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Bunny Tails

Jarrod Garripoli

The drop rates for items in Dragon Quest XI can be a bit on the low side, especially if you’re going for those rarer items. However, there are pieces of equipment that improve the drop rate of items from enemies, with the first one you can obtain being Bunny Tails. What these magical little accessories do is increase the drop rate success by 1%. Considering you can equip two accessories at a time and have four characters in battle, that means equipping eight Bunny Tails will bump that up to 8%. So, as the name of the accessory suggests, Bunny Tails will drop from the Bunicorn and other enemies of the same kind, which extends to Spiked Hares and 24-Carrot Bunicorns (this is a Rarefied version).

(1 of 2) Bunicorns can be farmed from near the beginning of the game

Bunicorns can be farmed from near the beginning of the game (left), Sometimes you’ll get lucky and have a battle with nothing but Bunicorns (right)


The Bunicorn is an enemy you likely have seen a lot of during your early adventure. They are located in the Heliodor Region, around the campsite there, both during the day and at night. Note that at night, the Bunicorns will be sleeping and in groups of three or four, so they aren’t roaming about and you’ll have plenty to pick from in those groups. The Bunny Tail is their rare drop (Leather Hat is the common), so you have two choices on how to go about farming the accessory you want. It’s possible to do it at the beginning of the game, but it’ll be a little easier when you have Erik in your party. Also, you could use Half-Inch to potentially steal the Leather Hat, leaving only the Bunny Tail as a drop.

Once you gain access to the ship, you can drop anchor at Emerald Coast and backtrack with your party. However, the best option would be to wait until you get Jade in your party, as that grants you access to the Hallelujah Pep Power. This one has no specific skills needed, and requires the Hero, Erik and Jade to be pepped up in battle. Once the conditions have been met, you can perform the maneuver. What this does is guarantees the rare drop from the last three enemies you defeat in battle, so if those are the Bunicorns, then you’re guaranteed the Bunny Tails. This is much, much easier than simply slaying them all and hoping for a drop.

(1 of 3) You can put characters out of battle once they’re pepped up

Spiked Hare and 24-Carrot Bunicorn

This enemy can be found on Insula Occidentalis, as well as in the Champs Sauvage region, which you do go to when going after the Silver Orb in the first portion of the game. The Bunny Tail from the Spiked Hare is its common drop, so there’s a higher chance of getting it from them, as compared to the normal Bunicorn. There is also a Rarefied version of the Bunicorn that can be found in the same two locations, called the 24-Carrot Bunicorn. It is much more challenging of a fight, especially if you encounter it during your first trips to either area, but the Bunny Tail is a common drop and much easier to get. It’s probably easier to stick with either of the two normal monsters.

Story Changes

As you progress in the game, you will notice some changes in the monsters, which also means that enemies might not be found in the same spots as before. In the first and second parts of the game, Bunicorns will be found in the Heliodor Region, but they disappear completely in the final part. As for the Spiked Hares, you will always find them on Insula Occidentalis in the first and last parts of the game. In the middle part, though, they will move to the Eerie Eyrie, so if you’re looking for Bunny Tails then, you will have to go there. Where the Spiked Hares go, though, so does the 24-Carrot Bunicorn.


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