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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition


Jarrod Garripoli


In The Battleground, you will eventually descend deep enough to get to Floor B8. On this floor, you can find a chest next to a wall. In fact, when you slide down the one vine to get to this floor, you will see said wall and will be on the wrong side of it. Right next to that chest (contains a Chronocrystal) will be a purple Tockle that grants you this pastword.

When you reach the chest with the Chronocrystal, you will find the Tockle


Upon visiting this area, speak to the bard right by the portal, who speaks of the problems here in Damdara. It was once a peaceful town that got ravaged by monsters, and one of them has risen, along with the former residents. He’ll give you the Ghosts of a Golden Age quest, so get ready for a battle soon. Note that there are poison pools here, but you will need to venture on one to find the boss. On the right side of the town, there is an equipment shop, which has a backdoor. Go to this backdoor and step on the tiles to the right of the opening to find your boss.

BOSS - Knight Aberrant

The Knight Aberrant is a boss that has high strength, as well as high defense. One of the first things you will want to do in this battle is set up some buffs and debuffs, namely Sap and Oomphle. Of course, the boss can counter the Sap debuff by using Buff on itself, so you may need to cast it more than once to get rid of that effect. For its attacks, the normal attack can deal upwards of 130+ damage and Tackle can do 180+. The Knight also has Helm Splitter, which not only does damage, but it also has a chance to reduce your character’s defense. Thankfully, all of the boss’ attacks only hit a single target, but they are strong and you definitely will need to heal. By now, you should know what to do offensively. The Knight has around 2300 HP.

(1 of 2) The location in which to find the boss of this area

The location in which to find the boss of this area (left), The Knight Aberrants attacks can hit very hard (right)

After downing the Knight Aberrant, head back to the bard you got the quest from to finish it and obtain your reward, five chunks of Densinium.


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