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Pep Powers

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the mechanics for battles in Dragon Quest XI is Pep, which can really help turn the tide of a battle. A character can enter a pep state during battles (seemingly at random, as there is no indication they will), which increases some stats and makes them stronger. The pepped up state will only last for a few turns and you will tell when it’s about to disappear, as the glow around the character’s portrait will start flashing. As you learn abilities on the skill trees, you will gain access to something called Pep Powers. These can range from attacks, as well as buffs, and can be triggered when only a single character is pepped up or when multiple characters are. There are some Pep Powers that are learned as part of the main story.

You’ll know when a character peps up, because of the animation

Farming Pep Pips/Pops

There are two items in the game that allow you to induce the pepped up state for your characters, although they are generally rare until you reach the endgame. Pep Pips allow you to put one character in a pepped up state, while Pep Pops will put your entire active party in the pepped up state. You will some a few in chests or be rewarded with some from quests, but those are limited and you might be wanting some more. There are only two enemies in the game that drop Pep Pips, and only one drops the Pep Pop, although the latter has a more stable way of getting them.

For Pep Pips, you can trade for them at the Octagonia Casino, but they cost 125,000 Tokens for each one. Additionally, you can trade in Mini Medals for them at the Academy after you’ve turned in 110 Mini Medals. Once you do that, Maxime will open up a list for you to exchange Medals, with Pep Pips costing 10 Mini Medals each. As already mentioned, there’s only two enemies that can drop Pep Pips, both of which are found in the Luminary’s Trial - Citadel of Spite. Those are the Vicious Metal King Slime and the Gold Grabber. Note that Vicious Metal King Slimes will only appear alongside other enemies and are never on the actual map, although if you’re level 70+, then you can force encounters anywhere by using the Electro Light Pep Power.

(1 of 2) You can trade for Pep Pips at the Octagonia Casino

You can trade for Pep Pips at the Octagonia Casino (left), while you can purchase Pep Pops at Cobblestone (right)

If you’re looking for Pep Pops, then there is only a single enemy that can drop them, which is also found in the Citadel of Spite. This enemy is the Fortune Filcher, but there is a problem with this one, as it is a Rarefied enemy. This means that it’s a little harder to come by, due to you having to fight the Gold Grabbers until one appears alongside it in battle. However, there is a much easier way to get Pep Pops, as you can actually purchase them at some point in the final part of the game. Once you do the event with Cobblestone, head back there and go to the one shop to find that they have the item available, for a whopping 200,000G each. If you need to farm money to buy them, then head on over to the How To Farm Money page.

List of Pep Powers

There is a total of 83 different Pep Powers in the game, with your only reward to performing them all being a single Accolade. If you manage to use 25 Pep Powers (even duplicates), then you will unlock the Peppy-Go-Lucky achievement/trophy.

Pep Power Characters Skills Needed
Chop ‘n’ Churn Hero (P), Serena Helichopter, Woosh
Ice and a Slice Hero (P), Veronica Frost Fang, Crack
Sword of Succour Hero (P), Veronica Miracle Slash, Drain Magic
Fiery Fandango Hero (P), Veronica Sword Dance, Kafrizzle
Tempered Tantrum Hero (P), Sylvando Flame Slash, Hot Lick
Shock Tactics Hero (P), Jade Gigaslash, Vacuum Slash
Scorched Earth Erik (P), Hero Rubblerouser, Sizz
Edge of Sleep Erik (P), Hero Sleeper Hit, Cutting Edge
Falcon’s Fury Erik (P), Hero Falcon Slash, Falcon Slash
Metal Medley Erik (P), Hero Metalicker, Metal Slash
Thunderdragon Dance Veronica (P), Hero Twin Dragon Lash, Zapple
Sliceberg Veronica (P), Serena Kacrack, Crushed Ice
Flashbang Wallop Veronica (P), Serena Starstrike, Hymn of Light
Angel’s Breath Veronica (P), Serena Sage’s Breath, Midheal
Exorsplosion Serena (P), Hero Devil’s Delight, Big Banga
Metal Ballad Serena (P), Hero Hymn of Earth, Metal Slash
Blight of the Living Dead Serena (P), Hero Deliverance, Cutting Edge
Divine Deliverance Serena (P), Veronica Divine Intervention, Zing Stick
Frizzwhizz Sylvando (P), Hero Woosh, Frizz
Snooze ‘n’ Bruise Sylvando (P), Hero Persecutter, Snooze
Joltin’ Juggler Sylvando (P), Hero Have a Ball, Zap
Knight’s Pledge Sylvando (P), Eight Whipping Boy, Forbearance
Kiss of Death Sylvando (P), Eight Kiss Me Deadly, Holy Impregnable
Stun-Double Sylvando (P), Eight Trammel Lash, A Cut Above
Tooth and Nail Rab (P), Hero Wild Animaul, Falcon Slash
Gloomstorm Rab (P), Hero Zammle, Zapple
Disruptive Wave Rab (P), Hero Clear Your Mind, Unbridled Blade
Dirge of Dundrasil Rab (P), Hero Kasnooze, Kasnooze
Gold Kick Rab (P), Jade Rake ‘n’ Break, Air Raiser
Chillblaze Jade (P), Hero Crushed Ice, Flame Slash
Raging Dragons Jade (P), Hero Hardclaw, Dragon Slash
Scorch ‘n’ Sweep Jade (P), Hero Leg Sweep, Sizz
Cold Feet Jade (P), Rab Multifeet, Kacrack
Rust in Pieces Jade (P), Rab Thunder Thrust, Can Opener
In the Pink Jade (P), Rab Pink Typhoon, Ring of Ruin
Last Bastion Eight (P), Hero Desperate Measures, Blade of Ultimate Power
Double Dragon Slash Eight (P), Hero Dragon Slash, Dragon Slash
Cold Front Eight (P), Hero Frost Fangs (Eight), Helichopter (Hero)
Thunder Sunderer Eight (P), Hero Axes of Evil, Zapple
Executioner Eight (P), Sylvando Hatchet Man, Metal Slash

(1 of 2) Electro Light is one of the best Pep Powers in the game

Electro Light is one of the best Pep Powers in the game (left), as is Haulellujah for the extra experience and money (right)

Pep Power Characters Skills Needed
The Real Decoy Hero, Erik -
Itemised Kill Hero, Erik Flame Slash, Half-Inch
Care Prayer Hero, Serena -
Choir of Angels Hero, Serena Fullheal (Hero), Hymn of Light
Ring of Wrack and Ruin Hero, Veronica -
Frizz Cracker Hero, Veronica Kafrizz, Kacrack
The Fight Fantastic Hero, Sylvando -
Hit Parade Hero, Sylvando Unlocked via story
Love Hurts Hero, Sylvando Sword Stance (Hero), That’s Amore
0 Zone Hero, Rab -
Solar Flair Hero, Rab Quadraslash, Pearly Gates
Roaring Tirade Hero, Jade -
Buff-Buff Hero, Jade Unbridled Blade, Puff-Puff
Steeds of Destruction Hero, Eight Sword Dance, A Cut Above
A Blaze of Glory Hero, Eight -
Arboria’s Blessing Veronica, Serena -
Mighty Magic Burst Veronica, Serena Unlocked via story
Who’s the Daddy? Sylvando, Eight Unlocked via Act 3 event
Whacky Sack Rab, Jade -
Rush of Blood Rab, Jade Caster Sugar, Puff-Puff
Wild Side Hero, Erik, Serena -
Tundra and Lightning Hero, Erik, Veronica -
Rough ‘n’ Tumble Hero, Erik, Sylvando -
Fire and Grimstone Hero, Erik, Rab -
Haulellujah Hero, Erik, Jade -
Falcon Trinity Hero, Erik, Eight -
Echo Aura Hero, Veronica, Serena -
Shocking Twist Hero, Sylvando, Serena -
Saint’s Ascension Hero, Serena, Rab -
Brownie Boost Hero, Serena, Jade -
Knight’s Mandate Hero, Eight, Serena -
Shooting Stars Hero, Veronica, Sylvando -
Cast Away Hero, Veronica, Rab -
Re-Revamp Hero, Jade, Veronica Re-Vamp
Lightmare Hero, Veronica, Eight Kaboomle
Ultra Violet Hero, Sylvando, Rab Pink Pirouette
Electro Light Hero, Sylvando, Jade
Arise Hero, Sylvando, Eight -
Kazapple Hero, Jade, Rab Zapple, Lightning Storm
Boulder Toss Hero, Rab, Eight -
Fly-By Knight Hero, Jade, Eight Kaclang
Gigaburst Hero, Any three Gigaslash/Gigasmash
Kazapstrophe Hero, Any three Kazap
Yggdragon’s Blessing Hero, Any three Omniheal


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