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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

SM04: The Calibrator

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area .
Neuropozyne eBook: Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]
Neuropozyne eBook: Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]
Breach Software #2 Breach Software #30
eBook: World’s Most Wanted Breach Software #19
eBook: Flesh and Chrome eBook: Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]
Triangle Code #14 eBook: The Long Mean While Chapter 27
Praxis Kit Breach Software #20
eBook: Global Politics Review [2029 Edition] Breach Software #22
Breach Software #3 Triangle Code #15
eBook: The Social Monitor Breach Software #4
Neuroprozyne eBook: Family Values

You got your augmentations back… mostly, but these experimental augmentations are still a bit of a mystery. A mystery you should try to shed some light on, and if possible, bring these augmentations under control. That means you’re going to have to pay Otar a visit, and if you went after the “Time Traveler” trophy/achievement and/or did the combat augmentations trophies/achievements earlier, you’ll know exactly where to go. It’s redundant, sure, but this time at least it’ll be for keeps, and it wouldn’t hurt to explore along the way.

Exploring the Time Machine

Speaking of exploration, now that you’ve met with Koller the Dvali Thugs will be gone, allowing you to search the place at your leisure. First explore Koller’s lab, which is full of goodies; in the south-western end of Koller’s lab you’ll find “the chair”, next to which is a small table with some “Neuropozyne” on it. Search a counter to the south to find a Medical Box containing a Multi-Tool, then head to the north-eastern corner of Koller’s den to find his humble bed. Grab some Stealth Software and another dose of “Neuropozyne” off some shelves, then plunder Koller’s computer setup to find some Reveal Software, “Breach Software #2” , a Stem Processor Chip and a Gyroscopic Regulator. Search near Koller’s bed to find a Drawer containing a Hypostim Injector and the eBook “World’s Most Wanted” .

Travel south towards the elevator and pluck a Biocell out of a Medical Box atop some shelves, then continue to the doorway leading to the elevator. Turn east and examine a painting near the floor to reveal a hidden passage, which you should eagerly crawl through, as great loot awaits you beyond. Open a vent cover and note the gas-filled room beyond. Along the northern wall opposite you is a Valve. Endure the gas and make a rush to the valve to get rid of the gas, after which you can loot two lockers to score a Biocell, some Crafting Parts, and the eBook “Flesh and Chrome” . Next turn your attention to the safe nearby (Security Rating: 3). If you invested some points into “Hacking Capture” you can - with a little luck and probably a few reloads - get past the network, while if you also invested into “Hacking Stealth” you might also get that Datastore for some bonus money. Or you can just use the Multi-Tool you found earlier. Your reward for getting the safe open is “Triangle Code #14” and a “Praxis Kit “.

Move a painting out of the way and enter a gas-filled chamber beyond (left). Gain access to Koller’s safe to score a Praxis Kit (right).

Leave Koller’s lab and ride the elevator back up to his office, then search a desk along the western wall to find the eBook “Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]” . Loot around at your leisure to find hacking software and Crafting Parts, then hack the laptop on the desk (Security Rating: 2) if you’re feeling frisky. Once done return to the business part of the bookstore and loot the second floor for more hacking software and Crafting Parts, then go downstairs.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

I Can Only Fight Enemies I Can See

Complete one Hacking Challenge with Fog Security without using a Reveal Software.

Trophy icon

Make your way to the northern end of the store and hack another laptop (Security Rating: 1) then head south from there, under an arch and turn east through a doorway. Grab a Biocell off a janitorial cart, then leave the room and head through another arch and down some stairs. Climb on top of the bookshelf in front of you to the west and look south to find an overturned box, near which is “Breach Software #3” , a Datascan Software unit and an Overclock Software unit. Go west through another doorway to reach delivery storage room, where you can find yet another eBook - the eBook “The Social Monitor” on a table near the door and another laptop to hack to the west (Security Rating: 1). Many beverages and Crafting Parts can also be found throughout the room if you take your time to loot. When you’re done in here head into the bathroom and open a bunch of lockers to find a variety of ammo, a Credit Chip and a Biocell.

After meeting Koller, the Dvali Thugs will have left and you can pick up several collectibles unmolested (left). The hard-to-find unit of Breach Software #30 is near an over-turned box atop a bookshelf (right).

Return north through the bookshop and exit via the front door. Turn down the street to the east (the route you took to infiltrate the Time Machine, if you followed this guide) and head to the end of the street. Enter the building at the end of the road and, now that you have presumably have some of your augmentations reinstalled, spot a Structural Weakness on the eastern wall. Punch through the wall and jump into the hole you’ve made, then drop down some pipes to reach the ground. Turn north and at the end of this small little chamber you’ll find a Tranquilizer Rifle, a Battle Rifle, some ammo for both weapons and two doses of “Neuropozyne” .

Use your reacquired augmentations to punch a hole in a wall (left) to find a Tranquilizer Rifle and other goodies (right).

Return to the front of the Time Machine and from there head up the stairs to the north-west and turn south-west to find a manhole near a dumpster. Climb down and head north-east to find a body, near which is a 10mm Pistol and a Pocket Secretary. The latter tells you the code to the Keypad that locks the exterior door to the Time Machine’s delivery room [CODE: 1987] , or you could just hack it for the bonus XP. Also, if you continue down the sewer to the south-east you’ll find an apparent dead-end, but investigate the wall at the end of the tunnel to reveal a shortcut back to Koller’s workshop.

Enough of the Time Machine, you’ve plundered it for all it’s worth. From the manhole out front of the shop head west up some stairs and go through a gate. When you hit a street immediately turn south and maneuver around a police vehicle to find a round-about. A round-about with heavy police presence. Suppose it can’t be avoided after a terror attack. Your ultimate goal is the metro to the south-east, but before you bother with that, there’s a bit of loot worth grabbing.

Floss and Mels Apartment

Along the northern end of the round-about is a police van, which obscures the road in front of the arch. In the back of this police van is a Grenade Launcher, which you can grab if you stay sneaking and avoid the line-of-sight of the nearby cop. From the police vehicle near the arch head south-east to reach a green building, climb a ladder to reach a billboard, then jump west to reach the balcony of a red house. Go through a doorway and search near the bed to find a Tactical Shotgun, grab a Credit Chip off a glass table, hack a laptop (Security Rating: 1) and loot various drawers and cabinets to find Crafting Parts, a Gyroscopic Regulator and Painkillers. Most importantly, search a table near a sofa to the north to find the eBook “Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]” .

Climb a ladder to reach a billboard, then jump onto a balcony to reach Floss and Mel’s apartment (left), inside of which is an eBook (right).

Praha Minimarket

Leave the apartment and jump up onto a roof to the west to find a Pocket Secretary on a mattress. Once done drop down to the ground (use the awning below if you don’t have the “Icarus Landing” augment installed) and continue following the buildings to the south-east. Pass by the green building, then an orange building to find the Praha Minimarket, wherein you can find another chapter of the eBook “Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]” .

Capek Station

Return to the roundabout and take the stairs down to the metro. Pretty much every scene you’ll witness along the way goes to further the game’s main narrative of aug oppression and the daily inconveniences and injustices caused by reactionary anti-aug measures. At the bottom of the stairs, just past the first turnstile you’ll find a woman peddling the wonders of Santeau Group’s promised utopia for augs - Rabi’ah. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is, especially when a corporation is behind it. Talk to her and respond as you wish, as it’s an interesting bit of information.

Interesting, but not lucrative. If you’re up for a little bit of law-breaking, turn south-west to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 1) you can hack. Do so, then head through the door and look down the hallway to the south-east to see two police officers talking. Wait for them to part ways, then follow one into the room to the south-east and take them out. You can just jump into a vent on the ceiling in front of the room to bypass the guards, but there’s a treasure trove of goodies in there, well worth dispatching an officer or two for.

Loot the room to find some Crafting Parts and a Biocell in some drawers, a Stealth Software unit on some computers towers, a bottle of Painkillers and a Credit Chip on a counter, then plunder some lockers to find a Tactical Shotgun, a Mine Template, some Pistol Regular Ammo, a 10mm Pistol, some Combat Rifle Regular Ammo, a Pocket Secretary, some Stun Gun Ammo, and an EMP Grenade. If you want to score extra XP hack an Alarm Panel (Security Rating: 1), then dispatch the other officer in the hallway. Once done, either climb through a vent along the south-western wall of the office or head down the hallway and hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 2). However you manage it, enter a server room and loot a Credit Chip on the north-western desk, then search a drawer for a Biocell and a unit of Reveal Software. On the south-eastern desk you’ll find a unit of Stealth Software and “Breach Software #30” , and in a drawer you’ll find a box of Crafting Parts. Grab a Stem Processor Chip on a computer tower, then leave the room.

You can find Breach Software #30 in the Capek Station (left), while Breach Software #19 await you in the ticket booth of the Palisade Station (right).

Palisade Station

Exit the restricted area and continue downstairs. Activate one of the monitors near the tracks and set as your destination the Palisade Station. There’s not as much to loot here; to the north you can find a janitorial closet you can hack your way into (Security Rating: 4) to score a Stem Processor Chip on a vacuum and some Crafting Parts and “Triangle Code #5” on a shelf. You can also get into this room by leaping atop the glass shielding the train tracks, then heading north along some metal supports to find a vent. Loot the first janitorial room, then head south up some stairs to find another to the west. Avoid drawing the attention of the police and hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 1) to find… another janitorial closet. Search the shelves to find a box with some Crafting Parts and a Biocell in it, then grab the Pocket Secretary on a higher shelf. Last stop; make your way across the metro to the east and enter the office. Search the southern desk to find “Breach Software #19” .

Marta Babiks Apartment

Leave the Palisade Metro Station and turn west to spot the “Recharge Coffee Shop”. This building has a balcony, and you want to get up there. Either use “Remote Hacking” deploy an elevator to the south of the coffee shop or jump onto the roof over the metro, then leap from there onto the balcony. Go through a doorway and hack a laptop (Security Rating: 1) to learn that somebody doesn’t understand how witness protection programs work. Read the eBook nearby to add another chapter of the eBook “Global Politics Review [2029 Edition]” to your collection, then grab the Stun Gun nestled between the bed/sofa and a white table.

Search Marta Babiks apartment to find an eBook (left) and a Stun Gun (right).

Ruthless Efficiency

Now everybody should have a Stun Gun, regardless of what gear you started with. This is the easiest weapon to fully upgrade, and if you want to get another trophy, you might just have the means. Save your game and return to Tars at the Zelen Apartment complex and buy a Laser-Targeting System from him (1,000 Credits). Next you need a total of 575 Crafting Parts to upgrade the Stun Gun’s ammo capacity to the maximum. If you have 375+ you can buy two packs of 100 Crafting Parts from Tars, making the minimum requirements for this trophy 375 Crafting Parts, a Stun Gun and 2,000 Credits. Go to your inventory and hold [TRIANGLE] / [Y] while selecting the Stun Gun to customize it. Add the Laser-Targeting System and upgrade the ammo capacity three times to get the trophy/achievement “Trophy: Ruthless Efficiency”, then reload your game to an earlier point (the save you made back in Marta Babik’s apartment, for instance?) to refund you those Credits and Crafting Parts.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Ruthless Efficiency

Fully upgrade a weapon of your choice.

Trophy icon

Oleg Dragos Apartment

Head back out onto the balcony, then turn south and climb onto the billboard’s walkway to the south. Once there make a running jump to the sloped roof to the south, then walk along this roof to the east until you spot another balcony in that direction. Get a running jump and you’ll reach this balcony, on which you’ll find the eBook “The Long Mean While Chapter 27” resting on a table. Turn south and hack a Keypad (Security Rating: 1), then enter the apartment, where you’ll find some Painkillers, alcohol, Crafting Parts, a Credit Chip and a Multi-Tool. If you want to snoop on some emails and gain some XP, hack the computer (Security Rating: 3).


Get back down to ground level and head east from the Palisade Metro Station to find a road. Cross the street to the east and enter the “Tubehouse” store and talk to the vendor, who will try to sell you a Biocell pack (five Biocells for 450 Credits). Buy them - or not - then head through a doorway and down some stairs to find a fairly impressive looking theater setup. Grab “Breach Software #20” off a seat, then hack the computer (Security Rating: 2) to learn a passcode. Might come in handy later.

Leave the Tubehouse and ignore the magic shop across the street - you’ll find a reason to go there soon enough. Instead head south-east down the street until you find a tunnel to the north-east. Go down the tunnel, leap a fence, then turn east to find two storage sheds (both are locked with nearby Keypads (Security Rating: 2)) and a manhole cover decorated like a casino chip. The western shed contains a good deal of alcohol, a Weapons Briefcase and a Tactical Shotgun, while the eastern one contains various units of software including Reveal Software, Stop! Worm Software, Datascan Software and “Breach Software #22” , of which are located on some shelves to the east. On some shelves to the west you’ll find a unit of Nuke Virus Software a Stem Processor Chip and a button on the wall that opens a back door to a tech shop, which you don’t need to bother with just yet.

The vendor of the Tubehouse store will offer to sell you a bundle of Biocells (left). You can also head downstairs and grab Breach Software #20 (right).

Otars Casino

Plunder the storage sheds then open the casino chip manhole cover. Descend into the sewers and head south-west, then turn south and go through an open door, then open a closed door. Upon entering the casino you’ll here Otar whining about good old lost values in the home country. He’ll talk to you and pretty much cudgel you over the head with the impression that you should be direct and honest, so when you get a chance to speak pick the “Straight Talk” dialogue option. Do this a total of three times throughout the conversation, picking the “Straight Talk” response every time and Otar will offer to make a deal with you; he’ll give you the Neuroplasticity Calibrator in exchange for an undisclosed favor later on. Accept and you’ll get the trophy/achievement “Honor Holds Us All Together”.

Objective Reward
For straight-talking with Otar XP 1000
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Honor Holds Us All Together

You completed the debate with Otar Botkoveli.

Trophy icon

Listen to Otar whining about the good old days (left) then apply what you heard to talk him into giving you the Neuroplasticity Calibrator (right).

Now that you’re on Otar’s good side, you can freely loot his casino… more or less. Pick up everything loose lying around, as there are a couple of guns and alcohol to grab. Behind the bar is a Pocket Secretary which will impart a password to you, and if you crouch under a curtain and explore the western corner of the casino floor you can find a Weapons Briefcase with some treats inside. Make your way to the eastern corner of the casino, turn south-west and leap over some boxes to find a Keypad to hack (Security Rating: 1). Leap onto some boxes to the south-west to find a Weapons Briefcase with a Mine Template and some ammo in it, then drop down a hole in the ground to find a Case containing a Biocell. Return to the Keypad, compromise the network, open the door, bust open some lockers to score a Credit Chip and some more ammo, then turn south-west to find a vent you can climb into. Snake your way through the vent, inside of which you’ll find “Triangle Code #15” .

Continue through the vent to reach Otar’s office, where, as promised, you’ll find the Neuroplasticity Calibrator on his desk. Other goodies lie scattered throughout, but the best bit is the unit of “Breach Software #4” on a desk to the south-east. Wait for the guard to leave and you can also indulge yourself by hacking Otar’s computer (Security Rating: 1) and a Security (Security Rating: 2). Plunder some lockers, then, if you’re really greedy, loot a Weapons Briefcase and hack a Keypad near a Safe (Security Rating: 1) to open said Safe, which contains some more ammo.

Objective Reward
For obtaining the Neuroplasticity Calibrator XP 1500

Leave Otar’s office and head north-west past a pool table, then turn south-west and crawl under a pipe to reach a small room with some lockers you can loot. Do so, then leave the room and make your way back south-east past Otar’s Office to find a couch. Grab a Tactical Shotgun and the eBook “Family Values” off a nearby table. Leave the casino and return to the ladder that’ll take you out of the sewers.

Grab the Neuroplasticity Calibrator off Otar’s desk (left) then be sure to pick up an eBook on a table outside (right).

Exploring Palisade District Sewers

There’s a bit more loot to be found in the rest of the sewers, if you’re willing to explore. If not, skip ahead to the next quest “SM01: The Golden Ticket” . Head east from the ladder that’ll take you to the surface, turn south down a tunnel and follow it as it turns east again, ducking under some pipes, then turn south to reach a larger chamber. To the west is a locked, gas-filled room (Security Rating: 1) wherein you’ll find the bodies of two Thugs. Aside from a Pocket Secretary and some Credit Chips, though, they have little of interest on them. To turn off that gas you’ll need to bolt from the door to find a Valve on a pipe, but unless you’ve upgraded your health, use HypoStim Injectors, or invested Praxis in the “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation, you’re probably going to have trouble doing this. The loot isn’t really worth the trouble.

Continue down the passage to the south to find a laser grid guarding a Keypad and the door it locks. You can bypass these lasers by either using the “Remote Hacking” ability, or you can just pick up one of the nearby boxes and - from a safe distance - toss them into the lasers to set them off. This will also destroy the door, negating the need to hack the Keypad. Beyond you’ll find the living quarters of some down-on-their-luck augs. Search an alcove to the north to find a Hydraulic Pump and a Biocell, then turn south and jump on two pipes that span a gap.

Follow the pipes south and jump off them to reach the platform on the other side of the chamber. Turn east and go through a door to find a box of Crafting Parts and a Weapons Briefcase containing some ammo. To the north is another door, and although nothing interesting lies beyond it, you can score two hacking Software by hacking the door’s Keypad (Security Rating: 1). To do this, however, you’ll need to get to the other side of the door, which involves dropping down on another pipe, then jumping east.

Return back north across the double pipes and find a ladder leading down. Descend down the ladder and head west a bit, drop down into some muck, then turn south to find a drainage hole on the wall. Jump on in there and follow the passage until it ends, then turn south and jump up into another drainage tunnel. Continue south a short distance to reach a tunnel running perpendicular, where you’ll find a Case containing a Multi-Tool and another box of Crafting Tools. Exploration pays! Return through the drainage tunnels to the large chamber they empty into, then head to the eastern end of the chamber and jump up onto a ledge to find two Heavy Metal Crates in the way. Move them to find a hidden passage, then continue down said passage to find the secret abode of some antisocial Civilian. Grab the trivial loot lying around, then hack a Safe (Security Rating: 4) to score some Grenade Launcher Frag Grenades, a unit of Stealth Software and a unit of Stop! Worm Software.

Exit the aug sanctuary and return to the sewer outside their abode. From here follow a tunnel south, then west past an inactive generator, turning south-west, then west into another tunnel that’ll ultimately turn south and deposit you in a large, gas-filled chamber. From where you enter turn west to spot an “h” shaped pipe, where you’ll find a valve to turn off the gas, but again, without the “Implanted Rebreather” augmentation or the squandering of many HypoStim Injectors, you probably won’t live long enough to manage it. Not that there’s really any need - down in the mist you’ll find the body of P.Y. Navetat, who carries some Crafting Parts and Painkillers. Hardly worth the effort. You can also maneuver to the far end of this chamber just fine by using pipes and ledges without bothering with the gas if you were so inclined. You shouldn’t be, however - you’re done with these sewers.

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