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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition


Ben Chard
Items Area
2G Behind Item Shop, barrel
5G Behind hay shack near quest giver, pot
6G Behind the Church, barrel
6G House east of Gemma’s, barrel
7G Southeast cave, barrel
10G Hero’s home, pot
10G Behind Hero’s home, barrel
50G Roof next to Hero’s home, chest
Medicinal Herb Hero’s home, barrel
Medicinal Herb Outside Gemma’s house, barrel
Medicinal Herb Roof of Gemma’s house
Antidotal Herb In front of the house right of quest giver, pot
Antidotal Herb Church, barrel
Seed of Agility Southeast cave, barrel
Copper Ore Southwest cave, pot
Pink Pine Roof next to Quest giver
Flurry Feather Roof next to Hero’s home
Fresh Water Top of the waterfall, near Hero’s house
Cypress Stick Back of Gemma’s house, chest
Plain Clothes Hero’s home, wardrobe


Cobblestone is a quiet village located in the Heliodor region where the Hero and Gemma lives. Peaceful by nature, the village people live a simple life worshiping the Spirit of the Land. You may be tempted to start exploring but for now head to the northeast of the village to find the Hero’s house, Sandy will guide the way once you get closer. Amber will greet the pair upon entry and after hearing what transpired at Cobblestone Tor, will hand over the Precious Pendant. Once night falls, exit the house and head back towards the entrance of Cobblestone, Gemma will be waiting near the large tree for you. Following the heartwarming exchange, you’ll automatically return home as the next day dawns upon you.

Exploring Cobblestone

You now have your task set upon you, you’re to travel to Heliodor to meet the King about your new found discovery. Before you rush off however, take the time to collect all the items situated in Cobblestone, there’s a lot to find.

Starting here in your home, open the cupboard to find some Plain Clothes and a Medicinal Herb in the barrels nearby. Climb the ladder in the storeroom to reach the second floor where you’ll find some pots you can smash, one of which contains 10G. Leave the house now and head towards the house next door. You’ll find nothing of value inside but you can climb onto the roof by jumping onto the crates. At the top you’ll find a chest containing 50G along with a Flurry Feather. Jump back down to the ground and head behind the Hero’s home to find two more barrels, one of which contains another 10G.

(1 of 2) Rummage through wardrobes to find useful items

Rummage through wardrobes to find useful items (left), use the crates to leap on to the shed by using the crates to reach this chest and Sparkly Spot. (right)

Head down the stairs and into the next house, you’ll spot a red book on the bookshelf here. These will contain either lore or a Recipe Book for forging purposes, make a habbit of checking every bookshelf you come across. Exit and search the front of the house to find some more pots, one containing an Antidotal Herb and then head east to spot a villager with a Quest icon above his head, go ahead and speak to him to hear his plea. The man will ask if you can retrieve an item from the roof of his house, agree to do so to begin Quest 01 - The People’s Friend. You should already have the Flurry Feather requested from when you climbed onto your shed a moment ago, hand it over to complete the quest and receive your reward, a Sleeping Hibiscus.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the first quest giver down the stairs from the Hero’s house

You’ll find the first quest giver down the stairs from the Hero’s house (left), you should already have the Flurry Feather already. (right)

Head around the back of his house now and climb to the roof by jumping on the crates here. You’ll find a Sparkly Spot containing a Pink Pine, take it and jump back down. Search around the back of the house to find a hay shack and behind it, another pot containing 5G. Continue down the stairs, ignoring the path past the bridge as it leads to a door that will require the Magic Key. Instead, cross the bridge and head to the nearby Item Shop. Ignore the Cypress Stick she’s selling, it’s worse than your current swords but do make sure you buy a Bandana and some Wayfarer’s Clothes, the extra defense will be useful early on. Exit out of the shop and head around back to find some more barrels, one containing 2G.

Head southeast and into the cave there, following the path to some barrels and pots, smash them all to obtain a Copper Ore, 7G and an Seed of Agility. The Seed will increase your Agility stat so make good use of it. You can’t head to the south of the Village for now so instead head over to the Church. Search behind, next to the stream to find two barrels, one containing 6G. Head inside the Church itself now to find an Antidotal Herb in one of the barrels in the left room and then use the services of the Priest should you need to.

Leave the Church and head north where you’ll find Sandy outside Gemma’s house, unfortunately you can’t enter for now so instead smash the barrels just outside to find another Medicinal Herb. If you circle around the back of the house, you’ll spot a chest containing a Cypress Stick. Return to the front of the house and use the crates to get on top of the roof to find another Medicinal Herb.

(1 of 2) You can find a useful Seed of Agility in the cave overlooking Cobblestone

You can find a useful Seed of Agility in the cave overlooking Cobblestone (left), make frequent use of a Church whenever you come upon them, you never know when you may fall in battle next. (right)

Drop back down to the ground and head over to the house to your east, inside you’ll find some barrels containing 6G. There’s one final item to find in Cobblestone for now, return to the Hero’s house and head over to the top of the waterfall where you’ll be able to pick up a Fresh Water for your troubles. Once you have everything, proceed north to the entrance of Cobblestone where everyone has gathered to see you off. Dunstan will inform you that you need to present yourself to the King of Heliodor and present you with a Map of Erdrea along with the Village’s finest steed to take with you. Just before you’re able to leave, Gemma will catch up to you and give you Gemma’s Charm to remember her by. Your adventure is finally about to begin.


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