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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Briscoletti's Mansion

Jarrod Garripoli


In Octagonia, in the middle portion of the game, you will be able to visit the casino on the upper floor. Near the slot machines that’s right by the one desk (the machines are green), you will find a yellow Tockle that will give you this pastword. Note that it doesn’t matter if you clear the little scenario or not, as the Tockle will be there before and after.

The location of the Tockle for Briscolettis Mansion


When you first enter the mansion, you will notice that all of the NPCs are the same model. Before you go investigating into the matter, check out the bookshelf right next to you, with the books on top, to get the Guns ‘n’ Buns book (a key item). To get started, speak with the NPC on the north end of the table to learn that some fiend cast a spell on the place to turn everyone into him. He will give you the quest, The Bane of the Briscolettis, asking for you to track down the monster that put the curse on them. To find out where the monster is, speak with the lone NPC in the southeast, who will tell you the monster mentioned going to an abbey to reinvent themself.

So, your stop will be the Altar of Reverie - Alltrades Abbey. On the left side of the map, in the one room there, you will see a monster. Speak to it and say “Yes,” then get ready for a boss battle.

BOSS - Pilferpithecus

Pilferpithecus (Pilfer for short) can be a challenging fight, although depending on the damage you can do, it can be a short one. In addition to its normal attack, Pilfer can also slash at you with its claws, which hits twice. Pilfer also has access to an ability where he hits the entire party with cold damage. This can hit upward of 110+ damage, so you might think to have some protection against ice on your party members. Pilfer also has access to Kasnooze, meaning it’s possible he can put your entire party to sleep.

If you can make Rousing Rings and rework them to +3, then that should help protect you some against Kasnooze. Pilfer can also use Kaboom, which does a good 150 or so damage against your party. Kaboom is considered Light damage, so if you have any protection from that on equipment/accessories, feel free to toss them on your characters. If you’re doing this at the time you first unlock it, then you will probably want either Rab or Sylvando on healing duty. As far as damaging him, Pilfer has around 1750 HP, so using your strongest abilities/spells will make short of him. Have Sylvando use Oomphle on the Hero and Jade, then have them use Unbridled Blade and Multithrust, respectively.

(1 of 2) The location of the monster at Alltrades Abbey

The location of the monster at Alltrades Abbey (left), Kaboom deals a lot of damage to the entire party (right)

Upon defeating Pilferpithecus, the curse will be broken, so return to Briscoletti’s Mansion to receive your reward from Rodrigo himself, a Gold Bar. You can also open the chest behind him, on the left, for 2000G, but the right chest will remain locked. Note that you can speak to Briscoletti after to do a mock-up wedding, where you get to choose one of your companions, which adds absolutely nothing. Before leaving, just to be sure, speak with Bianca on the right side of the table.


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