Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Grenade 2,305 1,400 7,600
Drake 3,260 1,650 7,600
Greater Boros 3,280 1,700 7,600
Sabertooth Liger 3,300 1,800 7,600
Queen Lamia 7,200 4,400 12,000

This dungeon isn't too long either, similar in length to Lake Dohr.

Once you enter, there will be three paths to use. The east and west ones are dead ends, so go south to find another tri-branch fork.

As with the lake, there's a lot of goodies here.

Go east to find an Arctic Wind and a Phoenix Down ; to the west, you’ll find some Earthen Drums and a Heavenly Wrath . Continue south to the next area.

There's a lot of treasure chests along this route.

There, simply go along the winding, linear path. Along the way, pick up the Golem Staff , White Musk , Lilith’s Kiss , Chocobo’s Wrath (free Flare!), and the Turtle Shell . From those last two items, head south to the next area.

We're almost to the boss.

There, go west and grab the Eurytos Bow , then go east and north to find a Phoenix Down and an Elixir. Go west past the northbound path to find a Kotetsu . Then go along the northbound path, healing up on the way as you prepare to fight the god-dragon Bahamut!

Boss: Bahamut

Attribute Stat
Level 45
Max HP 34,000
EXP Earned 20,000
Gil Earned 16,500

Now you can finally have your revenge!

Like Leviathan, Bahamut will attack twice per turn. His Attack is barely 6% higher than the other enemies around here, meaning his basic physical attacks won’t be too dangerous. But Mega Flare , his signature move, will start to get used later in battle, often dealing 1,000~1,500 damage to your whole party. You cannot Reflect it back on him either.

Here, White Magic casters are more of a priority than ever. Curaga/Curaja are going be required for healing, especially after a Mega Flare, and then there’s Raise to revive the KO’ed. Protect will be very helpful in reducing damage, Haste will help to up physical damage, and Aero and Aeroga make serious dents in this boss’s HP.

Dragoons are also extremely helpful with their Jump ability that deals double-damage to bosses like Bahamut who are weak to Wind/Aero . With a decent Dragoon around Job Level 25, you’ll already be dealing about 3.5x more damage than usual with Jump! Of course, don’t necessarily stick the Wind Spear on someone because of this weakness. Something with 106+ Attack: Trident, Dragon Lance, Holy Lance, Gungnir, or Magic Lance, can out-damage a Wind Spear by sheer raw power. If you lack one of those for a weapon slot, though, you probably should use Wind Spear.

Everyone else is going to be less helpful. Ninjas might get a kick out of using that one Air Knife from before to deal about 2,000 ~ 3,500 damage. The Wyvern Claws can also do some lesser damage when Thrown, and the same goes with Wind Spears. Anyone using Black Magic will pretty much need to stick to the “-ga” spells. Summoning Leviathan can hit for a fair chunk of damage as well. A Geomancer has a pretty good chance of casting Wind Slash, which can deal 1,500~2,500 damage at a decent level. But your main source of offense will come from Dragoons’ Jumps and castings of Aeroga.

After the battle, you’ll get the Bahamut Summon . It’s exceedingly powerful and well worth the effort. Congratulations!

That’s it. Go around to the north and leave.


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