Regional Bestiary

Monster Name Max HP GIL EXP
Peryton 9,650 2,400 9,600
Ogre 5,680 5,680 6,800
Cyclops 4,700 1,000 6,800
Nemesis 4,720 1,050 6,800
Humbaba 6,740 1,100 6,800

This dungeon is also relatively short.

Once you enter, go along the path to the next area.

There, continue along the linear path, picking up two 10,000 Gil chests along the way!

In the next area, go southwest to another fork, and you’ll have two options: northwest or south.

More treasure!

Going south yields nothing, so go northwest and into the next area for three chests. Open them for a White Musk , Lust Dagger , and a Rising Sun .

Almost there.

Backtrack to the entrance of the previous area and go southeast and along the path to the next area.

In the next area, continue along the linear path to the next area, picking up a Chocobo’s Wrath along the way.

In the next area, continue this pattern, grabbing two Phoenix Downs on the way.

The boss is up ahead. The second Phoenix down mentioned earlier is on the left!

In the final area, go along the linear path to your next boss.

Doga is on the left. Unei is on the right.

Boss: Doga

Attribute Stat
Level 45
Max HP 22,800
EXP Earned 13,600
Gil Earned 12,000

Boss: Unei

Attribute Stat
Level 44
Max HP 21,800
EXP Earned 16,000
Gil Earned 12,600

The fight begins with you fighting just Doga. After beating him, you’ll start fighting against Unei.

Doga’s basic physicals are pretty damaging. He can also cast Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga across the whole party or one single person, and Flare will be used towards the end for extra hurt.

Reflect will be a great asset to your defenses if you get lucky often enough. If you’re willing to deal with just items for restoration, then that is perfectly viable as well. Reflect on all party members will greatly raise the chance that you’ll damage him more than you should, however, and can speed things along.

Protect is a good idea as well. Remember, cast Protect before Reflect . Your offense strategy will be pretty basic, as there aren’t any real weaknesses to mess with. Toss on Haste and you’re pretty much good to go. Bahamut, Leviathan, Jump, the “-ga” spells, Aeroga, various high-power items, etc., can all prove their worth here. You get the idea.

After finishing off Doga, Unei will come into the fight. You will not get a chance to heal, and statuses from the previous fight are removed. So make sure you don’t spend too much trying to take down Doga.

Unei uses a fair amount of White Magic; notably, Aera, Haste, Protect, and Tornado . Tornado is a new spell that reduces the target’s HP to being less than 10, if it hits. Supposedly it’s inaccurate but this is the AI, and they’ll probably hit with it more often than they should.

There is a lower number of spells coming your way, but Tornado can really make you want to use Reflect on your characters (if you’re willing to gamble, go ahead). It may even be a good idea to hit Unei herself with Reflect to stop Protect and Haste. Of course, Erase or the Study ability could work as well. But pretty much do the same thing as you did with Doga. Make sure you have Cure spells at the ready, along with other items. Save Phoenix Downs as last resort, given that there are a finite number available in the game.

You will need these keys for later, of course.

After the battle, you’ll watch a few scenes, during which point you’ll end up getting the Eureka and Syrcus Keys.

Afterwards, proceed back to the Nautilus, then return to the Invincible.

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