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M7: The Rucker Extraction (The Narrows)

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
eBook: Pride in Prejudice
Praxis Kit

Golem City, the Utelek Complex; an unfinished corporate ghetto which now serves as little more than a concentration camp on the outskirts of Prague. Cops are free to act on any anti-aug prejudice they might have, and as for the oppressed augs - only the strong survive, much less thrive. Crime is rampant, and the amount of human suffering on display is revolting.

As you explore this place, keep in mind that you can’t go back to Prague whenever you please - you won’t be able to stash loot, so you may need to be a bit pickier about what you keep than usual. Of course, if you’re doing a Pacifist run, you should already be used to under-valuing many of the types of ammo and weaponry the game throws to you. Also note that there’s quite a bit of vertical exploration in this rather convoluted place, so you should really try to follow directions closely to avoid getting lost.

Anyways, time to get started. Head east and look up to spot a ledge you can jump up to. Do so and turn south-west to find a window (more like a metal compartment) you can deploy via Remote Hacking. Do so, then leap onto the “window” and loot several “Searchable Containers” to find various goodies, including a Biocell. From this window leap south onto the roof and grab a Stun Gun, a Pocket Secretary and a Biocell.

Martina Onziemas Apartment

Make your way east along the roof and drop off a ledge, then turn around (west) to find a door. Go through the doorway to the apartment and hack a computer (Security Rating: 1) and read the emails therein to obtain a code. Loot various cabinets and searchable containers to find Crafting Parts and Stun Gun Ammo, then turn your attention to a safe (CODE: 9990) (Security Rating: 3) which contains a HypoStim Injector and a Credit Chip. Leave the apartment and head downstairs, then behind the stairs if you want to pick up another sad Pocket Secretary, then return upstairs again.

Head north and a heavily armed guard will stop you and have you scanned. Can’t avoid that sort of scrutiny anywhere, it seems. If ARC really is a terrorist organization, the police are really helping their recruitment drives by oppressing the augs so thoroughly. Continue north and climb a ladder, cross a bridge to the east, then turn north again to find another ladder. There’s loot to be had as you go, but aside from some Pistol Regular Ammo to the west, it’s nothing more noteworthy than Credit Chips and Crafting Parts.

Ivan Berks Apartment

Climb the second ladder and continue north to find an apartment, inside of which is a computer (Security Rating: 5). Hack it if you wish (this is definitely a time when going after the red security node is the easier option) then loot the apartment for a pair of Hydraulic Micropumps, a Credit Chip, a unit of Stealth Software, Crafting Parts and a Mine Template. Grab what you want, then search the south-eastern end of the apartment to find… the legendary “Penguin Prince”! Transporting this object is the key to earning the Golden Rookery trophy, but since you have to go through numerous story locations, it’s advised you just come back to it in a bit. Don’t worry, it’ll be covered once the path is cleared. More cleared, anyways. This trophy is a chore either way, and is definitely worth save/loading for.

Leave the apartment and turn north-west to spot a window below you that you can remote hack. Do so, then jump onto the platform it lowers to find several searchable containers, inside of which are some Crafting Parts, a Gyroscopic Regulator and an EMP Grenade, then grab the Tranquilizer Rifle on the ground.

Drop down to the ground floor of the complex and head south. To your west, near some stairs, you’ll find some augs being arrested - a common scene in Golem City. Head past the police repression and grab a Stem Cell Processor off a bunk, then return to the stairs. Continue south past the stairs to find a Biocell near some bedding, then backtrack to the north and go up one flight of stairs, immediately turning west, then head down a hallway to the north. When the hallway ends, look west to find a valve, which you can close to get rid of some gas in the floor below you - it’ll make getting a tiny bit of loot easier.

Continue north and remote hack a window to the west, then head inside and hack a computer (Security Rating: 2) if you want to snoop. Loot some searchable containers to score some “Neuropozyne” , Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo, Revolver Armor Piercing Ammo and a Biocell. Once done, pick up a Pocket Secretary off the ground and hop out of the compartment.

Visit the contact's house to learn a bit of bad news (left). Bribe the police officer guarding the prison to get to speak to Tibor Sokol (right).

Korimir Baksas Apartment

Head east to find a bridge and cross it, then turn north and climb over some Medium Wood Crates. To the south - behind one of the crates - you’ll find a vent you can crawl through. Go through the duct and close an Observation Grid along the way, then drop out of the duct into a restricted zone. Don’t worry about trespassing too much, though, there are plenty of crates you can hide behind, and unless you open the door to the west, you shouldn’t draw any attention.

Turn north and east to notice that there are two doors you can hack. Go east first and hack a Keypad (CODE: 6123) (Security Rating: 3) to gain access to a weapons storage room. Inside this room you’ll find a Weapon Cabinet holding a Battle Rifle, a Tactical Shotgun, some Stun Gun Ammo, a Laser-Targeting System, some Battle Rifle Regular Ammo and some Shotgun Regular Ammo. Even better, search two Medical Boxes to get a bottle of Painkillers and a “Praxis Kit” . Very nice.

Grab what you will and leave the room, then turn north and hack the second Keypad (Security Rating: 1) in this apartment. Enter the room you just unlocked and loot around for Crafting Parts, some Tranquilizer Rifle Ammo, two bottles of “Neuropozyne” on opposite shelves and a Biocell in a case. Shut off a Breaker, then crawl down a hallway to the west and move a metal crate to reach a room with a computer (Security Rating: 2) Hack it to learn why the police are so interested in this place, then loot the room to score Crafting Parts, Credit Chips and a Pocket Secretary.

Hermanis Petrauskas Apartment

Make your way back east through the formerly-electrified hallway, then crawl through the hole in the wall to the south. Continue south to the room you initially entered into and climb back into - and crawl through - the duct that provided your means of ingress. Once outside, drop off the ledge you’re on and turn west, then south to enter an apartment (the door of which is marked 000125), inside of which you’ll find a computer (Security Rating: 2) which you can hack to score another code. Turn west to find a desk with a unit of Datascan Software and the eBook “Pride in Prejudice” on it, then make your way to the south-western corner of the apartment to find a destructible vent. Punch through it, then jump through the hole you made to reach the previously gas-filled hallway. Run north and grab a box of Crafting Parts, then leave - not really much reward, but at least you get an Explorer XP bonus for your trouble.

Sokols Apartment

Leave the apartment and head south to enter another apartment (the door to which is marked 000237) to the west, which is where you contact, Sokol, dwells. Unfortunately, there’s been another cop-lication, and you’ll need to deal with the overly-aggressive police in Golem if you’re going to get to talk to your contact.

Objective Reward
For finding out where your contact is XP 500

Behold, the golden penguin king! (left) Search a case in Korimir Baksas's apartment to find a Praxis Kit (right).

The Narrows

Another day, another thing to snatch from under the noses of the police. Adam is supposed to be a member of Interpol, but he seems to spend much more time in conflict with the police than with terrorists. Oh well, politics and over-lapping jurisdiction make for strange bed fellows. Leave the apartment and make your way north and head down some stairs to find the police station where the Sokol brothers are being kept.

There are two ways in, both have their merits. First, walk up to the guard and you’ll get the opportunity to bribe him. It’ll cost you 1,000 Credits to gain an audience with Tibor Sokol, which, if you’ve explored, is paltry change at this point - about how much money selling one Tactical Shotgun would get you. Just don’t offer one Credit, as it’ll insult the cop. The plus side of this option is that the area immediately behind the bribed officer will stop being restricted, allowing you to just walk to the holding cells.

Of course, there’s always another option. Sneak east to find some Medium Wooden Crates stacked against a wall. These crates just happen to hide a hole you can crawl through and enter the restricted zone beyond. Do so, then crawl through another hole to the west, then turn north-west to spot a laser grid. Either use Remote Hacking to disable it, or use Glass-Shield Cloaking and run through. Dispatch a cop hanging out past the lasers (uselessly looking to the west) or just run through the door to the east. If you do take out the guard, drag their body to the west, as an extra precaution.

However you manage it, once you get past the cops and enter the holding cells you’ll immediately talk to Tibor, who will back out of the deal he made with TF29. Fortunately, however, he will offer you some other leads which you can pursue, then he’ll have the temerity to ask you for a favor. Fortunately for him it does involve knocking out some pesky cops who are in your way anyways.

Objective Reward
For talking to Tibor Sokol XP 1950

The way through the next area is pretty simple; just run east and go through a doorway to the south, then immediately turn east and crawl through a hole in the wall. Ta-daa. On the other hand, a good bit of XP can be gained by helping Tibor’s brother, so that’ll be discussed below.

Your contact will renege on his end of the deal, but he'll point you to other options (left). Further on you'll find Dusan, who is being roughly treated by the cops (right).

Saving Dusan Sokol

Turn north and hack a door (CODE: 0190) (Security Rating: 2), then continue north into the room you opened up and hack another Keypad (Security Rating: 5) if you can to gain access to a haul of weapons, including three Tactical Shotguns, three Pistols and two Combat Rifles. You can always come back for them once you reach a merchant you can do business with, so don’t feel pressured to grab them now.

To the east you’ll find a vent near the floor. Crawl through it, jumping when you must, then turn west to find a hole, down which an officer is brutally interrogating Dusan Sokol. Wait for the guard to get bored, at which point they’ll head west to their post. If you wait until they’re far enough away that they won’t hear you drop down, but not so far away that you can’t catch up to them you can take them down here, in the hallway.

If you can’t manage this, wait for the guard to leave, then leave the hole you were using to spy on the interrogation and turn south. Move some Heavy Metal Crates out of the way and head downstairs, again being careful to say out of the sight of the patrolling Exo-Suit. When it turns west, bag the guard standing near some crates, then drag their body behind the stairs. Head back upstairs and drop down to where Dusan is restrained, head west up the hallway and take out the cop who was beating the poor aug and hide his body in the hallway.

Your next goal is to sneak across the room to the south, and the easiest way to do this is to return to where Dusan is bound and jump up to the upper level. Head back down the stairs and hide behind the crates where the first guard was standing and look south-west to spot some crates. Behind these crates is a hole leading into the room where the third target awaits. Wait for the Exo-Suit to turn away, then drag the cop’s body to the eastern corner of this room.

Last up is the Exo-Suit, and without support, it really doesn’t stand a chance. Crawl back east through the hole and hide behind some crates to the north. When the Exo-Suit turns its back to you, sneak up to it and shoot it with your Stun Gun. While it’s convulsing, perform a standard takedown. If you don’t lead with the Stun Gun, it’ll catch you before you can incapacitate it. Head over to Dusan and talk to him to gain valuable information pertaining to Tibor… as well as a passphrase that’ll help you get past an ARC guard named Lubos. Neat.

Objective Reward
For taking out the guards near Dusan XP 1000
For talking to Dusan XP 1000

Dispatch the Exo-Suit by shooting it with your Stun Gun, then performing a takedown while it's staggered (left). To show his gratitude, Dusan will tell you a password (right).

Grab a HypoStim Injector, head upstairs then go through a door to the south. Further south, past some laser traps, two cops are talking. Wait for them to stop babbling to each other, then sneak to the east to find a hole in a fence you can sneak through, bypassing the security altogether. If you want, it is possible to sneak south through the security area, use Remote Hacking to disable the lasers, then take out all three guards, but you can get past those guards in an easier fashion.


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