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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Farming Seeds

Jarrod Garripoli

Introduced in Dragon Quest II, Seeds provide a permanent buff to your characters’ stats upon consuming them. Most of the time, there’s only so many seeds in a game, but Dragon Quest XI has enemies that drop seeds. So, this means that you will be able to boost a character’s stat to its max, if you wanted to, although this would require a lot of grinding/farming. It is not necessary at all to do any real seed farming in the game, as the majority of the content can be completed without them, plus you do get a lot of them as you progress through the game and do some of the optional content (Tickington for Definitive Edition and the Crossbow Targets for original).

(1 of 2) You’ll want to equip items that increase the drop rate

You’ll want to equip items that increase the drop rate (left), making it easier to get seeds from the enemies (right)

It should be mentioned that all of the seed drops are in the rare slot, so fighting the enemies normally isn’t going to get you anywhere. You will want to equip the best gear that ups the drop rate of items from enemies. Bunny Tails are a must, with your characters able to equip two each, except for Erik, who will be using the Pirate King’s Pendant. If you aren’t sure where to get Bunny Tails, then you can go to the Bunny Tails page to learn more. For other items you want to equip if you’re farming seeds, there is the Vest of Success for Erik and the Academy costumes for the ladies. Note that the ideal team is Erik, Jade, Veronica and Serena, but you can swap out Veronica for the Hero, due to the Haullelujah Pep Power. If you haven’t used this before, it makes the last three enemies killed drop their rare items.

Seed of Life

The Seed of Life will increase a character’s HP by 5 for each one consumed. These might be needed if you’re doing all of the content in the Definitive Edition, but none of the normal content that’s present in both requires these. The best place to farm Seeds of Life is in the final part of the game, so Zoom to the Champs Sauvage (North) campsite and rest there to make it night. Go south across the bridge to find some Corpse Corporals, which drop the Seed of Life. There are four enemies on the field, so hunt down all four, then return to the bridge to find they should respawn rather quickly. You can get up to three Corpse Corporals in each battle, so you should be getting Seeds of Life pretty quickly with the ideal setup.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Corpse Corporals at night only

You’ll find the Corpse Corporals at night only (left), and you can get up to three per battle (right)

Seed of Magic

Similar to the Seed of Life, the Seed of Magic will increase a character’s MP. Ideally, you only really want MP for Veronica and Serena, since the former has a skill that revolves around MP and they both have a Pep Power that is an evolution of that said ability. You could also use these on characters with low MP, like Jade and Eight. The best place for these is in the final part of the game, on the Path to Trial Isle. As you make your way through this place, you will gain the use of a Face Invader, which you use to break the giant ice barriers. This will grant you access to the upper areas, where you should see a bunch of Vicious Terrornodons flying around. These are the enemies that drop the Seeds of Magic. Reminder to enter the area during the day, as the Terrornodons only spawn in the daytime.

Seed of Strength

As the name suggests, the Seed of Strength will increase a character’s Strength stat. Only physical attackers should be using these, as they don’t really have much use on someone like Veronica and Serena. There is one central location for hunting these, which is Insula Incognita, the island in the southwest corner of the ocean. In the first part of the game, the Brownies there will drop them and once you reach the last part, then you have the Malicious Brownies and the Malicious Night Clubber, both of which will drop them.

Seed of Defence

The Seed of Defence will increase a character’s defence stat upon consumption. This can go on pretty much anyone, but considering the rarity of the enemies that drop them, you shouldn’t really bother too much with them. The best place to find enemies with a Seed of Defence drop is at the First Forest. In the first part of the game, you will find Mosstodons there, which can drop the seed. In the last part of the game, you will find Malicious Mosstodons there. The best place to look for them is south of the entrance from Arboria. They should be pretty close to the little rope bridge.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to use the crossbow to bring the Terrornodons down to get the Seeds of Magic

You’ll need to use the crossbow to bring the Terrornodons down to get the Seeds of Magic (left), The Hooper Dupers are also a great source for Seeds of Sorcery (right)

Seed of Sorcery

The Seed of Sorcery will increase a character’s Magical Might upon using it. There isn’t too many people where this applies, since the only characters that should be using magic at all is Veronica and Rab. Thus, they are the two candidates for Seeds of Sorcery. The best thing about these is that they drop from an enemy that also drops the best item to sell for money. In the final part of the game, go to the First Forest Whale Way Station, which is behind Yggdrasil. You are looking for the Hooper Dupers here, which come in a pack of three, although they can sometimes be found with the other enemies here.

Seed of Therapeusis

The Seed of Therapeusis will increase a character’s Magical Mending stat upon using it. There isn’t really a need for this, as once you gain access to spells like Omniheal, you don’t have to worry about the Mending stat at all. If you were going to farm these, though, the ideal spot would be in the Sage’s Trial - Hoarder’s Keep. On the second floor, there is a spot with some Vicious Lump Shaman and those are the enemies you want. They’re in the southwestern portion of the floor and it has to be day time in order to encounter them.

Seed of Agility

The Seed of Agility will increase a character’s Agility stat upon consumption. Agility is always a great thing to have, although you will never really have multiple turns before the enemy, as that isn’t how the game works. However, you will want to boost both Serena’s and Eight’s Agility, as it is pretty low. The best for this, in the final part of the game, is in the Sage’s Trial - The Fierce Forest, during the day. Upon teleporting into the forest, go down the hill and take the southern of the two portals (on the map). From this section, follow the trail and go down the hill to find some Vicious Raven Lunatics. These will drop the Seeds of Agility. Use your crossbow to lure them away from the other enemies and you should almost always be fighting two in each battle. There are more to the east of the first two, near the portal that takes you to the bridge.

(1 of 2) You will find the Raven Lunatics during the day

You will find the Raven Lunatics during the day (left), and they usually come in packs of two if you get them by themselves (right)

Seed of Deftness

The Seed of Deftness will increase a character’s Deftness stat upon using it on them. Deftness is basically luck in this game, which increases how often you get the first attack in battle, land critical hits, steal from enemies, and successfully flee. Despite that, Erik is really the only one that truly benefits from increasing Deftness, since he is the only party member that can steal (you cannot steal items in the rare slot). If you head to the Emerald Coast at night, you should find a decent number of Malicious Shadeshifters roaming the place (final part of the game). These are the enemies that can drop the seeds.

Pretty Betsy

The Pretty Betsy will increase a character’s Charm stat whenever you use it. There isn’t really any use to farm these, since Charm doesn’t affect too much. Some of Sylvando’s skills can benefit from a higher Charm, like Hustle Dance, but he should get more than enough from equipment. Likewise, Jade’s Allure tree skills also benefit from it, but they kind of cap at around 600 Charm or so, which is easily achievable through equipment. Should you wish to farm these, though, you can find Malicious Whirly Girly enemies in the Sniflheim Region, which will drop them.

Seed of Skill

The Seed of Skill will grant a skill point to a character, allowing them to potentially purchase skills on their trees. If you wish to max out everyone’s trees in the final part of the game, then you will need to farm these. Otherwise, you should have more than enough SP at level 99 to purchase all of the important panels. In the final part of the game, you will need to head to the Dundrasil Region and wait for it to start raining. You can check on the weather with the Weather Cow nearby. Once it is raining, head south of the campsite there to find some Malicious Great Keepers falling from the sky, which are the enemies that drop the seeds.

(1 of 2) Great Keepers will only spawn when it’s raining

Great Keepers will only spawn when it’s raining (left), The mimic chests in Tickington areas respawn after you leave (right)

In the Definitive Edition, there is another way to farm Seeds of Skill, which involves Tickington area. For some reason, whenever you leave Tickington and go back to the 3D world, chests that are Mimics/Canniboxes will reset. There’s two such areas in Tickington, where this is the case. Those areas are the Imperial Pantry of Parthenia and the Pillar of Pegasus. You could use a Holy Water or cast Holy Protection to avoid encounters, go to the place with the mimic to defeat it, get the Seed of Skill, then Evac out and exit Tickington. That’s all up to if you don’t want to deal with the rain thing in the Dundrasil Region.


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