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Jarrod Garripoli


Galenholm is the first Pastword you will receive, with it gotten from Ickle upon first accessing the Tickington town. It is possible to complete this area as soon as you gain access to Tickington, where you should be around level 12-13.


Name HP
Slime ~7
Dracky ~11
She-Slime ~25
Drohl Drone ~28
Drackmage ~28
Chimaera ~49
Fromage Fray ~39
Fromage Flay (Rarefied) ~160

The enemies you find in this little area are mostly ones you have already fought in the main game. The only potentially new enemies you haven’t seen yet are the Chimaera and the Fromage Fray. The Chimaera has a Fire Breath attack that hits the entire party for around 10 damage or so. The Fromage Fray can use Bang on the party, dealing quite a bit of damage, and also heal itself by eating cheese. Note that there is a Rarefied version of the Fromage Fray, called the Fromage Flay, which has more HP and does more damage. They can use Zam, a single-target spell, as well as Tongue Lashing, which can cause a character to lose a turn.

(1 of 2) The Fromage Flay is a Rarefied monster, so they can be tough

The Fromage Flay is a Rarefied monster, so they can be tough (left), Go through this part of the curtain to find the boss (right)


There’s nothing in the little town area, so head straight to the old man standing in front of the doorway. Speak to him to learn about a fiend that stole something called the Lyre of Ire. Accept the quest, called The Harp-Hearkened Horrors, then go through the doorway behind him. There will be three chests sitting in the open here, so open for a Lamplight, Medicinal Herb and 20g. There is a dark curtain in the back of the room and if you look closely, you see a spot on the left side that is slightly off from the rest. Walk into that spot to be transported outside, then follow the trail to the monster on the right side. Speak to the monster to begin a fight against the Wrongo Bongo.

(1 of 2) Wrongo Bongo can summon extra enemies with the Lyre

Wrongo Bongo can summon extra enemies with the Lyre (left), His Wicked Beat can cause your characters to skip their next turn (right)

The Wrongo Bongo is a mini-boss of sorts and the fiend who stole the Lyre of Ire. It has around 150 HP and can summon a She-Slime/Drohl Drone into the fight if it uses the Lyre. Other than that, it has a normal attack that does ok damage, but the Hero and Erik probably won’t take much damage from it. You might want to cast Buff on Veronica and Serena, though, as their defense will probably be a bit lower than the other two. Wicked Beat will hit the entire party, giving it a chance to cause a character to lose their next turn. Emboldening Beat simply raises the boss’ and any other enemies’ attack. Overall, it’s a simple fight and you should concentrate solely on the Wrongo Bongo before dealing with adds it may spawn.

Upon defeating Wrongo Bongo, the random encounters will stop and you will receive the Lyre of Ire. Return to the old man from before and hand over the Lyre to complete the quest, earning yourself a Gold Bracer. The townspeople will also be back, but there is nothing to see or do here, so use the portal to return to Tickington and finish off Galenholm.


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