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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

M10: Meeting with Janus

Nathan Garvin

After you complete “M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists” and “M9: Checking Out the Men in Charge” you’ll be contacted by Alex, who will set up a meeting with Janus. She’ll also direct you to some intel on Marchenko. This starts “M10: Meet with Janus” and POI: Dead Drop, respectively. There’s also a significant decision you’ll have to make up ahead, so you should be ready to make a HARD SAVE soon, especially if you’re after trophies/achievements.

POI: Dead Drop

First things first, let’s go find this intel on Marchenko. Head to the Monument Station and search a trash bin near the stairs to find a Pocket Secretary under some coffee cups. Read it to become enlightened… or at least, less ignorant.

Meeting Janus

Head back into the “Tourist Center” near the Monument Station, jump through the window, enter the eastern room and climb through a vent near the door to reach the subterranean tourism center. Make your way into the eastern room and you’ll get your meeting with Janus, which is ultimately cut short by the arrival of some police drones.

Objective Reward
For meeting with Janus XP 500

Sneaking out of here is a bit of a chore, and there’s really only two ways to escape without fighting, one of which requires abusing Glass-Shield Cloaking, which is something that hasn’t often been necessary so far. Sneak to the northern end of the room and enter a vent, which will take you to the northern room of the tourism center. Look at the ceiling and you should find another vent, which you can climb into… after making sure no drones are watching, of course.

Climb through the ducts and you’ll drop out into a bathroom, then sneak south to a doorway to find a hole in the ground leading to a sewer. You can drop down here to escape the tourism center, but when you do a pair of drones down here will go into “searching” mode. There’s only two of them, but they’re a chore to sneak around. Instead, sneak PAST the hole to the south to reach some more bathrooms. Make your way to the southern-most bathroom stall and turn east to find a hole in the wall, and from here look south-east to see the elevator shaft. It’s your means of egress, but it’s protected by a laser grid, not to mention the drones.

If you have Glass-Shield Cloaking you should have an easy solution to escape the place without drawing any attention, just make sure your energy meter isn’t a mere nub (you frequently recover energy after completing main quests, so you might not need a Biocell), pop on Glass-Shield cloaking, and sneak your way past the lasers and into the elevator shaft. Once you’re in the elevator shaft, hide behind a metal crate near a ladder and when your energy recover, climb the ladder, being sure to pop on Glass-Shield Cloaking near the top to avoid another laser. You should now be in the clear; just climb one more ladder, go through the vent to return to the upper part of the Tourism Center then exit out onto the street.

Objective Reward
For escaping the drone ambush XP 500

Pick Your Poison

Once you’re outside Nomad Stanek will contact you, proving incontrovertibly that everybody else in TF29 is incompetent. He’ll tell you the dire news; he thinks his daughter’s life is in danger, and implores you to return to the Capek District to rescue her. What? It’s dire news for him. As you go to travel at any metro, however, Alex will contact you and tell you that VersaLife is making a move - one you need to intercept. You now have two choices: go save Allison and learn more about the Ruzicka bombing, or head to the bank and see what secrets VersaLife is hiding in their corporate vault. Make your choice, but keep in mind that whichever one you choose here you are NOT obligated to fulfill - it just sets the waypoint marker.

So, what’s the difference between the two choices? Well, if you go after Allison Stanek you’ll get the “God Killer” trophy/achievement. Not to mention, this gets you immediate access to the “Church of the Machinegod” area in southern Prague, where you can also get the “Ballsy” trophy/achievement. In addition, there are three eBooks, two Triangle Codes and three units of Breach Software in the Church of the Machinegod. On the other hand, you can get into the place later on in the game (albeit, with a bit more difficulty), so all of those collectibles can also be yours if you go to the bank - you only void the “God Killer” trophy. In the bank you’ll get an item that’ll allow you to get the “He’s [Not] Dead, Jim” trophy/achievement and an eBook that you will NEVER be able to get again, hence also voiding the “Tablet Collector” trophy/achievement.

That being the case, if you care about trophies/achievements is suggested you make a HARD SAVE, start out with “M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker” , complete that mission (if you follow this guide, it’ll only take you a few minutes) and get the “God Killer” and “Ballsy” trophies/achievements, then reload and complete “M12: The Heist” , which will be your canon save for the rest of the walkthrough.

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