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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Cannock Castle

Jarrod Garripoli


Once you start doing the story bit in Hotto in the middle portion of the game, you will be asked to go to Mt. Huji. After the little event there upon first visiting, you will gain access to a secret hideout. On the one chair there in the secret hideout will be a red Tockle, who gives you the pastword.

The Tockle is on the bench in the hideout on Mt. Huji


Unfortunately, you will not be able to finish this area until you get into the final portion of the game, as it involves a few other Tickington spots. Upon arriving, feel free to explore, but you can’t do anything, like grab that shiny treasure chest, so just speak to the king to get the quest. His son went off on an adventure to find some others to help vanquish evil, but he wants you to find the Prince. The first clue you have is that the Prince went to some Roamers, so your journey will lead you to Roamer Encampment. You will need to complete that area before you can progress this quest, so once you do that, then speak to Kiefer to learn that the Prince went to another place.

Your next stop is the Imperial Pantry of Parthenia. Use a Holy Water or Holy Protection, and make your way to the second floor. As soon as you do, you should see two holes to the northeast of the stairs. Simply waltz over and drop down the first hole to find Alena and her party. Speak to Alena to learn that the Prince did indeed stop by, but went on to a place called Whealbrook. Unfortunately, this is an area you don’t have access to until you reach the final portion of the game and get the Ultimate Key. Once you manage to make it to Whealbrook and finish it, speak to Pankraz to learn that the Prince has moved to The Neverglade.

(1 of 2) Drop down this left hole here to find Alena

Drop down this left hole here to find Alena (left), Pankraz is located in this house here after doing the quest in Whealbrook (right)

Travel to The Neverglade and go north, then east to find the Prince. While talking with him, you will have the option to use your Luminary powers to send him back to his own area. Do so, then return to the King who gave you the quest to receive your reward, a Tectonic Plate.


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