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Farming Mini Medals

Jarrod Garripoli

Mini Medals can be an important thing in Dragon Quest XI, as they will allow you to get some unique equipment, as well as recipes for powerful items. There are only so many Mini Medals in the game’s world, though, and the fact that you can continue turning in medals for more prizes after the initial set may want you yearning for more of the little coin-like objects. Well, you can actually obtain an infinite amount of Mini Medals, as there are some enemies that drop them, plus the Black Cup in the Gallopolis Horse Races will allow you to get some of them. It’s important to note that all of the enemies that can drop Mini Medals only exist in the final part of the game, so you won’t be able to get any before then.

The Black Cup

One of the wishes from the Drustan Trials will allow you to unlock a new set of horse races at Gallopolis, called the Black Cup. These are very challenging races, as not only are your opponents quite tough, but the races themselves will take place in almost complete darkness. However, the Black Cup is one of the easier places to farm for Mini Medals, since it is a participation prize. That means no matter what place you finish, you will always get a Mini Medal as a prize.

(1 of 2) One way to farm for Mini Medals is to race in the Black Cup

One way to farm for Mini Medals is to race in the Black Cup (left), You will always get one for just participating in the Black Cup (right)

Drops from Enemies

Once you reach the Drustan Trials, you will start seeing some enemies that will begin dropping Mini Medals. It should be noted that all of these enemies have the Mini Medal as their common drop, so it is possible to steal them with Erik. While there is one enemy outside of the Trials that has them, it’s not one that respawns without leaving that area, so it’s better to stick to the Trials. In fact, the first area (The Cruel Crypt) is the best, since it has a few enemies that can drop the medals. You will want to go here at night, so make sure it’s that time of day before entering Trial Isle, as time doesn’t pass there normally.

You are looking for the Umbras, which are the red shadow ghosts, as well as Vicious Penny Pinchers and Vicious Bloody Hands. All three of them can drop Mini Medals and as mentioned before, they are in the common slot, so you could try to use Erik to steal them, too. The Sage’s Trial - Hoarder’s Keep could be another potential spot to farm them, as the Gold-Plated Puppets drop them and there are some in the very first room, when you spawn into the place. The following table is a list of all enemies that drop Mini Medals (all locations are in the final act of the game):

(1 of 2) Erik is able to steal the Mini Medals from every enemy

Erik is able to steal the Mini Medals from every enemy (left), plus you can also get them as drops after the battle (right)

Enemy Location
Mega Mimic The Other Side; The large chest in upper area, near the story exit
Umbra Disciple’s Trial - The Cruel Crypt; Upper
Vicious Penny Pincher Disciple’s Trial - The Cruel Crypt; Lower
Vicious Bloody Hand Disciple’s Trial - The Cruel Crypt; Upper/Lower (Night)
Vicious Octopot Disciple’s Trial - The Eerie Valley; Central River section (Night)
Vicious Hardy Hand Sage’s Trial - The Fierce Forest (only appears with other enemies)
Vicious Gold-Plated Puppet Sage’s Trial - Hoarder’s Keep (first room)
Vicious Token Taker Sage’s Trial - Hoarder’s Keep
Vicious Ham Shamwitch Sage’s Trial - Hoarder’s Keep; Level 2 (Night)
Pandora’s Big Bad Box Luminary’s Trial - Citadel of Spite (Level 3)
Gold Grabber Luminary’s Trial - Citadel of Spite (Level 3)


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