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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Trodain Castle

Jarrod Garripoli


This Tockle is located in the final part of the game and requires you to do the side story in Cobblestone. You will need to find certain NPCs around the world and send them back to Cobblestone. Once you do this, return to Cobblestone to see it as normal and located Dunstan’s house just north of the church. You will find the Tockle on the bed in the one room.

Once you rebuild Cobblestone, you can find this Tockle


Monsters HP
Bobonga ~530
Caped Caperer ~220
Dark Gryphon ~610
Dark Sabrecat ~630
Fromage Grey ~450
Heavy Hood ~490
Hell’s Gatekeeper ~666
Jackal Ripper ~310
King Cureslime ~680
Metal King Slime ~20
Prince of Darkness ~850
Wight King ~320

Depending on when you do this area, you’ve probably seen all of these enemies before, except for the Fromage Grey, Jackal Ripper, and Prince of Darkness. Those three enemies are exclusive to this area, but they can all be found inside the castle, so you will undoubtedly run into them while exploring for the treasures.


As soon as you teleport into the area, you will hear a voice call out to you, mentioning that some fiend is making it so there is no night. You will receive the quest, A Worrying Window, and be set on your way. Before doing anything else, go straight north and up the giant stairs, where you will see a chest in front of the big doors (1500G). The doors are locked, so you will have to find another way inside. Go back to ground level and to the eastern side of the courtyard, where you are looking for an entrance on the side of the building (look for the little steps and awning). Go in here and check the two barrels just above where you entered to find 200G.

Continue south, down the long hallway, breaking the pots along the way for another 46G. After doing that, take the stairs on the left side of the screen near the entrance here to go up to the second floor. Enter the room just below you to score four treasure chests, containing a Seed of Magic, Gold Bar, a Pretty Betsy, and an Yggdrasil Dew. Head through the doors at the top of the room and venture west, until you see another room with two more chests in it. Open these for a Pretty Betsy and Seed of Therapeusis, then bust the barrels in the room for two Magic Beast Hides. Return to the central part and open the doors on the southern end, which are the ones next to the first chest you opened in Trodain Castle (can use this as a shortcut, if needed).

(1 of 2) Enter the castle through this slightly hidden door on the side here

Enter the castle through this slightly hidden door on the side here (left), You probably finished it already, but this book can be used for Chateau Felix Dusk (right)

Return inside and look for the stairs going up in the northeast corner of the floor, leading to the third floor. Venture south and go into the room with the piano, then enter the room above it, where you can obtain a Garter from one of the wardrobes. Double back to the stairs you took to this floor, this time going west of them. When you get to the three barrels along the wall, break them to find 29G, then pass through the doors to the south of them to appear outside. Go west and enter the door there, then down not one, but two flights of stairs (the eastern path has nothing on the middle floor).

Enter the first room you can to your south and break the two pots for 20G, then exit and venture east, going into the throne room in the middle. In the southwest corner here, there will be a small room with three pots, one of which contains 58G. North of those will be the bunch of barrels you just saw from above, so break those for a Pretty Betsy and 150G. Exit to the southwest to enter the library. The bookshelf immediately to your left, as you enter, will have the Look, No Pants! book, which is something you can use if you haven’t done the Chateau Felix (Dusk) area of Tickington. That’s all there is, so return to the third floor and take the large staircase to the top, where you will find the monster controlling the daytime.

BOSS - Dayle

The fight here is pretty standard and straightforward, as Dayle is pretty much a magic user. First and foremost, there is something Dayle will do that is a waste of his turn, which is casting Tick-Tock. This will always fail, as it isn’t suited for combat. Dayle has access to Kafrizz, which only hits a single ally, while Kacrack will hit your entire party. Since these are the only offensive spells in his arsenal, both of which are elemental, you can use Magic Barrier to help bring down the damage they do. The last thing Dayle can do is cast Fizzle on your party, meaning they won’t be able to use spells. He has around 3900 HP, so it shouldn’t take too long to bring him down.

(1 of 2) Magic Barrier helps mitigate the damage done by the boss’ spells

Magic Barrier helps mitigate the damage done by the boss’ spells (left), Erik can become very powerful in the final party of the game (right)

Upon defeat Dayle, you will finally return night to the area, with the mysterious voice from before thanking you. Your reward is a Shamshir of Light, a decent sword, although it’s not unique in any way. If you want a little extra cameo, go back into the library on the left side of the ground floor, then inspect the Moonshadow window to see some familiar faces from Dragon Quest VIII.


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