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Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Pharaoh 580 145 600
Lemur 752 150 600
Lamia 850 310 840
Demon 742 316 1,008
Dullahan 1,000 320 1,008

Wow the security here sucks.

Go through the wall on the right after being imprisoned. The hole is about 2/3 of the way down.

This is the King Argus.

Speak with the soldier, repeat the action, and continue on through the cells, talking to everyone.

This is a miniboss. He’s not too hard, don’t worry. Just use your regular attacks.

Quite bad security here, eh? One of soldiers hands over a Mallet ; another will fight you.

If you don’t have Mini by now, shame on you.

In the far-right cell, you’ll find a recovery pot up north. Examine it to heal some HP/MP and your status. Go through the open gate to the south and and east to find another open cell. Speak with the guy lying down to get the Mini spell in case you don’t somehow have it by now.

Backtrack to the far right cell with the recovery pot. Minimize everyone and go through the hole. Don’t worry about jobs, this is only so you can go through the hole in the wall. On the other side, undo your Mini and let’s get down to business.

This is the inside of a giant tree, by the way.

Go along the path until you arrive in a large room.

As usual, let’s claim the loot.

Go to the southern bit of it and go east to find a chest; open it for some Holy Arrows . Backtrack to the big room and use the northwestern path to get two Phoenix Downs from two chests at the western bit of that room.

It’s a fake wall!!

Backtrack again to the larger room and go west and through the wall.

Here, you’ll find two paths. Go north along the eastern one to reach a third Phoenix Down chest, then use the other path to head north into the next area.

So much treasure…

Here, you’ll find a doorway to your north, another to the west of there, and another one to the east of there. Go through each door to reach a small room you’ll find some treasures in. The western one has 3,000 Gil and a Bomb Fragment . The central one has 3,000 Gil and an Antarctic Wind .

We’re almost there!

The eastern one has 3,000 Gil and Zeus’s Wrath . Go around to the northern side of the main room to reach the next area.

There, go north and grab the Royal Sword from the chest, a weapon for your Warriors and Knights. It is much better than other swords at this point in the game (that includes your Freezing Blade)! Equip it, then go west, through the wall, and continue west to the real wall. Then north to the next area you go.

Hey look we’re outside!

Go along the path west, then go north to the Phoenix Down chest. Continue north to the next area.

Oh boo now we’re back inside.

Back inside the tree, go west to find yourself an Elixir , then go back to the entrance of the area. Go east and north to a fork.

Prepare for the boss very soon!

Go along the northern path to reach a Rune Bow , then backtrack and go along the other path. Continue along to the next area, where you’ll finally encounter the boss.

Boss: Hein

Attribute Stat
Level 22
Max HP 4,500
EXP Earned 3,464
Gil Earned 4,300

Doesn’t he look lovely?

Perhaps the only real noteworthy feature of this boss is his ability to change weaknesses: Barrier Change . It can change his weakness; during the course of the fight, to Fire, Ice/Blizzard, or Lightning/Thunder.

When the fight begins, throw out everything you have at the boss. He’ll begin the fight with no initial weakness, so blow out all of the Antarctic/Arctic Winds, Bomb Fragments, “-ra” spells, and so on that you like before he changes his weakness. If you lack the items or Magic, general Attacks are always okay. Barrage is a nice command for Rangers.

And after the element change? Well, use Libra (White Magic) or Study (Geomancer ability) on him to learn the weakness and switch your magical focus to that. Geomancy from the Geomancer is fairly effective, and the “-ra” spells he is weak to deal great damage. Arctic Wind, when weak to Ice/Blizzard, is extremely effective, possibly dealing upwards of 1,000 damage! If you saved them from before, now is a great time to bring them down on the boss for a good deal of hurting.

Hooray for plot advancement!

After the battle, there will be a short scene, and you’ll end up receiving the Fang of Wind from a fairy. You’ll also be told something very important by the tree and forbidden to access the Living Woods ever again.

Oh, yeah, you’ll also leave the area.

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