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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Exploring Zelen Apartments

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Breach Software #29
eBook: The Machinegod
Praxis Kit
eBook: An Appeal to Basic Humanity

Apartment #41: The Builders Apartment

First obstacle on your trip to see Vaclav Koller are the Zelen Apartments themselves… well, they’re not much of an obstacle, really, but there’s a bit of trouble you can get into while you’re here. Follow the walkway to find some stairs, then turn west at the stairs to find apartment #41. You’ll have to hack the keypad outside to get in (Security Rating: 1) after which you can plunder the apartment, as there are plenty of Crafting Parts lying around, as well as a unit of Datascan Software and a unit of “Breach Software #29” , both of which are on the desk in the south-eastern corner of the apartment. Breach Software is another collectible that’ll be pointed out as you explore the game, as it will give you benefits in the Breach mode. Lastly there’s a Tactical Shotgun along the northern end of the room, between a white table and a off-white metal shelf.

Be sure to read the eBook “The Machinegod” on a counter, then look at the southern wall to find a suspended mannequin with the words “THE VOID WHICH BINDS” above it. Creepy. Interact with the laptop on the cardboard box in the middle of the room and enter the password “thevoidwhichbinds” to gain access to some emails, which provides a bit of information about some cult, its “Mother” figure, and some “Ascension”. Lastly enter the room to the west and rob Josef Severn of his Credit Chip, then grab some Shotgun Shells and a Stem Processor off a metal table. The Cultist nearby doesn’t seem to care.

The unsettling wall decoration betray’s the password of the man in apartment #14 (left). Be sure to grab Breach Software #29 while you’re here (right).

Apartment #31: Crazy Cat Ladys Kip

Leave the apartment and head down two flights of stairs to find apartment #31 to the west. Hack the keypad (get the Nuke Software from the Datastore if you can) and enter the apartment. There’s not too much to see and do here at the moment; you only need bother with this place if you absolutely have to grab the Credit Chips and booze inside. You can also enter the bedroom and enter the password “starlight” into the laptop to read… well, the kind of email you might expect to find on a crazy cat lady’s computer.

Apartment #32: The Apathetic Evictees Abode

Leave the cat lady’s apartment and head north of the stairs to find apartment #32, which is completely unlocked. Enter it and you’ll find a crying civilian who doesn’t seem to care if you rob him blind. His computer is probably too much for you to hack, but if you use a Multitool (save your game, craft one, then use it like any gun - aim it at the laptop and hold down the [R2] / [RT] button) you can find out there’s probably a good reason for his apathy. The eviction notice on his door probably doesn’t help, either.

Oh well, he’s already having a bad enough day, you robbing him won’t hurt any worse. Grab whatever trivial loot you can scare up, then search the floor between the window and the couch to find a floor Stash, inside of which you’ll find a Credit Chip, some Crafting Parts, a Biocell and a “Praxis Kit” . Praxis Kits are nifty little items that allow you to install a new augmentation - basically a free level up.

Apartment #22: Neon Dealers Den

Return outside and head down a flight of stairs. At the landing, however, examine the southern wall to find a vent, which you can - and should - climb into. Do so and drop down, then crawl east, then north to find another vent leading into an apartment. The dwellers herein aren’t so nice as the last guy, though, so you’ll need to carefully sneak out of the kitchen via the western door and grab a Pocket Secretary on a small white table along the western wall. Read it to find the password to the laptop in the kitchen is “dobranoc”, then use said password to read the emails of these drug dealers. Seems there’s a new drug on the street called Neon, and as an agent of Interpol… well, it might be a good idea to get this Neon off the streets of Prague. This will start the quest “SM00: Neon Nights” , which you’ll get to in a bit.

First, though, if you’re feeling frisky you can dispatch the Thug and his Punk girlfriend, although you’ll have to be fast, as dealing with the latter will likely catch the attention of the former. She’s not really a threat, but her panic can be annoying, and she could probably use a nap. If you get rid of these menaces you can freely loot their apartment, then exit out the front door… or if you wish, climb back up the vent and continue downstairs to find the front door of their apartment, #22, and hack the keypad [CODE: 0310] . It’s worth some bonus XP if you open the door via the keypad rather than open it from inside the apartment, after all.

Apartment #23: Teresa Petrauskas Apartment

From the front door of apartment #22 head north, then west to find apartment #23. At this point in time you just don’t have a way to bypass the keypad locking the door (Security Rating: 3), but fortunately there’s another way inside. Turn south and jump onto the concrete railing around the walkway here and carefully drop down onto a ledge below you, then walk along this ledge to the west (leaping over lights as you go) to reach the second window. Open it and search the kitchen counter to find the eBook “An Appeal to Basic Humanity” , then head into the bedroom to the west. Note the weak western wall of the bedroom and remember it for later - you’ll have to come take advantage of it later, when you get some of your augmentations back. Return to the kitchen and head north to reach the living room to find a computer. Enter the password “krodine” to reach the computer’s emails, then leave the apartment. If you go back out via the window you can save the keypad until you can hack it, but that’s a rather extreme way to stretch out the XP in this game.

In apartment #32 you can find a hidden stash (left). Tars dwells in apartment #21. He might not be too nice, but he’ll buy junk you find (right).

Apartment #21: Tars Shop

Make your way back to the stairs and turn west to find apartment #21, wide open and inviting. Make sure your weapon is sheathed (hold down [SQUARE] / [X] and press [L2] / [LT] and head into the apartment, then turn south to find the black market merchant Tars. Don’t steal anything in this house - the guards here only have so much patience - and talk to Tars. You can sell him excess weapons and buy a variety of weapons, ammo, weapons mods, consumables (including two Praxis Kits for a whopping 10,000 Credits each!) and some Crafting Parts. If you really want to stretch your wallet out, remember that when you pick up multiple weapons of the same type you just grab the ammo out of subsequent weapons. If you want to sell weapons, you’re going to have to bring them to Tars (or other merchants) one weapon at a time.

Exit Tar’s shop and make your way down another two flights of stairs to reach the ground floor of the apartment complex’s courtyard. Down here you can find some Machinegod Cultists you can question (the bald, male cultist at least) to learn about their cult. West of them are two storage sheds you can’t get into yet… if only your augmentations were online.

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