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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM09: All in the Family

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Photo of Dominik
eBook: Collapse of an Industry
Triangle Code #3
eBook: Borderline Magazine
Lancer Rifle
eBook: The Next Three Decades

POI: One Last Favor

When you arrived back in Prague after Golem City, Otar should have contacted you and demanded another favor from you. Might as well do it - having a mob boss angry at you isn’t going to make life any easier. Head to the Red Light District and try your best to keep Adam pure by ignoring the rampant promiscuity. The Redlight District - the part you can access unopposed, anyways - is basically a loop in the road. Ignore the roads running east and south-east for now and focus on the strip club to the north-east, “The Red Queen”.

Gossip with the bartender if you wish and loot around for a few odd Credit Chips, alcohol, a Biocell and a HypoStim Injector, some upstairs, some on the ground floor. When you’re ready to get on with things, head upstairs and go through the first door to your left (south-east) to find Masa Kadlek - the woman in charge of this little family business. Talk to her and she’ll ask you to kidnap her son Dominik, whose ambitions exceed his abilities, and more importantly, her plans for his future. Agree to help her and she’ll give you a “Photo of Dominik” and the quest “SM09: All in the Family” will begin.

Objective Reward
For meeting Masa Kadlek XP 350

Leave the office and turn south-east and investigate one of the wall-square on the north-eastern wall to find a hidden button. Press it and enter the security office, where you’ll find a safe (Security Rating: 2) under the desk. Hack the safe’s Keypad and open the safe to find some Shotgun Armor Piercing Ammo and three Credit Chips. Masa Kadlek can view it as an… advance, on the fee she never promised to pay you.

Nada Biraks Apartment

Exit The Red Queen and head south-west down the street until you reach the arch that marks the end of the Red Light District. At this arch turn south and jump onto an awning (using a nearby glowing red bench to get the height you need) then jump onto a stone ledge to the west. From here jump onto a roof to the south, then continue south and south-west up and down various roofs, then cross the flat top of an arch below you, which serves as a fine bridge. After crossing this “bridge’ jump south-east onto a balcony and enter the nearby adjoining apartment. Search on top of a box to score the eBook “Collapse of an Industry” , grab the nearby unit of Datascan Software. Also adjacent to the box with the eBook on it is “Triangle Code #3” , which you can find by moving some white Archive Boxes on a shelf out of the way. Loot some lockers for a Machine Pistol, some Crafting Parts, a Frag Grenade and a Hydraulic Micropump, then turn your attention to the desk with the computer (Security Rating: 1) on it, then grab a unit of Stealth Software and a Credit Chip. Finally search a drawer near the bed to score a HypoStim Injector, then abandon the apartment.

Either drop down into the alley and walk east, or jump across ledges and balconies - it doesn’t really matter. Your goal either way is the roof above a storage shed, from which you can north, climb a ladder, then jump onto a balcony, which will get you into the Dvali Apartments. Enter said apartments and go through a door to the east to reach a kitchen, where some Dvali Thugs are talking. Wait for them to stop being gabby geese and one will go to relieve himself in the bathroom to the south. Dispatch him, then take down his buddy in the kitchen. Easy-peasy.

Exit the apartment via the door to the north-east, then head upstairs and take cover along the railing and wait for a Dvali Thug to walk over to his doom… or his rough, forced nap. Once he’s out of the way head into apartment #95 and hack the computer on a table inside (Security Rating: 3) if you wish. Search a television stand to the west to find the eBook “Borderline Magazine” . While you’re at it, crouch and search the top of the shelf that houses the eBook to find a Button, which opens a secret door to the east. Head into the secret room to find a security computer (Security Rating: 3), which you can use to disable the camera, which will, in turn, make it much easier to get back out of here.

Objective Reward
For entering the security room XP 750

Leave the apartment and on your way out search on top of some cabinets to find a rare “Lancer Rifle” . Once outside, make your way to apartment #94, inside of which you’ll find a maid cleaning up. Knock her out to prevent any complications, then search under the television to find the eBook “The Next Three Decades” . That’s it for the collectibles in this area, you can loot apartments to find guns, ammo, the odd Credit Chip and other goodies, but it’s nothing note-worthy. You know the drill, though; if you need Credits (buying some Biocells if you don’t have many is a good idea, plus there’s another Praxis coming up) pick up one gun (per type) at a time and sell them individually to boost your Credits.

when you’re done plundering the apartments, head downstairs and you’ll spot two Dvali Thugs talking. Take cover and wait for them to talk themselves out and one will head to the south-east and remain stationary near the door to the laundry room, while the other paces back and forth across the courtyard. To sneakily dispatch the latter, wait for him to turn south and take cover along a box and take him down when he walks back over. Once done, sneak over to the thug watching the laundry room and smack him around, too. Only one left - the dink in the laundry room itself, who is too preoccupied with his cellphone conversation to take note of anything around him. Good thing, too, because that’s your target, Dominik. Before you take him out, if you want to loot the storage lockers to the west (Security Rating: 3), you might as well, but the don’t contain anything more interesting than a HypoStim Injector.

Head into the laundry room and give him his mother’s regards, then begins the most tedious aspect of this quest - dragging Dominik back through the apartment complex. Drag him up into and through apartment #86, checking to make sure he’s still got the Zzz’s above his head periodically. It’s uncommon, but improper dragging CAN kill NPCs, so watch out for that. Carry him onto the balcony, then leave him alone and drop off the balcony to find a lift nearby. Raise it up, then jump back up to the balcony and carefully drag Dominik onto the lift, then use the lift to lower him to the ground. All you have to do is move his carcass into the already-opened storage shed to the south, after which Jensen will report to the matriarch about his success.

Objective Reward
For apprehending Dominik XP 750
For dragging Dominik to a safe space XP 2600
Trophy/Achievement Icon

All in the Family

You aided Otar when he sought help with a family matter.

Trophy icon

Finally, thankfully, you’re done dealing with the Dvali for a little bit. Time to go wash the smell of the Red Light District off of you, the get back to chasing what few leads you have.

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