Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Dozmare 1,650 780 4,400
Sea Witch 1,660 800 4,800
Killer Hermit 1,680 820 4,800
Ologhai 1,415 840 4,800
Kelpie 1,420 850 5,600
Aegir 1,750 860 5,600

Regional Bestiary (Chests Only)

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Eater 2,700 945 1,020
Zombie Dragon 11,000 2,880 15,000
Death Claw 3,800 680 7,500
Peryton 9,650 2,400 9,600

Once you enter, follow the path to the next area.

There, go east and along the path to find some Tiger Claws .

This is the northwestern chest.

There are four paths branching off at the intermediate geographical directions from here. Go northwest to find the Chakram.

This is the southwestern chest.

To the southwest lies the Dual Tomahawk. After you’re done, go southeast to find the next area.

More loot! We’re almost done.

There, go south and you’ll have a choice to go south or west. Go south and, in the next big area, go west to find the Ancient Sword .

Big finisher right? There’s still more!

Continue south to find four more chests; open them for a Diamond Shield , Cognitome , Metal Knuckle , and Diamond Helm .

Go back north to the small-sized room north of the area with the Ancient Sword chest. Go west and you’ll find four more chests throughout this room: Air Knife , Diamond Bracers , Loki Harp , and Diamond Armor .

All right, now we’re done.

Go south to the next room to find three more chests, these contain an Elixir , Diamond Gloves , and a Phoenix Down .

At the western chest, go south to the wall, and west through it to soon reach an area with four chests. Here, you’ll find the Trident Spear , the Aegis Shield , some Reflect Mail , and a Triton Hammer . Now, let’s leave.

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