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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M4: Checking Out TF29

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area .
eBook: U.N. Resolution 3507 (2029) Breach Software #1
Praxis Kit NSN Keycard
Triangle Code #9 Shooting Range Keycard
Neuropozyne eBook: In Terror Firma
Neuropozyne eBook: Task Force 29 - Mission Statement
Neuropozyne eBook: Modern Business Review
eBook: The Long Mean While Chapter 1

Entering TF29

You’ve now hopefully explored almost all of northern Prague open to you at this time, so you should be swimming in Praxis and Credits. Also, you should be familiar with the area now. That being the working assumption, head to the “Praha Dovoz” shipping company shop, which is east of Rose’s Garden. Enter the shop and breeze through it to the north, as there’s little of interest in here, despite the fact that there are multiple ways to enter this shop. Go through two doors to the north and investigate a picture frame to reveal a Keycard Reader and use your TF29 Elevator Keycard to reach TF29.

Objective Reward
For visiting TF29 XP 1950

1 Security: Holding Cells

TF29 is absolutely packed with loot, so it’s worth keeping Miller waiting a bit longer so you can score some of these goodies. Continue north until you get the opportunity to turn east, then head into the door marked “1 Security: Holding Cells”, then turn west to enter another security room. Hack a computer (password “NMKKHJ223” ) (Security Rating: 1) and select the option to open the NSN Server door and a holding cell door, if you wish. Return to the hallway and continue south, through a cage door, then east to find the eBook “U.N. Resolution 3507 (2029)”

In TF29’s Infirmary you can open a safe to find goodies, including Neuropozyne and Triangle Code #9 (left). You can also search a Medical Box on top of a cabinet to find a Praxis Kit (right).

2 Infirmary

Leave the security room and continue east to find the room marked “2 Infirmary” and search a Medical Box to find a HypoStim Injector. Next, hack a computer (password: “neuropozyne” ) (Security Rating: 1) and read the mail to learn a bit about some new TF29 personnel. Turn east and you’ll find a counter with a sink on it, above which are a row of storage cabinets. On top of these storage cabinets, nestled between scores of books, you’ll find a Medical Box which happens to contain a “Praxis Kit” .

In the south-eastern corner of the infirmary you’ll find another Keypad (Security Rating: 3), which opens the door to the storage room. This place is one of the more generous rooms in TF29 - grab a Biocell and a HypoStim and Painkillers off opposite shelves, turn turn east to find a Pocket Secretary hiding behind a box. Once done, hack a Keypad (CODE: 4822) (Security Rating: 2) and open a safe to find “Triangle Code #9” and three doses of “Neuropozyne” .

In the Forensics office you can find an eBook (left) and Breach Software #1 in a safe (right).

3 Forensics

Return to the main chamber of TF29 and continue east, then north around the edge of the room to find the open door to the Forensics lab. Loot some Crafting Parts in here, then head through another doorway to the east. Loot some drawers to find a Gyroscopic Regulator, then read the eBook “The Long Mean While Chapter 1” leaning against some books. Hack a computer (Security Rating: 2) if you wish to read some emails, then hack another Keypad to the east (Security Rating: 3) which will open a nearby wall safe containing “Breach Software #1” and some Crafting Parts.

4 Psychiatrist

Exit the forensics lab and head west to find “4 Psychiatrist”, wherein you’ll find some Painkillers and a Credit Chip. Hack the computer (password “auz1lu51at1” ) (Security Rating: 5) if you can and you’ll get access to some emails.

Head back outside and turn west to find a Credit Chip, then hack a computer (Security Rating: 1). Turn south and you’ll two computers (Security Rating: 1) you can hack to get access to various, trivial bits of information. It’s really all about the XP. Once done, keep going west along the northern end of the room to find the “5 IT Support” door.

Inside the IT Support office you’ll find the NSN Keycard (left). You can also hack a computer to find a variety of passwords (right), which will save you some trouble later on.

5 IT Support

Enter the room and pick up a unit of Nuke Virus Software, a unit of Reveal Software and a Stem Processor Chip. Next, turn your attention to the computer in the room (Security Rating: 1) and hack it to gain access to various emails - some of which actually have useful codes in them. One such code can be used on the Keypad to the west (CODE: 5545) (Security Rating: 1), beyond which is a small room containing the “NSN Keycard” , a unit of Stealth Software, a unit of Stop! Worm Software, and another computer (Security Rating: 1) which can be hacked for a number of passwords.

Ignore the vent on the wall as it goes nowhere useful and instead just return out the door the way you entered. Go upstairs and you’ll meet Aria Argento - a friendly face and a welcome change of pace. She’ll give you the “Shooting Range Keycard” (starting POI: Shooting Range) and invite you to talk at her office, which is exactly what you should do.

6-7 Briefing Room

Return back downstairs and venture south, back towards the entrance, along the way entering either the door “6 Briefing Room” or “7 Briefing Room”. In here you’ll find a computer (Security Rating: 1) you can hack for a password.

8 Shooting Range

Back near the entrance of TF29 (just west of the elevator) you’ll find Aria, but before you bother her, use your shiny new keycard to open the door “8 Shooting Range”. Entering is enough to complete POI: Shooting Range, but more XP can be gained by going through this rather late tutorial, which also provides some useful information regarding upgrading weapons, the effects of different bullets, and how to quick-swap weapons, ammo and mods. Oh, plus there’s an eBook in there, so… you have plenty of reason to do this tutorial.

Objective Reward
For exploring the Point of Interest XP 350

At the Shooting Range, Aria will teach you some of the finer points of combat (left). Afterwards, be sure to pick up the eBook in the Shooting Range (right).

Head into the shooting range area and bash some lockers to find a HypoStim Injector and some Crafting Parts, then turn south and select the option to “Enter the Shooting Range”. Grab the eBook “In Terror Firma” off a chair, then complete the shooting range tutorial to learn some valuable information, as mentioned earlier. When you’re done, soak up that delicious XP and leave the shooting range.

Objective Reward
For completing the shooting range tutorial XP 750


Now make your way to where Aria waits and chat with her to learn more about her, if you wish, then continue past her to the south to reach the armory. Grab some Crafting Parts and a Mine Template out of a Weapons Locker, then hack her computer (Security Rating: 2) to learn some useful codes. Speaking of which, hack the Keypad to the wall safe nearby (CODE: 2023) (Security Rating: 4), inside of which is a Gas Grenade, two EMP Grenades and a Frag Grenade. Last and certainly not least, turn your attention to the Keypad to the south, beyond which pretty loot dwells. Hack the Keypad (Security Rating: 5) and plunder the goodies beyond the cage, which include a Sniper Rifle, Sniper Rifle Ammo, a Stun Gun, Grenade Launcher EMP Grenades, Grenade Launcher Gas Grenades and some Combat Rifle Armor Piercing Ammo. Starting to feel the need for that “Carry Capacity: 90KG” augmentation yet?

Chang is paranoid about a possible security breach - and it’s well worth your time to agree to look into it (left). Of the many things you can do in the Counterterrorism section, grabbing an eBook is perhaps the most noteworthy (right).

Cyber Crime

Leave the armory and return back upstairs, then head into the large room to the west - Peter Chang’s “Cyber Crime” wing. In this area you can find several computers to hack for emails containing lore and codes, most of which are (Security Rating: 1), although there is one (Security Rating: 2) computer here. Hack them if you wish, then head to the northern end of the room to find Peter Chang, whose paranoia wasn’t exaggerated, although it may be justified. Ask him about the hack Praha Dovoz recently suffered and accept his request look into the hack to start “SM05: Samizdat” . Loot the drawers behind Peter Chang to score a Credit Chip and a unit of Datascan Software, then head south to reach Vincent Black’s office.

Vincent Blacks Office

The man himself might not be in, but don’t let that stop you from saying “hi” by looting his office. First, hack his computer (password: “origami1970” ) (Security Rating: 2) to learn that… well, the Dvali aren’t the nicest bunch of people. Who knew? Make your way east to find a Keypad (Security Rating: 5) which opens a safe containing a Silencer.

12 Counterterrorism

Exit the room via its southern door and continue east along the walkway until you find the “12 Counterterrorism” door to the south. Hack some computers in this room, most for XP, then talk to Arun Singh, if he’s still alive, to learn that he’s apparently going right back out into the field. Guess an undercover agent really can’t stay gone long without blowing their cover. Grab the eBook “Task Force 29 - Mission Statement” off the desk near Singh when you’re done talking to him. To the west you’ll find your modest office, where you can read some emails actually meant for you, for a change. Loot a nearby locker to score some Pistol Regular Ammo, then head back east to find Duncan Macready’s office, near which is a case containing some Crafting Parts.

Once all that’s done, brace yourself and go through the door marked “16 Duncan Macready” and talk to the jerk. When you get a chance to respond, pick the “challenge” option to piss him off, or “focus” to get a more neutral response. Endure conversation with him, then hack his computer (password: “sharp007” - seriously?) (Security Rating: 2) to rummage through his emails, then grab some Pistol EMP Ammo out of some drawers behind his desk. On your way out, pick up a 10mm Pistol off a shelf near the door.

10 NSN Servers

Leave the counterterrorism room and head north up the eastern side of TF29’s upper floor, past Jim Miller’s office. When you run out of north, turn west to find a Pocket Secretary resting on a table, then turn your attention back east to the “10 NSN Servers” doorway. There are two ways in; you can either hack the security terminal downstairs (in “1 Security”) and disable the door lock, or head back to the stairs and from there turn east to spot a vent behind some monitors. Crawl through the vent, then run past some electricity buzzing merrily on the floor, turn off a breaker and slither crawl through another vent to bypass the door entirely.

Grab a unit of Stop! Worm Software off the lower shelf of a cart and a Stem Processor Chip from atop an ejected server, then hack the computer in this room (password: “jjpoxz774” ) (Security Rating: 1), mostly for some info about the NSN Server. Next turn east and hack a keypad (CODE: 7734) (Security Rating: 2) to open the nearby door… or you can just jump up to the north, then find a hatch through the cage to get to the room below. Either do that, or go through the now-open door and turn north to find a server area, where you can score a unit of Stop! Worm Software, a Stem Processor Chip and a unit of Stealth Software.

Once that loot is yours, make your way south out of the low server area and walk to the NSN server, where you can plant Alex’s Whisper Chip.

Objective Reward
For planting the Whisper Chip XP 3150

Leave the NSN server and make your way to Jim Miller’s office, who complains about the politics his work exposes him to, then gives you your next assignment. Ironically, looks like you get to investigate the Ruzicka Station bombing you were caught up in. This ends “M4: Checking Out TF29” and begins “M5: Claiming Jurisdiction” .

Objective Reward
For reporting in to Jim Miller XP 1950

Sneak over to the NSN Server and plant Alex’s Whisper Chip (left), then go meet Miller, who will give you your next assignment (right).

Before you run off anywhere, though, you might as well search Jim Miller’s office. On his desk you’ll find the eBook “Modern Business Review” while in the south-eastern corner you can score a Multi-Tool hiding in some drawers. If you hack his computer (Security Rating: 3) you’ll learn that Miller is bad-mouthing you to the boss, and if you want a bit more loot head into the “Neural Subnet” room to the north and search some drawers to find a unit of Overclock Software and a Hydraulic Micropump.

With that, it’s time to leave TF29. The quest “SM05: Samizdat” will give you an excuse to explore both the sewers under Prague and the Palisade Property Bank, so it’s where the guide will take you to next. If you can’t be bothered to explore and score more great loot, however, skip ahead to the “M5: Claiming Jurisdiction” section.

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