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Mini Medals Locations (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

All of the Mini Medal locations below will be listed according to how you should probably find them in the main game.

The following list of Mini Medals are those found after the first portion of the game has concluded, which happens after the events surrounding Arboria.

(Mini Medal #56) During the second portion of the game, you will be in Nautica and using a different means of exploring. North of the item shop will be a ledge you can get to, where you’ll find a chest with the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #57) Located in Last Bastion, there is a barrel in one of the northern houses that’s ruined. Break this barrel to find the Mini Medal.

(1 of 5) The location of Mini Medal 56

(Mini Medal #58) In the Heliodor Sewers, you will come across two locked doors that are side-by-side. Through the door on the left, there will be a chest that contains a Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #59) In the Heliodor Dungeon - Lower Levels, you will come across some familiar cells. Inside one of the cells, there are some pots, so break them to find the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #60) In The Manglegrove, you will climb down a vine to reach the Marshlands section of the dungeon. As soon as you get off the vine, look to your north to spy a chest, which holds this Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #61) Once you enter Mount Pang Lai, there is a dead end that has a lot of tall grass towards the northwest. In this little area, you can find a chest among the tall grass, which has the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #62) On the middle level of Angri-La, enter the room to the north of the church and break the one pot in here for a Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #63) In the northern part of the Dundrasil Region, look for the sparkling Demonrider and defeat it to gain the mount. Take the upper of the two paths up here and find the climbable wall to reach a higher ledge. From there, look for another climbable wall, which will bring you to a lower ledge and the chest with the Mini Medal.

(1 of 5) The location of Mini Medal 61

(Mini Medal #64) During the middle portion of the game, head to Insula Algarum and go to the second section of the place to find a Dragon Rider you can use as a mount. Once you are flying, go to the southwest portion of the island and fly over a ridge. As soon as you do, look underneath you on some rocks for a chest, which will contain the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #65) This Mini Medal is also on Insula Algarum, and will require the Dragon Rider mount. It is found on a small piece of land in the northern section of the island. You know you’ve found the place, as there are two chests on the little piece of land, one of which will have the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #66) In the Sniflheim area, you have access to the Viking Hideout. North of there, during the middle portion of the game, you will be forced to go to Gyldenhal. Just south of the entrance to that place, on the upper cliff, will rest a chest with this Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #67) Found in The Battleground dungeon. It is located on B2 of the place. After falling through the hole in the ground on B1, head southward and you’ll find the chest with the Mini Medal in the next room.

(Mini Medal #68-72) You will receive five Mini Medals as a reward for completing Quest 31 A Right Riddle. You cannot complete this until you have access to Gallopolis in the middle portion of the game, due to needing a Fizzle Foil weapon (Gallopolis has them for sale).

(Mini Medal #73) Once you get to Hotto in the middle portion of the game, progress the story along until you get the Mountain Gate Key from the maid at the temple. When you do this, search the one wardrobe in that back room of the temple for the Mini Medal.

(1 of 5) The location of Mini Medal 66

(Mini Medal #74) In the Lower Area of the Caldera of Mt. Huji, there is a little piece of land sticking out in the middle of the map. There is a large rock here, so you will need to procure a Visor Kaiser mount first. Break through the rock with that mount, then go to the end of that little path to find a chest with the Mini Medal.

(Mini Medal #75) The final Mini Medal in the middle portion of the game is found inside of the Fortress of Fear. On Level 3 of the dungeon, you will encounter an area with an electrified floor, requiring you to use a Visor Kaiser mount to get past it. In the southwestern room on this floor, you will find the Visor Kaisers, as well as a chest. That is where you will find the Mini Medal.


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