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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition

How To Level Up Fast

Jarrod Garripoli

Anyone familiar with Dragon Quest games knows that the best way to grind for experience is Metal Slime monsters, and that’s no different with Dragon Quest XI. The catch with this game is that it’s possible to force encounters with Metal Slimes, thanks to the Pep Powers. In fact, there is a method in which you can obtain a lot of experience to boost your levels by four or so in each fight, revolving around using the Pep Powers. You will need five characters to make this work effectively, which are the Hero, Erik, Jade, Sylvando, and Rab. Before doing anything, though, the Hero should have learned Pep Up in his Luminary tree and you will also need some Pep Pips. Note that once you’re level 70+ and spawn Vicious Metal King Slimes, then you will always receive a Pep Pip after the battle.

You will need to prepare your characters by pepping them up

To prepare for things, you will want to get into a battle with enemies that don’t run away. Start the battle with Rab, Erik, Jade and Sylvando, and keep guarding with them until they are all pepped up. You can switch them out for other characters, though, since not everyone is going to pep up at the same time. Once the four above are pepped, bring in the Hero and use Pep Up, then finish the battle and go to a save point. The reason why you’re saving is that the Pep Power, Electro Light, doesn’t always spawn Metal Slimes, so if you have bad luck and don’t get them, then you simply reload your save to try again.

Metal Slime Bonanza

Once you have everyone pepped up, give Sylvando a Pep Pip and get into a battle to start the boost in experience. Start the battle with Hero, Erik, Jade and Sylvando and use the Haullelujah Pep Power. When you’ve used it, go ahead and swap Erik out for Rab, then have the Hero use Pep Up on his next turn. With this going on, you will also want to have Sylvando use a Pep Pip on Jade. You should now have Hero, Rab, Jade and Sylvando all pepped up, which means the next step of the method can be done. This is where a little bit of bad RNG can mean reloading your save that you should’ve done after getting everything ready before.

(1 of 4) You’re good when Electro Light summons the Metal Slimes

You will want to use the Electro Light Pep Power now and if you get the robots, then you reset your game and try again from the start of the previous paragraph. Note that after using Electro Light, you can swap Erik back in for Sylvando, since he won’t be needed anymore. If you get Metal Slimes, you can wait until it’s Rab’s next turn and have him use the Dirge of Dundrasil Pep Power to put the Metal Slimes to sleep. This makes sure they don’t flee right away and gives you a few chances to use your critically-hitting abilities to take them down. Try not to use normal attacks or abilities, though, since that might wake them up and they will flee.

If done correctly, you will be swimming in experience after the fight. At level 70+, with two Vicious Liquid Metal Slimes and a Vicious Metal King Slime, you should get at least 500,000 EXP for all characters in your party, boosting their levels immensely. It should be noted that the boost modifier from Haullelujah is not set in stone, as it has a range that is randomly set when you cast it. Also, the Vicious Metal King Slime, if you’re doing this past level 70, will always drop a Pep Pip (it’s the rare drop, which it will always yield thanks to Haullelujah). You can easily reach level 99 with this method, in a couple of hours.

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