward
For getting a lead from Smiely XP 500

Investigating Stanek

Leave TF29 and head back out onto the streets of Prague to witness an explosion. Hooray, explosions! Except you didn’t cause this one, so… not so good. Head over to the courtyard where Tech Noir is located and turn north-east to find the Stanek shop, which was the target of the bombing. Guess you’re not checking that place out. Head to the Libuse Apartments instead and enter apartment #96, whose door has been… compromised. Interesting.

Objective Reward
For heading to Nomad Stanek’s apartment XP 500

Oh well, no time to worry about that now. Head into the basement and climb into the vent on the ceiling, then crawl into the secret room and read the computer to find that ol’ Nomad has a new email… this time from his daughter, Allison. At least you know where Nomad Stanek is, but there’s another complication; if you go to use the bedroom door to leave, you’ll trigger a gas trap. Just climb back through the vent under the desk and you’ll be fine.

Objective Reward
For finding Nomad Stanek’s location XP 1950
For escaping the Dvali death trap XP 3150

Interrogating Stanek

Exit the Libuse Apartment complex and head back to the Red Light District, this time paying the Irish Stool, which is south of The Red Queen. Enter the establishment and head downstairs to find that Nomad is already in the hands of some TF29 personnel. Adam will grill him and he’ll let slip the identity of the REAL bomb maker before trying to recant. Exhaust his dialogue options, then leave.

Objective Reward
For interrogating Nomad Stanek XP 1950

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