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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

Deepest Recesses of the Past

Jarrod Garripoli

This will be your hardest challenge thus far, as the final level of the Hall of Remembrance pits you against the End of Time. The boss might look a little familiar, but it’s definitely a challenge. You should have the Catholicon Rings equipped on your main party members and the general strategy from the previous fights will suffice here. There is a bit of RNG in the battle, though, which will be explained in the actual strategy, so things might make a turn for the worse.

The End of Time

BOSS - The End of Time

The End of Time is pretty much a reskin of Calasmos, who you might remember being the final boss at the end of the last part of the game. Unlike Calasmos, you don’t need to use the Super Sword of Light to dispel him of any cloak of darkness, as he doesn’t have one. You will also not have to worry about any Darklings appearing, so there’s no threat of a major attack or having to concentrate on defeating them. It will just be The End of Time and his two arms to fight in this battle. The main body has around 15,000 HP and each arm has around 4,000 HP. Also, the End of Time will get three actions per turn, so you will need to be prepared to survive the onslaught of damage.

It should be noted that the End of Time can use disruptive wave to dispel your buffs, so they should be minimal. While the arms are active, he can do a sweeping attack with the claw arm, hitting the entire party with physical damage. He can also fly by and unleash a barrage of shots with his other arm. You might also see the End of Time laugh flippantly, which just wastes one of his turns, so be happy if that happens. That about covers the physical attacks and the off-shoot waste of turn thing, so let’s dive into the other attacks this optional boss has in his arsenal. The End of Time has three breath attacks, which are a fire-based one, a cold-based one, and a dark-based one.

(1 of 2) End of Time has multiple elemental breaths in his repertoire

End of Time has multiple elemental breaths in his repertoire (left), The jet black fog can give you all kinds of ailments (right)

Beyond that, he can summon a lightning storm to hit your entire party, and even try to inflict a bunch of ailments with a “fog from another dimension.” Thankfully, the Catholicon Rings should take care of the ailment fog, so no need to worry about that one. The main body can also heal itself with Mediation, but your damage should be more than enough to outdo it easily. You also have normal magic, like Kaboomle and Kaswooshle, as well as Deceleratle and Fizzle. Now, the Catholicon Rings don’t protect against Fizzle, so you are going to have to hope it doesn’t affect someone like one of your healers/casters. Of course, having Yggdrasil Dews as back ups is the safest bet.

One of the more dangerous things that the End of Time can do is some time maneuver, where he basically cuts off three characters of the party, leaving only one active. There’s no way to know who will be left behind, which is why it’s imperative to have Yggdrasil Dews on everyone, just in case the person needs to heal. You could always just defend with the singled out character until the others come back into the fray. Note that while you can take out the arms completely, eliminating some of the physical attacks, the End of Time can regenerate them, although they don’t seem to have their full HP if he does.

You have a couple of routes to take, depending on what you want to do. Veronica’s Magic Burst is one of the most powerful attacks in the game, but it requires you to have some Elfin Elixirs on your characters to refill her MP throughout the fight. The other main offensive option is to use Erik, with Divide, Double Down, and the best boomerangs. Have someone cast Oomphle on him, combined with using Sap on the main body itself, and he will make short work of the boss. Having the Hero in the battle as a backup healer is a good idea, as is Serena for her healing prowess.

(1 of 3) You can destroy the End of Time’s arms

You don’t actually get anything worthwhile for defeating the End of Time, so watch the scene after the battle ends, then you will be transported back to the Echo Chamber. Note that you can go back to reface the End of Time, if you wanted (it’s why the altar is still giving off the aura), with your reward just being a random seed for winning. Upon returning to the normal world, you will be told about an evil presence in the northwest, by the Tower of Lost Time.


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