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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M12: The Heist

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Package from Janus
Janus Data Rod
VersaLife Vault Keycard
eBook: AJ09-0921 Patient X
Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme
Neuropozyne x5

Picking Up the Package

Head over to the Palisade Property Bank, where you’ll be contacted by Alex, who will tell you what to do. Looks like you need to go into the parking garage and pick up a package. This phase of the quest - like most of the quest - will be much easier if you already went through Palisade Property Bank during “SM05: Samizdat” .

Objective Reward
For heading to Palisade Property Bank XP 500

Enter the parking garage by whatever means you find expedient - if you’ve already been here, you know how to get back in, just head to the south-eastern corner of the garage and search the trunk of a blue car to find the “Package from Janus” .

If, on the other hand, you haven’t been here before (or if you haven’t been here since night fell on Prague) enter via the vent on the north-eastern-most of the decorative fountain-pillars on “Market Square”. Drop out of the duct and into the parking garage and head east into a room, where you’ll find a vent to the east and to the south. If you haven’t been here before, enter the southern vent to reach the cage roof over the security room and Stun Gun the seated guard, then drop into the office and flip the “EG Switch” to keep your clandestine actions a secret. Once done use the security computer to turn off the cameras, then take out the guards in the business end of the garage and search the trunk of the south-eastern most car (a blue car) to obtain the “Package from Janus” .

Objective Reward
For picking up the Package from Jainus XP 500

Identity Theft

Enter the Palisade Property Bank and head west along the southern end of the interior until you find a hallway to the south, which leads to the bank’s elevator. If you were here before you can just use the “Level 3 Offices Access Card” you may have picked up earlier to ride the elevator to the third floor. If not, move a garbage can to the west of the elevator (near a vending machine) to reveal a vent. Climb through and turn south to find another vent, which will lead you to the elevator shaft. Climb on top of the elevator and turn south, then jump onto a metal walkway above you. Turn east and go through another vent to reach a maintenance tunnel, then go through one more vent to the west, which is obscured by some cardboard boxes.

However you manage it, wait for two people to the north to stop talking and walk away from a laser grid, then sneak through a door to the west and toggle the “EG Switch” near the door, if its visibility-reducing magic isn’t already in effect. Once done, sneak around the corner to the north and use your Stun Gun on the guard, then head upstairs to the west and hack the Keypad (CODE: 0211) (Security Rating: 1), avoiding the camera by leaping up the railing north of the first flight of stairs… if the camera’s still active, anyways. In the office beyond, on the eastern of the two desks, you’ll find a “Keycard Biometric Encryptor”, which you can use to obtain a “Janus Data Rod” and a “VersaLife Vault Keycard” .

Objective Reward
For obtaining the VersaLife Keycard XP 3150

Infiltrating the VersaLife Vault

Head to the western end of the office and look behind a television to spot a vent. Climb up in there and follow the vent, take a right, and drop down into a maintenance shaft, then climb down a ladder. Head east up some stairs and turn north to find another vent, which will deposit you in front of an elevator. Quickly enter the elevator and use your newly-minted keycard to unlock the Corporate Vaults level, which you should descend to.

Objective Reward
For reaching the Corporate Vaults XP 3150

Exit the elevator and turn south to find a swanky Palisade panel with water flowing over it. Climb behind the panel and you’ll find a vent, which you can slither through (destroying a vent along the way) to reach the cage roof above the security room. Crawl your way east until you reach a wall, then turn north to find a Cable Duct Door. Open it and crawl into the duct beyond, smash a Destructible Vent to the east, then go through another Cable Duct Door to find your way impeded by another door. Hack the nearby Keypad (Security Rating: 5) or use a Multi-Tool and crawl east, into another duct which ultimately deposits you along the eastern end of the level, near some doors. That wasn’t so bad, eh?

Go through the doors and Adam will give Alex another courtesy call. Once done, use the Keycard Reader to summon the vault, then head into said vault and watch a cutscene. Seems that this whole Orchid business has a bit of a personal component for Adam. Before you leave, search the… vaults, in the vault to score two bottles of Painkillers, two Biocells and two HypoStim Injectors. Lying out in the open you can also find some Crafting Parts, a Gyroscopic Regulator and a Hydraulic Micropump. Once all that’s yours turn you attention to the computer (password “5896KMO1BN” ) (Security Rating: 2), near which is a Pocket Secretary and the eBook “AJ09-0921 Patient X” . If that eBook isn’t talking about Adam Jensen, who doesn’t need Neuropozyne, it’s talking about somebody with a similar resilience.

Objective Reward
For infiltrating the VersaLife vault XP 3150

Next turn your attention to the eastern wall, where you’ll find a Keypad (Security Rating: 1). Hack it and open the nearby safe to discover the “Orchid Neutralizing Enzyme” and five bottles of “Neuropozyne” . That antidote will come in handy later, so make sure you grab it, not to mention the valuable Neuropozyne. Once the antidote is in your possession and you’ve read the eBook, you can depart the vault.

Leave the vault, climb on top of it, then press a button to raise it back up. When it stops, jump onto a metal walkway to the north and press another button to open up the ceiling, then jump and climb your way up into the vault-housing chamber above. To escape this area you’ll need to climb ladders, jump onto ledges, and perhaps hack the odd keypad to extend the other corporate vaults, which you can then leap onto. When you reach the top of this silo go through two doors to the north, crawl through a duct, then climb a ladder to reach your last obstacle - a vicious fan! Assuming, of course, you weren’t already here earlier and didn’t just shove a dumpster in here to break the thing. Fortunately, you’re on the same side of the fan as its breaker, so just turn it off and proceed when safe.

Exit the parking garage and Jensen will contact Miller, who will demand you meet him at Chikane’s. He doesn’t sound happy. You should also get a call from Koller, who is apparently ready to fix you up… properly this time. This starts “SM08: The Fix” , which will only begin if you completed “SM04: The Calibrator” earlier. Since you’re following this guide, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t have, and if that’s the case, let’s leave Miller hanging for a bit to go see Koller, who is back in his office under his sacked bookstore. If you haven’t done this, skip down to “M13: G.A.R.M.” . This is also a good time to explore the Church of the Machinegod in the Capek District, as the business with Allison has… resolved itself. No hostile cultists to mess with or anything, you can just head on in there and loot. To find where all the noteworthy collectibles are, peruse the “M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker” section of the guide, under the heading “Looting the Church of the Machinegod” .

Objective Reward
For escaping the Corporate Vaults XP 500
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