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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Ben Chard
First Published: 04-09-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 26-01-2020 / 14:18 GMT

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Guide

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Act I


The Greatest Kingdom of Erdrea

Heliodor is a lot larger than the village of Cobblestone that the Hero resides from. There’s many shops here, items hidden everywhere and people to assist. Your task may be to visit the King of Heliodor but hold off on that for now, your visit with the King will prevent access to here for a while so be sure you’ve fully explored before making the trip to the castle.

Note: You may have already noticed this by now, but you will come across NPCs with a pink speach bubble above their heads. These people will point you in the right direction of your current objective.

To begin with, head north past the fountain in the courtyard to find the next quest. You’ll find a man standing near the stairs leading to the castle offering a quest. Speak to him to hear his request, he wants you to find a book detailing the exploits of two of the Kingdom’s finest, Hendrick and Jasper. Agree to look for the book to accept Quest 02 - The Soldier and the Strategist - A Tale of Two Heroes, you’ll come across them during your time exploring the city.

Accept the second quest as you head north of town
the book can be found by searching the bookshelf in the house to the far east.

Exploring Heliodor

Now is a good time to explore the city, there’s a lot to see and find here. Begin by heading west of the fountain and then south to find a pot outside one of the houses, smash it to obtain 5G. Head north from here and enter the larger building, you’ll find a wardrobe as soon as you enter containing 37G. The barrel in the kitchen has a Moonwort Bulb while there’s a book you can read in the bookshelf for some lore. Head upstairs and exit to the balcony to find two pots to smash, one containing 5G. You’ll have to wait for now to reach the chest, instead head out of this house and north to the shops. In the Weapon shop you’ll be able to find an upgrade for either your Sword or Greatsword that’s worth picking up. There’s a Leather Shield if you’re using Swords and the Leather Hat and Armor should also be upgrades, you should be able to afford these if you’ve been fighting regular battles outside, otherwise wait until you’ve finished looting Heliodor before returning.

Be sure to pick up a new weapon be it a Sword or Greatsword.

Leave the shop and take the stairs up to the left of the Weapons shop to reach the second floor. There’s another book for more lore in the bookshelf and then you can exit to the balcony to find a barrel containing 15G. Drop down to the ground, head west through the archway and take a right straight after to find two barrels in the alley, one containing a Copper Ore. Head north through this alley and then follow the path left to the end to find two more pots to smash, one containing 20G.

Head through the alley near you and head right towards the house with the cart outside it to find another barrel containing a Medicinal Herb. Make your way back towards the Weapons shop but head through the south alley to find a ladder leading up to the roofs where you can climb into the chimney of the large house. You’ll find a pot in here containing a Seed of Deftness along with another pot in the bedroom containing 12G. Head out to the balcony here to find a chest containing the useful Gold Bracer which will increase your Defense by 4 and your Charm by 6.

Look for this ladder south of the shops to reach the rooftops
drop down the chimney and out on to the balcony to loot this chest.

With the west side of the area fully explored, turn your attention to the east side of the fountain. Begin by heading into the Tavern to the southeast of the area where you’ll find a Bank and an Inn. The Bank will allow you to deposit your hard earned Gold into it, keeping it safe if you’re to fall in battle (or simply reload your last auto save). The Inn will allow you to rest for a fee and choose which time of day you wake up, this is useful because you’ll only be able to access certain things at night. For now, head upstairs and out onto the balcony to find a pair of barrels, one of which contains a Medicinal Herb. Check the other rooms out up here, in one you’ll find two pots to smash, one of which contains a Flaxen Thread. You’ll find a wardrobe you can search in the other room containing a Bandana. Head out the side door here to go back outside and find two more barrels, one of which will contain another Chimaera Wing.

Thats all for the Tavern for now so head back down the stairs and over to the girl with the quest icon above her head. She needs your help to find her cat, agree to accept Quest 03 - Amelia’s in a Pickle!. Head behind you now where you’ll find the Item shop, there’s nothing of interest for sale but you can go around the side of it to enter the shop. Head behind the counter to find a pot in the bedroom containing a Chimaera Wing and then go upstairs. In the first room, opposite the wardrobe (which is empty) you’ll find two pots to smash, one of which containing a Medicinal Herb. Take the ladder up in the center now to reach the roof where you’ll find two barrels to smash, one containing 6G. Take a look to the right now to spot the missing cat, jump over to the roof and pick her up (where you put it is anyone’s guess!) and then head back to the original roof. You can jump on the crate here to access the roof east of you where you’ll find a chest containing your first Mini Medal.

You'll find a girl with a quest just outside the Inn
use the ladder in the Item shop to reach the roofs and rescue the poor cat.

Note: You’ll find Mini Medals all over Erdrea and you’ll be able to take them to a certain place to gain exclusive rewards much later in your journey.

Drop back down to the ground and return to the girl, she’ll be delighted that you’ve found her cat and the quest will complete, rewarding you with a Kitty Litter. The next building along is the Church, save your game if you need to and then head around the north wall of it outside to come across two barrels, of which you’ll find 4G in one of them. Return to the south of the item shop and along the back wall here to find another two pots to smash where you’ll obtain 6G.

Drop down to the ground and follow the path to the southeast side of town, you’ll find some crates you can climb on to reach a platform with two barrels where you’ll obtain 30G. Head into the nearby house and check the bookshelf to find the book that the man was looking for related to Quest 02. Check the kitchen for a pot containing a Flintstone before heading upstairs. You’ll find a pot in the first room containing 9G and at the back room two more pots, one of which contains yet another Medicinal Herb.

Leave this house now and head north where you’ll spot a guard blocking an entranceway. Climb onto the barrel ahead and then use the crates to jump over, you’ll find a Seed of Strength in one of the barrels. You won’t be able to smash the pots behind the guard for now so return south a little and head up the first short steps you see. Climb the scaffholding here to reach a balcony with a pot on it, inside you’ll find a Flurry Feather. Drop back down and head into the house north of your location to find a wardrobe with some Fishnet Stockings.

Head around to the back of the house to find some barrels where you’ll obtain an Antidotal Herb and then look to the crates to your left. Climb them to reach a balcony with a ladder on it, use this to reach the roof. Up here you’ll notice a rope that you can use to cross over to the roof of the Church, do so to find another one leading north where you can then follow it all the way to the east and more barrels, one of which containing 3G. Head back to the lower area of the town and over to the area you was just in but now below it, there’s three barrels here containing 7G and a Medicinal Herb.

That’s all of the items in the lower half of town for now, head back over to the man standing near the stairs leading to the Royal Square to hand over the book you found, as thanks you’ll receive a Drasilian Shilling. Head up the stairs now to the Royal Square where more items await!

Head into the garden of the southeast house and make your way through the bush in the corner
a hidden chest awaits at the end.

Start by searching the southwest house, on the ground floor you’ll find a wardrobe with some Plain Clothes inside and on the second floor you’ll find 25G in one of the barrels. You can’t access the northwest house but you will find a Medicinal Herb in one of the pots outside it’s door. Head over to the northeast house now and you’ll find a chest under the stairs containing 100G. The southeast house is locked for now but you can access it’s garden, do so and head around back to find a chest containing a Seed of Sorcery.

You’ve now fully explored all there is to see in Heliodor and completed the two quests available here for now. Once you’re happy with everything (don’t forget the weapons and armor from the shops) then head to the castle gates during the day, you’ll be granted passage to see the King.

Exploring Heliodor Castle

7GBottom floor, west garden, pot
Butterfly WingBottom floor, west garden, pot
Wayfarer's ClothesMiddle floor, northwest room, wardrobe
Antidotal HerbMiddle floor, northeast room, pot
Medicinal HerbMiddle floor, northeast room, pot
Medicinal HerbTop floor, west stairs, pot
Seed of TherapeusisTop floor, center area, pot
Mini MedalTop floor, balcony, barrel
Single PhialTop floor, balcony, pot
Strong MedicineTop floor, east stairs, pot

Although you may be temtped to head straight to the King after all of that exploration, there’s still some more items to find in the castle first. Begin by heading west and out to an outside area, to the north are some pots where you’ll find 7G along with more to the south containing a Butterfly Wing. Head back in and take the stairs up to the Middle floor, exploring the first room on your left to find a wardrobe with some Wayfarer’s Clothes inside. The room below you has a chest but you won’t be able to open it for now so head over to the east side of the Middle floor and search the northeast room. You’ll find an Antidotal Herb and Medicinal Herb in the pots while in the room below you’ll find a Leather Hat in the wardrobe.

Smash the pots in the corridors to the south of the Top Floor to find another Seed
exit onto the balcony to find more barrels and pots to break, one of which contains a Mini Medal.

Head north ignoring the next two rooms and then going left and up the stairs here to reach the Top floor. Search the northeast corner of the stairs here to find a pot with a Medicinal Herb. Head south in the center here to reach another large room, head down the east corridor to find a pot with a Seed of Therapeusis. Continue south and exit to the balcony where you’ll find a Mini Medal in the barrels and a Single Phial in the pots. Return to the Top floor stairways and search the east side, you’ll find a pot in the southwest corner with a Strong Medicine.

You’ve managed to loot all the items for now so head back down the stairs and to the Throne room finally to meet with the King at long last. It appears the King is not as overjoyed to see you as you may have anticipated and brands you as the Darkspawn before General Hendrick tosses you into the dungeons.


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